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Guild Wars 2: One Hour Stress Test TODAY



  • DAOWAceDAOWAce Flanders, NJPosts: 204Member Uncommon

    Yet again I miss another stress test.  Think this is the 5th one.


    You know, would actually help if they notified people so it was an actual STRESS test instead of a "follow the game religiously" test.

  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon
    Well, guess I got time to figure out my thief's looks. Granted I don't really NEED to do this considering I'm not playing the game hardcore (which If I do  I'll blow away all the gameplay of this game like I did Diablo 3 and leave it sitting there idle) but I do like to get some work ahead of the crowd so its not so flooded. :)
  • AeolronAeolron Ottawa, ONPosts: 648Member
    What server you guys gonna be on? I was told by the wife that we are going yaks bend lol TOLD arrg , if any of you are on the same server or going to please message me I have , myself included 4 people looking for a guild :)
  • AeolronAeolron Ottawa, ONPosts: 648Member
    Bcbully what server ya gonna be on?
  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAPosts: 1,611Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by bcbully
    Originally posted by Kuppa
    Originally posted by bcbully
    can't wait to give my "first hour" review.

    wait, you preordered?!

    I aint one to miss a party ;)

    omg the biggest secret world fan in the world is coming to guild wars 2? woah im impressed ....

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