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Is everyone a charr? What race will you play?



  • voxnorvoxnor os , CAPosts: 121Member

    As someone who did not beta test what-so-ever - I will probably try out several.

    That being said - Charr Warrior has intersted me, but I assumed everyone and their mother would have one which was holding me back - perhaps if this poll holds any truth, that may not be the case.

  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM ZagrebPosts: 1,788Member

    Actually, the Charr is the least played race according to multiple polls I've seen, including Gw2census.

    Humans are still most popular.

  • dageezadageeza london, KYPosts: 578Member

    I will play with a human, it may be 250 years later and in order to make an unpopular alliance in these hard times the human nobility has fabricated a lie to blame the king for blowing ascalon up as a means to get support from the good people of queensdale, however i still believe my ancestors handed down stories told the truth in the hardships caused by the filthy charr destroying ascalon and in their pursuit of my ancestors they tried to make man extinct...

    For me it is an uneasy alliance and when fighting along side a charr i will be all to careful to watch for an arrow or a sword to my back....

    Playing GW2..

  • vmopedvmoped Athens, GAPosts: 1,708Member

    Charr warrior.  I could care less if you see my animations a mile away, there is just something about a big mean toothy animal man with heavy armor and a plethora of weapons that just screams awesome in my book.  I also like their lore, starting areas, personal quest chains, city, looks, and focus on steampunk (I am tired of typical mideival fantasy mmo's).


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  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Gamefun
    Originally posted by Tayah
    Asura, I always like the smallest race for pvp.

    I've always heard playing small races tends to last longer in PvP because people tend to eye glance taller races because they are more noticable. I'm gonna have to try out the asura and see if it works out.

    Least noticed and you can hide behind others and in small bushes/trees/hills etc. Usually able to fire off at ranged and have someone half dead or dead before they notice it, heh.


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  • BijouBijou BudapestPosts: 145Member Uncommon

    Norn and Sylvari. :)

  • OmnifishOmnifish LondonPosts: 616Member

    Well, out of the personal stories I tried the Charr seemed the most interesting, but I prefer human animations and I have an itching for a warrior Norn and a Sylvari thief.

    So in other words, I haven't a clue yet :D

    This looks like a job for....The Riviera Kid!

  • ArezonArezon Posts: 279Member Uncommon
    For my Main, I will be Norn. If I make alts and I probably will, I might make a Human and Asura. I'm not too fond of Char and Sylvari.


  • GamefunGamefun Mesa, AZPosts: 290Member
    Originally posted by FealStyrm
    Originally posted by Gamefun
    Originally posted by Tayah
    Asura, I always like the smallest race for pvp.

    I've always heard playing small races tends to last longer in PvP because people tend to eye glance taller races because they are more noticable. I'm gonna have to try out the asura and see if it works out.

    In daoc this was true. You couldn't see them because of the hills and bushes and bumps in the terrain.

    I used to paint my armor green on my eldrich (magelike) and wear pants(makes you look like a rogue or something else not as one-shottable) instead of robes to hide in the trees and to blend in with the grass.

    The good old days of Dark Age of Camelot. Boy do I miss the days when mmo's were a niche. =]

  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,626Member Epic

    Human or Norn. Probabl Human.

    Normally I play elves but can't get into the Sylvari.

    Still not decided on class. either guardian or warrior. I like the elementalist as well so probably one of those.

  • DrachasorDrachasor Columbus, OHPosts: 2,678Member

    I'm not sure what race I'll pick first.  I know I definitely won't be a dirty human.  I just can't get into religiously themed stuff that well.

    I know I want to play a Guardian, but for the life of me I can't figure out what race I'll want him to be.

  • DraftbeerDraftbeer SzarvasPosts: 517Member Uncommon

    Human first, others later.

    Probably going to avoid Charr, not my style.

  • DrWookieDrWookie Portland, ORPosts: 261Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by itgrowls
    i've seen more humans then anything. Its weird, play a fantasy game where you can be anything, pick the same thing you are in real life. doesn't make sense to me.

    ...Last I checked I walk around town with a rifle, laying gun turrets and mines on the ground. Just because we choose human doesn't mean we are being the "same thing" we are in real life. It's not like if I pick Asura or Charr I'm really convinced that I "AM" an asura or charr. It's still just on my computer screen, nothing more.

    That said I'll likely do a Human Engineer, Asuran Guardian, Sylvari Mesmer, Norn Necro, Charr Ranger. Maybe Asuran thief as well.

  • blackthornnblackthornn Posts: 536Member Uncommon
    was going to go sylvari but I realized I don't like the look of armor on them.  decided on Human due to the cultural armor actually
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  • bsukalabsukala WisconsinPosts: 34Member Uncommon
    I think i will go with the Norn, something about looking like a Viking it enticing
  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOPosts: 316Member Uncommon
    I've decided to create one of every race to fill up all 5 of my slots. That way I can play them all at the same time (ok not literally at exactly the same time but you know what I mean) and not get bored doing the same starting zone over and over again. I think it will be a lot of fun.
  • gessekai332gessekai332 New York City, NYPosts: 860Member Uncommon
    didnt expect to play asura but i tried it BWE3 and the character animations were just amazing.  

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  • steeler989steeler989 Farmington, MNPosts: 665Member Uncommon


    Charr Ranger   image


  • arctarusarctarus nilPosts: 2,576Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Gonzomike
    Asura necro ftw!

    Same ^_^

    RIP Orc Choppa

  • lilHealalilHeala ZwollePosts: 522Member Uncommon

    Every race except charr (well very maybe once I run out of character slots and want to try the other classes left over that I didn't roll yet I'll reconsider buying charr slots).

    My 2 mains will be Sylvari (ele) and Asura (engi). 

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 1,522Member Uncommon



    Ever since I first saw the Charr in Guild Wars...I was "I totally want to be that race"


    And I love the look of the Engineer.


    So...Char Engineer :D

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  • ZylaxxZylaxx Erlanger, KYPosts: 2,574Member
    I would play a Norn if we actually had a smaller, less board shoulder physique.  It jsut looks unnaturally muscle bound for me.  So in the meantime I'll be playing a Human, besides I really enjoyed Divinitys Reach.

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  • MindTriggerMindTrigger La Quinta, CAPosts: 2,596Member
    Originally posted by Archeangel
    So far my list of characters includes 2 sylvari, 2 norn, 2 human, an asura, and a charr. I keep juggling around what prof/combos they will be though. I have a spreadsheet detailing 9 different character lists with names and question answers included. each their own, but this kind of thing just sucks the life out of games.  I don't know why anyone would do such a thing.

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  • DerrosDerros Posts: 1,174Member Uncommon
    Every poll i've seen puts charr in the bottom 2
  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Nowhere, TXPosts: 1,348Member Uncommon

    Silly question. Norn of course.

    Well, I will have alts that cover the rest of the races but that doesn't mean that Norn's aren't the best. :)

    All die, so die well.

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