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[EU] The Asgards are recruiting again

AskilAskil Randers NMember Posts: 4

The Asgards is an experienced PvP guild, originally from Warhammer Online, and is recruiting for GW2.

Though The Asgards were formed in WAR, many members got experience from a variety of other MMOs.

We don't consider ourselves hardcore, but we're organized and PvP with the best.


Guidelines for members:

We are dedicated to having fun, by playing as a team, helping each other and talking together.

We expect all members to contribute towards this, by being actively involved in the guild - ingame as well as (to a certain degree) on the forum. This also means being on Ventrilo/Mumble as much as possible - even if you can only listen.

We treat each other - as well as other players - with respect.

"Real life comes first" - we accept this, and expect all members to do the same.

We don't allow the use of any exploits.


We're looking for players of at least 18 years of age, though you might be allowed a trial period even if you're not.

Basically we want mature players - not kids.

To learn more and apply, visit our forum here.





  • AskilAskil Randers NMember Posts: 4
    For now we have 8 members confirmed to start on GW2, and between 20-30 who either hasn't decided, or answered yet.
  • MasticatorMasticator ManchesterMember Posts: 1
    Looks good, I'll be applying!
  • Sydion101Sydion101 granthamMember Posts: 2
    Great guild with great people spent some of my best mmo days playing with this guild and Im looking forward to seeing some new faces along with the old
  • Sydion101Sydion101 granthamMember Posts: 2
    shameless bump
  • AskilAskil Randers NMember Posts: 4
    We have moved to Fissure of Woe server.
  • GodstomperGodstomper UKMember Posts: 6

    Great guild. Long time member, coming up to our 4th year anniversary! 


    I've returned just for GW2. :) 

    Playing:- GW2
    Retired:- WAR, RFO, WoW, RO, Aion

  • AskilAskil Randers NMember Posts: 4
    We moved again, to Whiteside Ridge. Trying to coorperate with all the italian guild on Fissure of Woe was a bit too hard.
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