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Diablo 3 & blizzard Rocks.



  • jpnzjpnz SydneyPosts: 3,529Member
    Originally posted by Mothanos
    Another brainwashed fanboy, move along people nothing to see here.  

    This kind of posts are very common in the forums but it defies all logic.

    If I don't like a Jazz album and my friend does, would I be right in calling my friend a 'brainwashed fanboy'?

    But keep on hating man, I'm sure someone will agree with you.

    Fun Fact: Diablo 3 sold 8.7 million copies + 1.3 million through the WoW 1 year pass = 10 million

    Gdemami -
    Informing people about your thoughts and impressions is not a review, it's a blog.

  • DraftbeerDraftbeer SzarvasPosts: 517Member Uncommon

    Honestly, first playtrough on normal was fun.

    Because of the story, videos etc. - I really enjoyed it.

    What the game turns out to be later on is the main



    Hamster wheel with 'throw your money

    elements' built for RMAH circulation?



    Thanks but no thanks!

  • ste2000ste2000 londonPosts: 5,845Member Epic

    Diablo 3 is a mediocre game and Blizzard is losing its magic touch

    Another couple of releases like Diablo 3 and Blizzard too will end up like Bioware.

    I bought it, I played it but I wasn't overwhelmed by it, in fact very disappointed that they made zero improvement from Diablo 2.

    Very lazy design.

  • korent1991korent1991 CakovecPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon
    Diablo 3 tought me a huge lesson, never to buy a blizzard product again... 

    "Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."

  • PsychowPsychow SF Giants Territory, CAPosts: 1,784Member
    Originally posted by Cyflym
    Originally posted by Psychow I don't think your analogy works here. Again having negative expectation can affect your experience.   How about instead we use:   "I heard there is some book called The Hunger Games. It's a bout a teenage girl. I hate chick books. I read the first chapter and was bored to tears and threw the book into the trash."   vs   "I heard about a popular book called The Hunger Games. I picked it up and gave it a try. It ended up being so awesome! Now I'm reading the rest of the Trilogy!  Yeah!!"  

    Leaving out if my analogy works or not, I do agree that negative expectation affects experience.

    about your new example you need to add :

    "I heard about a popular book called The Hunger Games. I picked it up and gave it a try. After reading it I think it's the worst crap ever! Now I'm puzzled why so many people talk about it!"

    And many other versions as ofcourse it's no black and white case what people think, there are at least fifty shades of grey...


    My main point was just that you basically said "People who enjoy something like it"

    That's universally true and proves nothing in regard of the topic "Diablo 3 is the best since sliced bread".

    Because you can't forget the other side of the coin which says "People who don't enjoy something don't like it".



    Fair enough.


    My original argument was simply stating that the odds of liking something diminishes if you go in thinking of the negatives. 


    But there are times that someone can go in negative and come out thinking "Holy crap, boy was I wrong. This game is awesome. Why is everyone complaining???"


    So, now we have covered all the possibilities:

    1) negative = hate game;

     2) Positive = May like game;

    3) Positive = may hate game;

    4) Negative = may like the game.


    So I guess just trying to enjoy a game isn't enough. My idea that having a positive attitude might help you enjoy a game is completely wrong. Sorry for the misinformation. Nothing matters. 



  • KeyloggerKeylogger Bumblefuck, TNPosts: 250Member

    I may try it in a year or two, but after playing the beta for a bit and seeing how they've basically went as far away from D2 as they could and still have "Diablo" on the manual somewhere leaves me with little hope for my ability to enjoy or tolerate it.


    I still have my Diablo 1 & 2 manuals and boxes after playing them for years. (Literally)

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare

    yeah it rocks. I am still playing after 200+ hours. And 1.04 sounds very good. Many classes are buffed. The popular (but i hate) melee wiz build is nerfed. Other wiz abilities (which i like) are buffed.

    Legendaries are buffed. No more invulerable minions .. the list goes on and on.

  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 854Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by eyelolled
    Diablo III is the reason I will never buy a Blizzard game again.  nuff said.


  • ChillwolfChillwolf West End, NCPosts: 33Member
    I loved D2, and hated D3.  Blizzard lost me with this release. 
  • DSWBeefDSWBeef phoenix, AZPosts: 787Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by TheHavok
    Best Hack and Slash without a doubt.  I just wish they added pvp alritey.  

    Path of Exile and Grim Dawn will blow it out of the water.

    Playing: War Thunder, World of Warcraft, and Grim Dawn
    Waiting on:Everquest Next and The Black Desert

  • TimEisenTimEisen Columnist Posts: 2,813Member Rare

    If by rocks you mean sinks in water then I agree.

    I used to role-play a Warrior Priest now I role-play a writer.
    "Basically if a Ninja Turtle used it, or close to it, I like it."
  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member
    Originally posted by Elderknight
    800hrs,paid for the game and have couple hundred in my bnet acct

    So, we're talking something on the rough order of a $0.25/hour?

    That IS amazing.  Minimum wage.  Before 1939.

    Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.

  • ZekiahZekiah Posts: 2,483Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DSWBeef
    Originally posted by TheHavok
    Best Hack and Slash without a doubt.  I just wish they added pvp alritey.  

    Path of Exile and Grim Dawn will blow it out of the water.

    This. D3 is garbage.

    "Censorship is never over for those who have experienced it. It is a brand on the imagination that affects the individual who has suffered it, forever." - Noam Chomsky

  • nickster29nickster29 Holmen, WIPosts: 486Member

    I had fun playing Diablo 3, but I found out quickly it didn't have the staying power that Diablo 2 did.  For me, this boiled down to one thing:  Lack of replayability due to the design decision to simplify character leveling / customization.  Diablo 2 was great for this, as it wasn't just different types of builds on the various characters that kept me playing, but that the item system allowed for character builds to be constructed with specific items in mind.


    Frankly, I am having more fun playing Titan Quest Gold (Game + Expansion) that I picked up on Steam for $5 when it was on sale.


    Now just waiting on Torchlight 2.

  • CorvuscoCorvusco CurcurcurPosts: 163Member Uncommon
    This is the only game i regret buying!
  • BanquettoBanquetto CityPosts: 1,037Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by TheHavok
    Best Hack and Slash without a doubt. 
    This. 200 hours of so /played so far, enjoying it more now than I did three months ago.
  • HrimnirHrimnir Posts: 2,277Member Rare

    You guys realize OP's post was the ultimate troll post.


    I might as well start a thread that days since justin bieber plays SW:TOR i now thinks it a fantastic game.

    "The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."

    - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • 7star7star SeoulPosts: 405Member
    Just think about what 800 hours of D3 would do to your mind.
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