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What's your favorite race in GW2?

TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,257Member Uncommon
What's your favorite race? Why?


  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,257Member Uncommon
    I got to work on my spelling.... Sylvari
  • ipekaipeka hamburgPosts: 222Member

    I'd go as human alt for the sole reason of looking pretty  , but charr is my favourite overall; storywise and character wise, which makes me  feel myself as a horrible and shallow person with my reason.

    Oh well,  nothing cant be erased with a cold shower.

  • HellCasterHellCaster Kansas City, KSPosts: 204Member Uncommon
    I went into gw2 beta thinking Charr but Syvari have won out for me.

    Playing: varies every day it seems.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon

    Norn, Norn, mighty Norn!

    They're big and strong and they can turn into wereforms.  Their dialog is a little cheesy though compared to the other races... oh well.

  • junzo316junzo316 Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,690Member Uncommon
    The mighty Asura.
  • Br3akingDawnBr3akingDawn a City, CAPosts: 1,371Member Uncommon
    Its all about having big female parts. NORN ftw.


  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,257Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Epic1oots
    Its all about having big female parts. NORN ftw.


  • AerowynAerowyn BUZZARDS BAY, MAPosts: 7,928Member
    Originally posted by Epic1oots
    Its all about having big female parts. NORN ftw.

    lol friend of mine made a Norn and their first comment was those are some tig ass bittys

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  • Skeeter50Skeeter50 summerville, GAPosts: 147Member Uncommon

    Question, is there an advantage as to hit box size?


    Is there an advantage/bonuses related to race + profession?

  • JagaridJagarid West Covina, CAPosts: 415Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Skeeter50

    Question, is there an advantage as to hit box size?


    Is there an advantage related to race + proffesion?

    No to both questions.

    All races have the same size hit box.   Which means for Asura it is bigger than the actual model, obviously.   Might be true for all races except Norn.  I have never bothered to try to figure out exactly where in terms of the race sizes the hit box falls.

    No racial advantages are present for specific professions either.   Really, imo, no racial advantages exist at all.  Each race does get a specific racial skill, but to use it replaces a class skill...and the class skills are better, so in my mind there is no racial advantages of any kind.  Other people may see it differently.  It is a short-term vs. long term viewpoint disparity.

  • CorrineCorrine miami, FLPosts: 77Member Uncommon
    Charr! Cuz there so bad ass looking >.<


  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,680Member Uncommon
    I chose Sylvari, for the excellent design of the race and what they bring to the game. However, I think the other non-human races are all well designed and interesting in their own ways. I do love the Humans in this game though and will likely have more Human characters than any other race by the end of year one. :)

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  • Chase187666Chase187666 Caledonia, ONPosts: 138Member Uncommon
    I havent tried Asura yet but Charr or Norn so far!


  • eye_meye_m Notta Chance, ABPosts: 3,294Member Uncommon
    The animations of the Asura are by far the best I've seen, making them alot of fun to watch.

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  • Skeeter50Skeeter50 summerville, GAPosts: 147Member Uncommon

    I failed at realizing gw2 was my best game option until recently, thus I failed to get in on the stress test.

    Charr movement, how is it?

  • yaoming36yaoming36 None of your damn business, INPosts: 189Member Uncommon
    Charr, I love the way they run on all fours. If it weren't for the heavy armor charr wearing dresses, I would have rolled one. Unfortunately gonna roll human instead.
  • GhostGeishaGhostGeisha AlbufeiraPosts: 286Member

    Where is the option for "Love em' all"? :p

    Edit: Oh wait... i don't like dem humans.

  • ariboersmaariboersma Yankton, SDPosts: 1,802Member
    this was tough, I love the Asura and the Syvari have an amazing story so far but I think I like Norn best. Least favorite is the Charr.


  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean st. pete, FLPosts: 771Member Uncommon
    I was originally set on charr, but after watching a sylvari character creation video, I think I'm leaning towards sylvari.  Branches and leaves for hair...
  • Laughing-manLaughing-man Dublin, OHPosts: 3,422Member Uncommon

    Asura, they personify genius.

    The solution is obvious :-)

  • IndromeIndrome NortheimPosts: 292Member

    Asura. They won me over with their attitude and sense of humor in BWE III.

    Close second is sylvari because of their unique history in MMO the culture. They have gravitas to themselves and I am of a curious nature myself so they intrigue me.

    Third place is the charr. I like how ANet went about their social treatment of each other. Hard edges and dry humor.


  • Slyther_ZeroSlyther_Zero BendigoPosts: 127Member

    Like the look of all the races except those darn mouse people. Asura are the one race i wouldn't mine rolling up into a compressed ball and kicking down a hill. They may come in handy for ninja kamikaze launchers in WvW. Just strap one of those lil mice to a catapult and let it rip :P


  • RamanadjinnRamanadjinn Huntsville, ALPosts: 1,365Member Uncommon


    while i feel the norn have the most attractive women, i cannot play such a large race.  so i will settle for second most attractive.

    yep, thats how i pick em.

  • Slyther_ZeroSlyther_Zero BendigoPosts: 127Member

    Originally posted by Ramanadjinn
    human.while i feel the norn have the most attractive women, i cannot play such a large race.  so i will settle for second most attractive.yep, thats how i pick em.

    I like the way you think sir


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid hell, NJPosts: 7,165Member Uncommon

    Race i love = Norn

    Race i like = all others

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