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[Preview] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at Gamescom



  • rdrakkenrdrakken Gotham, FLPosts: 426Member
    Originally posted by AliceKaye Nope, I pretty much just like paying my one set price of $14.99 a month for whatever game I'm playing at the time and getting whatever I want in it for that set price. I'm not saying I've not played F2P games, but most of them have P2W cash shops and I'm not much a fan of that. I suppose that I wouldn't have too much of an issue with the F2P+CS games if they lacked P2W items, but to be perfectly honest, like I said above, I'd prefer just a set fee and calling that a day. Usually if a F2P game (such a LotRO for example) has a sub option + f2p option, I'll just sub if I want to play the game. The limitations on their F2P versions, usually blow.

     LoTRo isnt F2P its FREEMIUM. F2P does not have a sub option...its called freemium because its part free part premium. Most F2P games only sell cosmetic items, costmes, mounts with a few leveling buffs...those buffs do nothing at end game. The leveling buffs are not more powerful than what you get in sub games just for logging out in a city/tavern. Do you call THAT P2W? getting a bonus for not even playing the game...

  • Lord_DaemusLord_Daemus SWG Correspondent Moultrie, GAPosts: 28Member

    After Tanaka gave the reigns to Yoshi-P, many problems were fixed. Leveling is no loner mind-numbing, there is an actual storyline, and various bugs have been fixed.

    Yoshi-P had a big job ahead of him and so far, he has not disappointed. I resubbed last month and I'm enjoying every second of it. I played beta and early launch and I was so turned off by the game until I saw a friend of mine play the game as it is today. 

    Currently, the raids are few but fun. Ifrit and Moogle King are enjoyable. Garuda and Van Darnus are a challenge but fun. 

    Ex-SWG Correspondent
    Currently playing: FFXI, SWTOR
    Awaiting: FFXIV 2.0

  • tommygunzIItommygunzII Roanoke, VAPosts: 321Member
    This is the game I'm waiting for. I watched one GW2 video and almost fell asleep.
  • wrongfeifongwrongfeifong montreal, QCPosts: 405Member Common

    So they are 2.0 this.


    and YES my name will be on the credit since i am a legacy user of FFXIV.


    However, i haven't play since May while i bought a 90 days pass for this game.

    This is just FFXI2.0 not FFXIV2.0.

    I am expecting a new mmorpg not FFXI2.0. go back to the drawing board or hire someone creative like me.

    These developers have no idea what gamers want, old tricks that works doesn't mean it will work forever. 


    and YES my name will be on the CREDIT! watch for it.


  • VyntVynt Posts: 690Member Uncommon

    I checked that link to see what it said about the engine.

    RPGSite: Similar to how FF Versus XIII is taking the lighting portion of that engine and using it in their game?
    Yoshida: It’s different in the sense that it’s not a part of the existing Luminous Engine, because if we were to wait until that engine was completed, we wouldn’t be able to get the game out in time. What we are doing is taking people who are working on Luminous, and having them use their knowledge—some of those things that will be used in Luminous as well, to make a completely new engine. You mentioned the lighting—yes, probably the lighting we’ll end up using will be similar to what will be used in Luminous, but it’s not like we’re waiting for Luminous to be completed.

    So it sounds like they went from crystal tools, wanted to use luminous, but it wasn't completed, so used some stuff from luminous to create a brand new engine, completely scrapping the original engine.


    Here is another interview that was at gamescom 2012 :

    talking about the pc and ps3 and the new engine.

    Of course, "Until Sony and Microsoft actually make an announcement," he said, "we can't make an announcement." Yoshida said that his team's flexibility with FFXIV is due to the game's new engine. "With this new engine, it's very scalable. It runs on low-end PCs and high-end PCs. So when new technology comes out, we can easily scale it to that high end."

    Bottom line, it is a completely different engine, that is a lot more flexible. Not only is it new in the sense that it is different, but it is new in that they stated they made a completely new engine.

  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALPosts: 1,816Member Uncommon

    Damn I was just about to post that. Beat me to it. :)


  • Rizon538Rizon538 QUINCY, ILPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    Just an update for those of yyou who do not follow the official website. In Yoshida's letter dated 30Aug2012 he stated the following:

    1. The final character save for current account hoilders will be 1 Nov 2012.


    2 From then to 11Nov 2012 they will be concluding the story for the end of the 7th Umbral Era


    3. They are considering the idea of reopening the servers for causal play and a place for friends to still meet. Nothing will be saved and carried over.


    Yoshida has stated that he will not do Beta teesting while Ver 1.0 is active. Therefore I must assume that Beta testing will not begin until sometime in Nov. I do not expect a formal release until the 1st Quater of 2013. The reason for this is that Yoshida will not release anything until it is the best it can be. As he is the one who began SEs willingness to actually listen toi his subscribers I believe it will take him time to compile all the data <including player feedback> and make the appropriate changes before he releases ARR.

    Hope this information helps.

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