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bring it back....

BlueLanternBlueLantern hempstead, NYPosts: 96Member

what in the HELL moderators(don't get all madface at me and black bag me either)!? bring-back-azure's-thread...


you guys, ok i know this place is one of the lowest rungs of the internet(no offense but if you cleaned up a bit...) but damn. can you guys be just a tad smarter than your members? what part of that topic was inappropriate? black letters?



  • KostKost Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,975Member Common
    Openly discussing or questioning moderation is a violation of the forum rules, you should probably review them.
  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAPosts: 1,611Member Uncommon
    this is how it is here you seriously cannot do or say anything without getting reported and banned even if you are just poking fun at someone. You just either accept it or you move on . I know after tonight i will hardly be on this site again as my game releases and im sick of being banned for speaking my mind or just joking around.
  • BlueLanternBlueLantern hempstead, NYPosts: 96Member

    eh whatever. only shitposting and "up to 11" fanboying goes un-fucked with around here.


  • KillHurtKillHurt Dallas, CAPosts: 347Member
    I'll be waving good-bye as well once the GW2 official forums are up. (Even though they will be heavily moderated)


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