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8/23/12 Patch Notes

LetsinodLetsinod Ramsey, MNPosts: 370Member Uncommon
  • Marketplace
    • The Nomad’s Camel has been added to the marketplace under the mounts and pets category
    • Elixir of Quick Recovery has been added to the marketplace under the consumables category
    • Chuckles the Hyena vanity pet has been added to the marketplace under the mounts and pets category
    • Scabs the Flesh Golem vanity pet has been added to the marketplace under the mounts and pets category
    • Adventurer’s Pack of Speed has been added to the marketplace under the containers category
    • The Kojani Diplomat and Kojani Royal Clothes chest items can now be equipped in the correct slots.
    • Redeem code will now bring up a web window.
    • Fixed an issue with the in game web window being black after logging out and back in
    • Fixed an issue where categories in the marketplace would show up blank.
  • Items
    • Finch’s grand wyrm now requires level 20 to use
    • Fixed an issue with the power of Khegor’s end loot
    • Equip requirements for the new items have been loosened on armor.
      • Heavy Armor should allow all heavy classes
      • Medium Armor should allow all heavy and medium classes
      • Light should allow all classes
    • Shandrel’s relic should no longer be set to gold member required
    • Thrown weapons and ranged ammo should no longer be flagged as gold member required
  • Abilities
    • Endless strength should now live up to its description
  • NPCs
    • Sparkles has found a new place to beg for food
    • War Golem has found a new place among other creatures of his kind
    • War golem  encounter has been altered slightly to be more of a burn fight.
      • At 30% he will now strip all buffs of individual targets
        • There may still be lag for the individual target but chunk lag should be minimal when this occurs
  • Quests
    • Fon Cogswin’s quests to defeat Hegnerian and his keepers will once again provide their rewards.
    • The Corrupt Cyclopes should now give all classes a reward.
    • Fixed a typo with the unforgotten quest
    • The Sightseers Guide to Qa Riverbank now has reward items.
    • The Hunters League Quest should now give the reward to Rangers.
    • The greeters off the Isle of Dawn should now properly direct players to Inquisitor Hammerheart in Three Rivers.
  • Misc
    • An optimization pass has been done on the UI to resolve several client related lag issues. Please report any oddness with the UI by using the /bug command or the forums
    • New loading screens have been added to the mix


  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,429Member Uncommon
    it's a start LOL
    Warriors are like steel, when you lose your temper you lose your worth.
  • gw1228gw1228 San Antonio, TXPosts: 126Member
    Wow it's amazing how fast they are putting new items in the station cash shop but what's even more amazing is how old bugs still languish on after 5
  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 244Member Uncommon

    Fair enough, because it's true. But money rules, this would be the same for any company. At least they are fixing the bugs, but yes in a perfect world they would fix everything for free and never charge anything.


    I just don't know why you would write something like that, it's like you don't know how the real world works, it's like me writing, oh I wish they would give me the old computer parts they don't sell anymore for free, instead of restocking them with newer and expensive ones LOL. Yes terrible analogy but you get my idea.


    God why.

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