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I'm going to Give it to you the way it is

kalystiakalystia nowaynhellamitellingyou, UTMember Posts: 4

Here is the raw truth about this game. I am a very experienced player, I know a lot about this game, have been playing for a year and a half.

So I'm just going to tell you as it is, no sugar coating to make it sound good, or make you want to play it.

The only reason why I am still there is because this game is really great for making a lot of friends, if you choose the right server that is. I have pretty much stopped leveling but i still hang out with my friends on the game and stuff so if there is one thing that makes this game worthwhile it is that.

So to start off Destiny Online is basicly just grind, endless grind. Everything in this game leads to one thing GRIND! If you love a huge amount of grind then this game is for you.

Okay so the second thing i have to warn you about is this games economy is insane, everything, or almost everything is inflated, and it only seems to get higher and higher every week. When I started Bullion (the games item mall currency), was sold for 1.5mil silver, that is not very much, in fact i could make that much in an hour now at my level (82). Now Bullion is 25mil. The greediness of players in the game is insane.

Most or all of the quests in this game lead to just grind, or boring material collecting that just makes you grind more. Probably the few things that arent grind that can earn you experience are IQ test, tribe wars, mining (i'll explan that in a second), and boss hunting. There arent very many other things that arent grind that ca gain you a lot of experience in this game.

I'll just explain one thing about tribes. Okay first of all minig is where you are transported into a mining pit, there are verious sapphires or rubies, rubies are rare, depending opon your tribe level you have the min a smaller or larger amount of rubies and sapphires. Like my tribe is level 5 and so its 800 sapphires for me. That might sound not to bad to you but each sapphire takes 8 minutes to finish, one sapphire has 100 in it, you wont always get something though, sometimes you wont find anything for half the mining of the sapphire, so like if i finish a sapphire that has 100 i'll only have like 62 or someting at the end. You can probably guess its really boring and pointles in the end, eve grinding is funner than that.

Everything else abou tribes is just more walking back and forth from NPCs, or grinding, or excorting NPCs to places which is annoying trust me.

Tribe war is basicly where you just hit this totem and tryto kill it before the other tribe does,

If your lucky you'lll be able to get a boss before the high levels take them first.  some of these take hours to kill so i dont see why its worth it, they dont allways drop good stuff.

One of the most important things you should know about this game is that almost everything depends on luck, crafting, upgrading, etc Everything depends on chance. You will find yourself frusterated just trying to get stuff to succeed. That in itself makes this game really bad.

the creators of this game are constantly thinking up ways to cheat people out of their money, don't fall for it, there are no really spactacular items on this game worth buying so dont spend real money.

Scenery is scarse in this game, you will find most of the maps to be repetetive, empty and boring, and the music too, even though some of it is good it is still very repetetribe.

so thats all I feel like I need to tell you abou this game.


  • TyranosinTyranosin AmsterdamMember Posts: 56


    you siriously took some time to put all that about this game.


  • thundurrthundurr Cheese, NEMember Posts: 7

    That's a really good summary, thank you. So many people just say it's the best or the worst. 

  • NeroUltimaNeroUltima ely, NVMember Posts: 1

    Ok so just a quick question... Who all came to Destiny Online from Chaos? Cause This is Mr.V and I'm looking to hook up with the old group.... How about a lending hand and letting me kno?

  • kalystiakalystia nowaynhellamitellingyou, UTMember Posts: 4

    I have a few more things to add t this so here it goes.

    (pardon the spelling errors)

    The staff that run this game are very unprofessional when it comes to running it. they do not put full effort into anything, or hat is the way it seems to the vast majority of players on the game including me.  When they do something wrong they always try to sugar coat it and shut us up by trying to be nice.  Either they really suck at programming and don't know as much as they should or they are just lazy.  Every patch this game brings a new bug appears right after fixing old ones it seems like 10 more appear. the latest one is the dissappearance of the Santa Clause pets. Many players are very pissed about this and have been since the 20th when a bug in the latest patch caused everyone's Santa pets to mysteriously vanish into thin air.  If they were really professional I don't think such a bad bug would have happened.

    the staff never listen to the demands or wants of the players they are very selfish and seem to be motivated by only money.  And if they do listen to the players they often try and shove it down our throats later weather or not we like it just like when bot was going to come out they listened to our responses to it and how much we hated it and then they made a server for just botting and then another server and then after that they slowly began to  bring it to the other NON bot servers on the weekends and now they are shoving full time robots down everyone's throats even though we hate it.   the same peole that run this game are the same people that shut down Chaos online. I seriously think that the staff that run this game only care about swindling people out of their money. everything on the game is a rip off. Every time the players try to speak out on or off the game they try to sugar coat over if and pretend like they did not see anything.  This lack of caring has provoked some players to take action on their own and resort to hacking or exploiting bugs or glitches to get what they want.  some people actually tried to help them find bugs and fix them and were rewarded by banning those players which I think is just so stupid.  I don't blame them for wanting to try and make this game better possibly the best thing about this game is the people that are on it, the people make the game if nothing else it's possibly the only good thing about the game. To this day this is the only reason I stay at all.

    the staff of this game seem to lack a great amount of creativity when it comes to a lot of things, they often promise things and never give them as well. A few of these things I cn think of are pet equips, tribe storage, pet mounts, new skills for the classes, and a few other things. they do not seem to be able to keep their promises, or do what they say they will do. everything they do seems to be done very lazily and cheaply. 

    the support for this game literally is horrid. I have heard players to to live support and ask questions and get some weird answer a lot of the time that has nothing to do with the game as if the people behind the chat window know nothing about the game.  this is another thing that is wrong with the game.  even the players themselves can weild better answers than the live support people. You are better off asking someone in the game that actuall plays. 

    another thing is that the staff do not play the game themselves, I think this only makes things worse. I mean what good can you do if you don't even play the game you manage. playing the game with the players can tell you a lot more han if you just stay on the sidelines. I think they should put more effort into this. 

    anyway, I have more to say but I think I will stop with this and possibly add more later.

  • whodfmiwhodfmi RiceLake, WIMember Posts: 6

    This game like all the rest of Perfect world  games have good graphics and good play but there are major flaws with the game in each and every game after you reach lvl 30 you are more often bait for the higher lvls that can and will kill you on site this does not make for a good gaming experiance for the new gamer. It lakes lvling hard and makes the game VERY unfriendly for those that are new to the game and there are no areas for the low lvls to be able to lvl in pease which in my book this makes the game Zero in my book who wants a game that you cannot play because others are hunting you every time they see you. This is fine if you are one of those that like to PK and have deep pockets to buy the Iteam mall stuff but for those that do not have that kind of money you ight want to stear clear of this one as with the rest of Perfest Worlds games they are VERY exspecive and are geared for those who can afford the Item Mall iteams.


  • kalystiakalystia nowaynhellamitellingyou, UTMember Posts: 4

    Update 3

    GMs have mysteriously dissappaered into nothingness. No updates, no events, no patches, no news, no explanation as to where they went. The website is still decorated for St. Patricks day. forums are barren, no one ever posts. gM's are never on the game.  I have heard a lot of rumors, but the most popular one i that they were all fired and there is only one person taking care of the game. right now the future of this game is a big question mark, but it keeps going downhill. I see the imminent end sooner than later.

    Game is still as horrible as ever. Read my other two posts above.

  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastMember Posts: 1,871 Uncommon
    Sorry necro. Someone mentioned this in gchat and well I am wondering if it still exists anymore as the site in the link is down.

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

  • GestankfaustGestankfaust Hidingfromyou, ORMember Posts: 1,989 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Akulas
    Sorry necro. Someone mentioned this in gchat and well I am wondering if it still exists anymore as the site in the link is down.

    LOL...classic. After reading the other posts....

    "This may hurt a little, but it's something you'll get used to. Relax....."

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