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Sooo after GW2, whats the next big hype train? I can't see anything.



  • NovusodNovusod Lakewood, NJPosts: 909Member Uncommon




    Most will be bored with GW2 in a month. That is fine from a business standpoint because they will already have everyone's money from Buy 2 Play and don't require a subscription to be a success. But from the player perspective a new MMO game will be required to keep people occupied into the New Year. Only thing to look forward to is existing MMOs putting out some decent expansions. Really looking forward to Vindictus 2.

  • JalitanJalitan Posts: 102Member Uncommon

    The next big game will be Citadel of Sorcery. Check it out.



  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jalitan
    The next big game will be Citadel of Sorcery. Check it out.    

    hey this game sounds pretty, but if they want to see their selves in the market they have to add in their team an artist, this game at the moment reminds the dull world of TSW or SWTOR... check GW2 or HAWKEN they have a unique art style with covers if there is any problem .. ^^


    for me next big hype (and it doesnt matter if GW2 succeed or fail) will be World of Darkness from CCP, cause it uses some stereotypes from RPG games which we havent seen (you know Vampires etc) & CCP have won a respect as game designer who innovates hard!!

    the ArcheAge comes from Korea and already it sounds a huge grind fest,

    TESO sounds good, but i am afraid it might end like Warhammer,

    the Dark Millenium is dead and it would be a big hype train even if it was bad designed @!,

    Wildstar if it wont become B2P i cant see future of it,

    there are no news for Titan project, they might have abandoned it!,

    Pathfinder online looks promising though


  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare
    The wheels have come of too many times, the hype express will be going in for railyard maintenance after GW2.

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  • AmarantharAmaranthar OhioPosts: 2,872Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jalitan
    The next big game will be Citadel of Sorcery. Check it out.    

    This was looking very interesting until I got to the "Reflected Worlds" part. Lot's of good ideas for a "different" game, for those who don't care about the game world being massively multiplayer.

    Once upon a time....

  • Mors-SubitaMors-Subita montreal, QCPosts: 517Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ocenica
      GW2 will hopefully be great and your time reading this post has been waisted.  BUUUT, what if it isn't.  What is the next big game to hopefully revolutionize the genre or at least breath life back into it?  Some F2P title?  Something in 2012?  Are we going to be waiting up until Titans to hopefully get our fix?  Whats the next big thing AFTER GW2?  

    What if it isn't? What if giant hibernating dinosaurs wake up and destroy tokyo?

    People(including me) have played the game and it does match their expectations, so the what if is just as implausible...

    Assuming we entertain the question, though, I am not sure... I was really excited for TSW, and then I actually got to beta it and it was crap. I was really excited about a star wars MMO, and didn't even bother betaing, because they told us right out that it was going to be crap(no, they didn't say those words, but they did tell you what to expect in the game). I was excited about GW2, and after playing it I am still excited.

    What else am I excited about? Otherland looks interesting... Wildstar... Firefall... Maybe a few others... Do I think any of them might take me away from GW2? No clue, but I am always willing to keep an open mind. Depends on the gameplay and the world.


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