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Thunder... Thunder... THUNDERCATS HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paulolesonpauloleson Port Royal, SCPosts: 30Member


Who Are We:

We are the ThunderCats, a guild with a theme! We inspire to become a great family based community. We are only looking for extremely friendly and outgoing people. We aim to keep our guild chat, and voice chat full of random & engaging chat. We don't tolerate rude behavior, anti-social behavior, and or self-destructive behavior. We encourage friends and family members to join regardless of their age and or individual skill. We will provide training through our Training Academy for those who need assistance. Our primary core of leaders consist of players who have been gaming since the beginning of time; stemming all the way back to MMUDS, Everquest, and Diablo. 




What Makes Us Different:

The ThunderCats will be bringing you an unique guild structure starting with the leaders and officers themselves. We will appoint (8) different people to play the role of a "class leader". These (8) players are available to the rest of the guild as "go to" people. They provide helpful guides, links, strategies, macros, and other useful information upon request. They also help the leaders make most of the important decisions via a voting system. This helps create a less biased environment. For those who are interested in an officer position please note that in your application. 


We are aiming at being extremely competitive in both PVP and PVE. Due to our desire to be the best, we will be hosting  PVP Tournaments where we offer prizes to the winners.



What Benefits Do We Offer:

 VoiceChat Server: RaidCall Group: ThunderCats Guild



Facebook Page:

LiveStream Page:

YouTube Page:

The Council Voting System

Guild Tournaments /w Prizez!





Interested in joining?

You can apply on our website at









Lord Berek

YouTube Channel:



  • kacokaco Sherbrooke, QCPosts: 59Member Uncommon

    What homeworld are ye on and do you plan to stick with that server on release?


    NM I finally noticed it on your home page but 2nd part still would like an answer if you plan to stick to this server on release or move to another one?

  • kacokaco Sherbrooke, QCPosts: 59Member Uncommon

    I like the guild name, I like the what ye say ye are about but I dont like no respose to a question in a guild recruit thread in close to 2 days.

  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,218Member Uncommon

    I always tried to convince my WoW guild to change our name to <The Thunder cats> (seriously I didi) they never went for it though.

  • paulolesonpauloleson Port Royal, SCPosts: 30Member
    We've finally made our choice, we will be creating our dynasty on the north american [CRYSTAL DESERT] server. See everyone there!
  • BrenacusBrenacus herePosts: 44Member

    lol. whodathunkit. let me guess the gm is a charr too :P

    i still wont 'apply' to a guild though. you want me in your guild you come find me, i may consider it.

  • paulolesonpauloleson Port Royal, SCPosts: 30Member

    Today's your last chance to pick a home for the Launch of GW2; If you haven't already head over to our website and browse around, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find. =)


    Ps// No I am the guild leader and i'm a Silvary! =P

  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts El Do, KSPosts: 1,555Member Uncommon
    Are you the classic Thundercats or  the remake anime version?

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 7,706Member Epic

    It's better than another
    <Soul Society> or one of the hundred variations I've seen

  • paulolesonpauloleson Port Royal, SCPosts: 30Member
    guild is going strong, already have our emblem, guild bank, and more!! check usout
  • paulolesonpauloleson Port Royal, SCPosts: 30Member
  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon

    ThunderCats, huh? Are you a Char-only guild? Because even though I didn't like my Char and murdered his pixels, I think that would be funny.





    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

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