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The little things matter

gexz7gexz7 NY, NYPosts: 131Member

Small things matter

One of the best things prior to F2P was that you could always customize your toon, yup no gold cost, no real cash transfer, you always could change how your toon looked, not race just features.  F2P now charges for this feature and most race packs, I mean EQ2 doesn’t even give them to you, VG teases you till level 20, then purchase.  I know I get free content but if I have to watch a banner ad the whole time I am playing it kind of takes the immersion out of VG

Call it what it is free to evaluate with banner ads the whole thing feels cheap to me.  Screw subs, GW2 bad or good will be bought just because I am tired of paying monthly for games I do not own, I own movies, items of value but not my toon I spent two years developing. 

I mean subs should be $5 a month or $7 max, and I might even keep my WOW active, but People we get  Net flix for $8 a month and Game Fly for as little as $15 a month with a library of games,

Nuf said deleted VG F2P model, when and if I ever want to play, I will just pay to experience the game fully, my 2 cents.  It was nice to see people running around but it will not last under this model. 


  • BiskopBiskop AvalonPosts: 709Member Uncommon
    I'm not sure what you want to discuss, except that you're against VG's ftp model. That's very interesting but the subject is already being discussed in multiple threads.

    Are you perhaps trying to start a separate discussion about your own personal dislike for banners?
  • OcenicaOcenica Cocoa, FLPosts: 96Member Uncommon
    That felt like about 10 different posts possibilities packed into one.  What exactly are you upset about?  You know what, nevermind :)
  • Sooo, you don't like the ftp model then? I'm not quite sure what your point was...
  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 244Member Uncommon

    Oh I agree, being able to change the looks of my characters was pretty good, and I found out about it my accident. Something tells me it was never intentional to let us change the looks of the character after the it was made, and everytime we wanted. I could be wrong though. I'm gonna go so far to say I think it was a bug haha.


    It's the only mmorpg that I have played that let me do that.


    And yes taking it away seems unfair and it's basically taking away a feature. But was it intetional to have it this way? And is it reasonable to be able to change your looks of your character anytime you want? I feel you must ask these questions, and I am not sure I would say yes. So while we lost that feauture, I don't think we should have had it in the first place.


    I can see both sides though, but with f2p, changing your looks must be a standard way to charge money? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't really alter gameplay in anyway so I'm not blaming them if they make it into something you pay for. Dunno if they have though?

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