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Best crafting choices for elementalist

Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderPosts: 9,435Member Rare

Actually the first choice is pretty clear for an Elementalist, that should be tailoring. but the 2nd slot gives me 3 choices.


I think cook is pretty awesome for the food and the dyes. But the food stuff cant use the same mechanics to clean them from your bag inventory. But somehow the actuall crafting process looks more fun


Jeweler for creating Jewels (Earringsnecklaces, and rings)


Artificer for crafting Magic weapons (Focistavesscepters, and tridents) and also Potions


Its a hard choice, all have pros and cons, what would you choose?

(Assuming that i will only leel 2 crafts)


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  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon
    I'll be going probably Tailor and Cook on my mesmer to start, so if you go with one of the others maybe we can work some trades or the like. Hey, never know...

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • GolbezaGolbeza BPosts: 62Member

    Since mages use cloth then of course Tailoring is a wise choice. Second choice though, I'm gonna go with Artificer since I'm gonna focus more on staves and wands.


    I mean if you like going dagger/dagger then maybe weaponsmith is a good choice, it all depends on your playstyle. You can always put a profession on hold and pick up another one if you want to experiment.

  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Yahoo, COPosts: 4,990Member

    1. For god's sake mmo gamers, enough with the analogies. They're unnecessary and your comparisons are terrible, dissimilar, and illogical.

    2. To posters feeling the need to state how f2p really isn't f2p: Players understand the concept. You aren't privy to some secret the rest are missing. You're embarrassing yourself.

    3. Yes, Cpt. Obvious, we're not industry experts. Now run along and let the big people use the forums for their purpose.

  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,194Member Uncommon

    Well, technically you can do all crafting on one character, for exps, items for alts, friends and to sell on the AH. You can switch your active crafting professions without losing progress.

    So...whatever the hell you want to do.

  • HomituHomitu Hometown, HIPosts: 2,030Member Uncommon
    Depending on which lengendary weapon you want to pursue, you may want to adjust your 2 primary professions. Scepter requires Armorsmith and Artificer; Staff requires Artificer and Cooking; Dagger requires Weaponsmith and Cooking; Focus requires Artificer and Jeweler.  You can have a friend craft them for you, so it's not vital you choose 2 based solely on this.  If you don't have any friends, however, you can be sure relying on strangers to craft some of these components will be quite pricey :p
  • I voted Jeweler - reason being it provides more wearable gear than Artificer (you can always buy one or two weapons).  If this will be your first character this would give you (combined with tailor) the most options for filling in gear slots.

    I would not suggest taking Cook as a starting craft - I'm going to do it on an alt.  The reason being in the few hours at the end of BWE2 that I spent cooking (and using up every single harvested item on my account and my hubby's from 2 BWE's) I filled up inventory and bank slots with intermediate items.  Don't get me wrong - cooking is awesome - but it takes up a lot of space and takes a wide assortment/quanity of ingredients.  Better to let one character focus on it.

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