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[Editorial] Guild Wars 2: Final Thoughts Before Launch



  • CoolitCoolit FalkirkPosts: 468Member Uncommon

    I liked how this article was presented with the writing staffs pre-launch opinions, pretty neat; it would be cool to do something similar in the review or at least for the review conclusion :)

    I've never been so excited about an mmo launch since wow and its hard to keep my expectations in check at this point. I just hope that Arenanet have a great launch as its absolutely critical for an mmo especially one with such potential.

    I hope everyone enjoys themselves this weekend,

    It's going to be brilliant!

  • JaggensJaggens Saint-Petersburg, ARPosts: 3Member
    It's a solid game, with functional core mechanics and quite a polish on top. No idea if it will be a new messiah or grand flop, but I will do what I've done for past MMOs to secure their place on market: 11-14 hours from this point start it up and let it show me if developers and game itself may hold my attention. If it does get attention and manages to grow more and more, to give people what they want - that's a great new title.
  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastlePosts: 1,630Member
    Originally posted by mCalvert
    Originally posted by GrumpyCharr

    I think MikeB nailed it with this part:

    "Players don't react with a sense of trepidation when encountering each other in Guild Wars 2. You're never worried someone is going to steal your experience, items, or even resource nodes. MMOs are at their best with great communities, but they have, ironically, always been in their own way on this front." 

    How many launch days for other games were low level quests impossible because quest mobs would  be wiped out by masses of new players?  More than I can count!  That will never happen in GW2.  Can't wait to finaly play this game for real!

    I agree. Its so refreshing to see someone else fighting something and know that I can go help them out without costing them or myself XP or loot. Same thing with resource nodes. No race to get them!

    Or when you do help them for them then to come out with a 12 year old tirade of abuse "i dindt ******** need you help you ***** **** ***** *****,  I had the mob dead even though I only had 1% health when you grabbed agro,  now go ***** yourself"

  • JackdogJackdog Charleston, SCPosts: 6,344Member
    got up at 4 am this morning and will be going to bed at 7pm with alarm set for 11:30 just in case they get the servers up early. Filled the auxillary fridge with beer and energy drinks and have a 3 pound can of mixed nuts. Told wife she has kitchen duty all weekend and if she needs anything I will be in the man room. Oh and for the record I am not the least bit hyped up

    I miss DAoC

  • laseritlaserit Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,929Member Uncommon
    I always enjoy a good game and I'm looking forword this evening. I just hope overwhelming success dosnt go to areanet's heads, like it has for another developer.

    "If you make an ass out of yourself, there will always be someone to ride you." - Bruce Lee

  • Greymantle4Greymantle4 Posts: 802Member Uncommon

    I see a lot of things about GW2 that I like. What concerns me is crafting and housing. I don't see one post in this article or in thread on how great crafting will be and or even talking about it. That is a main reason I'm holding off buying the game.  I like crafting so sue me. :P I'm also waiting on housing and how it will be done. I'm under the impression that housing is going to be added down the road.


  • majimaji ColognePosts: 1,992Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kaneth
    Originally posted by Angelless

    what happen to guild wars 2 hamepage pre-order link?

    i want it pre-order today!!

    can someone help me? where i can pre-order and get Play 3 Days Early!


    You can't now. They stopped pre-purchases for 3 day head start....a few days back(?) now. You can try and pre-order somewhere else for the 1 day headstart or wait for launch on the 28th.

    Why does it still say on their website "Pre-Purchase Your Copy Today for Exclusive Bonuses and Headstart Access! Pre-purchase to play 3 day early"?

    And next to the buy-now form "Note: This is a pre-purchase product.". ?

    Let's play Fallen Earth (blind, 300 episodes)

    Let's play Guild Wars 2 (blind, 45 episodes)

  • Vlhad77Vlhad77 Mountain Home, ARPosts: 139Member Uncommon
    my first true MMO was EQ1 but my first love was SWG, then i saw DAOC and instantly fell in love with it but never gave it a chance because i am a star wars fan.  Several moons has passed i tried GW1 and i thought to myself its ok but not my cup of tea so i decided not to play no more and went back to SWG.  More moons has passed at this time now SWG has died (due to stupid reasons which isnt gonna be named LOL)  So i try RIFT i really like then SWTOR comes out and i am estactic like a fanboi but eventually SWTOR has hurt me, then one day a friend of mine from work comes to me and says, "dude take a look at GW2, its gonna change everything."  I said ok i will give it a go, so i signed up got in beta couple times and OMG i am in love with it like i was with SWG and DAOC all over again and can not wait till tonight.  All i gotta say is folks have fun with this one its gonna be a blast.
  • ZooceZooce B, FLPosts: 586Member
    Was fun to read the various views from the writers here.  Bill and Mike's were the ones that resonated most with me.
  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member
    @ MMOwanderer

    Lol, of course they have... think it would be cool if they let someone who isn't hype about the release review it..
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,404Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by laserit
    I always enjoy a good game and I'm looking forword this evening. I just hope overwhelming success dosnt go to areanet's heads, like it has for another developer.

    true. since now i wil be investing alot of my time of their new game starting a new loyalty!

  • NadiaNadia Canonsburg, PAPosts: 11,866Member
    Originally posted by maji
    Originally posted by Kaneth
    Originally posted by Angelless

    can someone help me? where i can pre-order and get Play 3 Days Early!


    You can't now. They stopped pre-purchases for 3 day head start....a few days back(?) now. You can try and pre-order somewhere else for the 1 day headstart or wait for launch on the 28th.

    Why does it still say on their website "Pre-Purchase Your Copy Today for Exclusive Bonuses and Headstart Access! Pre-purchase to play 3 day early"?

    And next to the buy-now form "Note: This is a pre-purchase product.". ?

    prepurchases are still possible

    heres the 3 digital sites ANET lists for NA  (my hong kong friend prepurchased yesterday using DLGamer)

  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by BadSpock

    I agree with all of you, well written.

    See you all on Jade Quarry TONIGHT!




    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

  • WeretigarWeretigar winifrede, WVPosts: 609Member
    Yes please hurry up so I don't have to browse these forums for a while. Those are my final thoughts.
  • alancodealancode El Mirage, AZPosts: 131Member
    all you damn fanboys won't wait for a review...just joking I bought it too..I'll be playing GW2 AND SW:TOR


  • thakursethakurse montreal, QCPosts: 23Member
    it's been a fantastic year for mmo gamers??????? really??  I ain't been playing for 6 months
  • ScotScot UKPosts: 5,751Member Uncommon

    "It’s been a really fantastic year for MMO gamers so far. I know that there have been rough spots, but on the whole, there have been a lot of excellent games to play this year."

    That made me laugh too, it is like something you would say about solo games, where you need a batch of good games each year to have a good gaming year. This is the MMO genre the games should last longer than a month, in fact one 'excellent game' should be able to last you more than one year.

    Or at least they used to, have the industry pundits at last given up on the pretense MMO's are now anything other than dressed up solo games?

  • IamAproposIamApropos San Antonio, TXPosts: 173Member

    I find comments like "Let the hype die down" and "when the hype dust settles" to be a little ignorant and naive to the fact that the "excitement", not hype, about guild wars 2 is from hands on experience.

    People are excited, and rightfully so, because they have proven the game has thus far provided things they didn't think were possible.   The game is NOT over hyped and claiming it is, well is simply ignorant.

    If you have tested the game as much as some of us have, 160+ hours, then you would see that Guild Wars 2 is the total package.   Unless ANET is comlpetely hiding all content past level 40, which I highly doubt they are, This game is everything the players are excited about, "Hyped" about.

    If you can look at Guild Wars 2 with a logical, reasonable and mature view you'll see it for what it is completely revolutionary, providing a AAA game with tons of features all rolled into one game WITHOUT A MONTHLY SUB!!! 

    The game might not be your cup of tea but any reasonable person can be mature enough to give respect where respect is due.  You don't stand on a street corner and see a Ferrari drive up 1 foot in front of you and think, "What?? its just a car, nothing special, same ol same ol.."  if you do, thats pathetic....  Yep its a car, has four wheels, and you use a steering wheel to direct it.... Guild Wars 2 is a Ferrari in the gaming genre.  Its pulled up, showed off its muscle and people are saying "its nothing new, same old same old" "its over hyped..."  lmao


    -- The return of bright eyed exploration and adventure --

    it has been a very long time since I've had that excitement within a video game. That feeling of, what are we going to find around the next corner? Treasure? a big boss monster? or maybe some amazing awe inspiring view?   In the last few years I've started losing my interest in games because they all felt the same even with a few of the current releases...

    Bad character animations, or same old quest systems with choppy combat... or fancy cinematic style covering same old questing system - BOOOORING!!!!

    I went into Guild Wars 2 feeling like this was it, the last chance I have before throwing in the towel on something I had loved so much for so many years, MMORPG's.

    Previously I'd tried other games and really tried to find something to hook me, up to 40 hours of testing and nothing.  Guild Wars 2 I found myself lost in wonder, amazment and adventure from the first minute.  160+ hours later and I'm more excited about the game then I've been in 10 years about any other game.  The game has thus far proved the "Manifesto" true which is why people are seeing "HYPE" and can't believe everyone can honestly be this realistically excited about the game.


    The way everyone is reffering to Hype is a negative thing when it comes to GW2.  It is indicating that the excitment people are feeling for the game isn't realistic.  Let me tell you this, for the most part Guild Wars 2 fanbois, myself included, have good reason to be as "hyped" about this game, it is everything they said it was in the Manifesto!!


    See you in Tyria!!!!!!!!


    See where adventure will lead you!
    My PC Specs:
    i5-3570k oc'ed @4.2GHz
    8GB 1600 RAM
    GTX670 oc'ed @ 1.25Ghz
    Samsung 830 SSD.

  • MithrandolirMithrandolir The Deep Woods, NJPosts: 1,698Member Uncommon

    Can't wait!

    Less than 17 hours now!

    I have not been this excited for a launch since EQ/AC1/Camelot days!



  • ScotScot UKPosts: 5,751Member Uncommon
    Wonder how long that GW2 avatar will last? Good luck to you in GW2, I hope it goes well, but you need to be blind to MMO history not to say, "here we go again."
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,258Member Uncommon
    Looks like my TSW guild will be pvping on Jade Quarry aswell. If I see you out there Mike I'm going to farm you for banning me so many times :p
  • raven222raven222 athensPosts: 88Member

    See u all in game .

    All i have to say is thank u ANet for this wonderfull game , and my hopes for a great launch in a few hours .

    Can't wait

  • DragnogDragnog Kennett, MOPosts: 54Member

    For me personally I feel that this is a game I can get behind. This game allows the more devoted gamer to be able to play with his less devoted friends.

    Enevitably I would not progress at the same speed as my friends and I would end up with 5 or 6 characters, each at a different level of progress to try and play with my friends. Now I can just have one character and play with them without ruining the experience for them. 

    This is the first game that I feel comfortable promoting to my non-gamer friends because I can stick with them and not feel like I am missing out. 

    I hope that they are able to capture and channel the sense of co-operation instead of competion that has appeared to be the case in the BWEs. This for me personally is the major difference between GW2 and other MMOs that I have played.  

    This is why I want to play this game: not for the graphics, not for the combat, not for competitive play (in terms of PvP) but being able to hang out with friends and feel like we are accomplishing something. 

  • nuttobnuttob Plantation, FLPosts: 291Member
    I will never forget playing the original Guild Wars and thinking that they need to make a full blown MMO just like this with no sub.  My prayers have been answered!!!!!
  • Segun777Segun777 Jade Dynasty Correspondent Lemont, PAPosts: 97Member
    What strikes me most about Guild Wars 2 is ease of play in most all things. It, like WoW before it, doesn't do much of anything wrong. That being said, I'm not sure it really stands out in any one specific category, and the lack of real endgame, no matter how its phrased will have people whining within the month.
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