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Favorite MMO Class... EVER!



  • viturinoviturino Bangkok, AKPosts: 7Member
    Assassin from Ragnarok Online.
  • ZuvielifyZuvielify Fremont, CAPosts: 168Member
    Originally posted by m0lly
    so this is the thread where people pick the oldest game and oldest class just to note hey i was there or wasnt but saying anyways.

    The games tend to be older because that was the time when MMORPG developers weren't dumbing down their games and classes to attract the masses. It was also when PVP was less of a focus. A lot of exciting class mechanics go away when players are attacking other players

  • MurlockDanceMurlockDance ParisPosts: 1,223Member

    Favorite classes in an MMO:

    My Cave/augment Shaman from DAoC. She was so much fun in RvR even though ppl kept nagging me to go full Augment. I also liked playing Spiritmasters in RvR. In PvE, I enjoyed playing my Bonedancer and the only Alb character I ever really had which was a Friar.

    Bureaucrat from AO.

    Fire Controller from CoH.

    All of the classes in WoW outside of Cata Hunter which I don't like (sort of boring to play). I am very partial to my feral Druid and have played Warlocks since release.

    Playing MUDs and MMOs since 1994.

  • dreamer05dreamer05 Kansas City, MOPosts: 636Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Zooce
    Originally posted by dreamer05
    Warden - Rift

    Do you mean LotRO?  Don't recall warden in Rift.

    The water HoT healing class.


    "God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.."

  • daeandordaeandor Houston, TXPosts: 2,692Member Uncommon

    Classes I really enjoyed:

    EQ - My Iksar Monk & Necro were fav, but sadly my main was a Human Ranger.

    DAOC - Friar (I never liked the expansion classes, although I played them and understand why ppl do)

    EQ2 - Meh, I did like my Monk there too, but my main was an Inquisitor.

    Vanguard - Necro

    But all-time favorite:


    SWG, pre-CU Beastmaster.

  • daeandordaeandor Houston, TXPosts: 2,692Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by dreamer05
    Originally posted by Zooce
    Originally posted by dreamer05
    Warden - Rift

    Do you mean LotRO?  Don't recall warden in Rift.

    The water HoT healing class.

    There was even a Warden in DAOC

  • klaphoodklaphood GUxhagenPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    Priest in Ragnarok Online.
  • cheyanecheyane EarthPosts: 4,254Member Rare

    Everquest   Necromancer, Enchanter, Bard

    Anarchy Online  Engineer,Trader

    City of X  Controller, Mastermind

    WoW  Druid Shaman

    Vanguard Disciple , Bard

    Age of Conan Assassin, Herald of Xotli,Necromancer

    Everquest 2 Ranger, Necromancer

  • KezzadrixKezzadrix Toronto, ONPosts: 90Member
    The OP asked for favorite class guys, that means one.   I know it's hard choosing sometimes, i'm sure we all had fun playing multiple classes.  I think overall though, my favorite class was Enchanter in EQ1.   Crowd controlling and Charming.. good times.
  • AvarixAvarix Chicago, ILPosts: 519Member Uncommon

    Going with Enchanter from the original Everquest. Not many classes capture the tension/excitement I had when charm fighting mobs. Plus, the party support and mob control was amazing if you knew how to use it.

  • BoltonsquadBoltonsquad RotherhamPosts: 328Member Uncommon

    Druid - WoW

    Inquisitor - EQ2

    Elementalist - GW1


  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon
    Red Mage
  • KeushpuppyKeushpuppy Wenatchee, WAPosts: 122Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by oubers
    omho the best classes ever where the following:   Tactician in Asheron's call 2 Disciple in vanguard But even more fun then any class was my GM fencer who could use magic to teleport through the world in Ultima Online back in the just made you own class (i still miss my GM fighing lady who used magic to battle sea serpents and stuff at sea).  OMG the Tactician in AC2 was awesome.  But the Tumurok Feral Intendant (think thats what it was called) was my favorite.


  • LifeEnderLifeEnder Plano, ILPosts: 45Member
    SWG  / Jedi  Master Defender  Master Lightsaber 0004 healer
  • Inf666Inf666 GermanyPosts: 513Member Uncommon

    SWG - Bioengineer

    Haven't seen anything like it ever since.

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Scott23Scott23 Moline, ILPosts: 234Member Uncommon

    Bard in EQ1.  It was fun finding out exactly what it could do.


    No one appreciated the bard until the bard left the party :)

  • ariestearieste toronto, ONPosts: 3,308Member Uncommon

    Fixer - AO

    Shade - AO

    Bloodmage - Vanguard

    Herald of Xotli - AoC

    Chloromancer - Rift

    "I’d rather work on something with great potential than on fulfilling a promise of mediocrity."

    - Raph Koster

    Favourites: AO,SWG,EVE,TR,LoTRO,TSW,EQ2, Firefall
    Currently Playing: ESO

  • Outkast22Outkast22 Rosenhayn, NJPosts: 51Member

    Hands down DAOC Skald.

    Most fun I've ever had in an MMO.

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,986Member Epic
    Originally posted by Dhaenon
    Hey all,   My all time favorite class from any MMO I have ever played (and I have played A LOT) was the Vampiir from DAOC. I am still looking for a game that has a class with the same playstyle. Any ideas?   What is your favorite MMO Class... EVER?!

    I have no idea what this Vampire class did,explain please?I played very little of Daoc and been so long i don't even remember how many or what class i played.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • kb4blukb4blu Fuquay Varina, NCPosts: 708Member Uncommon

    The cleric in EQ1

    A great healing class and a real killer of undead.  To me that was the most fun cleric to play in any MMO.


  • BigAndShinyBigAndShiny LondonPosts: 176Member
    Warlock in WoW, awesomeness of a necromancer without the downside of being only focused on pets. Great abilities, awesome minions etc..
  • PerfectBlendPerfectBlend Philadelphia, PAPosts: 49Member
    SL/SL  'nuff said
  • GamerUntouchGamerUntouch smithville ON, ONPosts: 488Member

    Mesmer - GW2

    Necro - GW1

    Chloromancer - RIFT

  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon

    No particular order, all my favorite at one point...


    Silver Ranger - Lineage 2

    Disciple - Vanguard

    Reaver - DAoC

    Shaman - EQ1

    Shaman(enhancement) - WoW

  • monarc333monarc333 New York, NYPosts: 622Member Uncommon
    WoW Rogue. Played through all the iterations of that class and enjoyed every minute.

    AoC Bear Shaman. Loved the healing mechanics in AoC. Bear shaman was the perfect mix of melee and healing.

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