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Firefall beta invites to free give out



  • KaenkunKaenkun Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 5

    Looking for a FF beta key, plz =D

  • zhilozhilo new york, NYMember Posts: 48 Uncommon
    i'd like to have one, been following this game since it was accounced :)
  • negativf4kknegativf4kk WorthingMember Posts: 380 Uncommon
    Please!!! Would like to have one.

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  • MannyManaMannyMana San Rafael, CAMember Posts: 121 Uncommon

    I am so psyched to try this game out!

    If I could get a Beta key I would be playing this game non-stop!

  • 1derman1derman Scarborough, ONMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    I would love a beta key :D
  • ezjay1975ezjay1975 Ozark, MOMember Posts: 131

    I have 2 invites to give out. PM if you want one. Will update when they're gone.

    Update: 0 left

  • ValfortValfort dearborn, MIMember Posts: 1

    So today everyone in the firefall beta has been given up to 2 more invites and I've been dying for one!

    So if you have an extra and are feeling generous...



  • Chase187666Chase187666 Caledonia, ONMember Posts: 138 Uncommon

    I would also really appreciate one. I can give a RaiderZ beta key in return?


    Or PM me!


    Thanks :)


  • MikiriMikiri GrafenwörthMember Posts: 9 Uncommon
    I'd appreciate one if anyone would be so kind :)
  • TsumoTsumo DublinMember Posts: 47 Uncommon
    Would love an invite if anyone has a spare beta key. Thanks

  • NebiaNebia South, IDMember Posts: 6

    I have 2 invites to give away (again). PM me with your email if you would like an invite. Sending them to the first 2 people.

    Please only ask for an invite if you DONT plan on playing GW2 later this month.


    EDIT: 0 remaining

  • mad-hattermad-hatter Member Posts: 239 Uncommon
    I have 1 to give away, PM me your email.
  • AecidZAecidZ OdessaMember Posts: 1

    if someone still have spare beta key - I would love to receive one. :)




  • yabooeryabooer LA, CAMember Posts: 97
    Needing a key as well if anyone has one to spare, please PM me.
  • darkjonindarkjonin AucklandMember Posts: 1

    Hi there,

    I'd love a beta key, if someone generous can spare one. From the art design to the combat, this game looks incredibly unique and intriguing.

    Thanks so much!

  • RonosRonos Woodstock, GAMember Posts: 24 Uncommon
    I hate one beta key to pass out, please send me a PM with your email and I will send them to you.
  • kishekishe aitooMember Posts: 1,996 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ronos
    I hate two beta keys to pass out, please send me a PM with your email and I will send them to you.

    Sent you PM

  • RonosRonos Woodstock, GAMember Posts: 24 Uncommon
    Invite sent, still have one left.
  • clunningclunning Waxhaw, NCMember Posts: 25
    I'd like a beta invite if anyone has one. Send me a PM.
  • DarkagesDarkages CAMember Posts: 80 Uncommon
    I'd like a beta key for Firefall. Please PM me, thanks.
  • RonosRonos Woodstock, GAMember Posts: 24 Uncommon
    All out, sorry.
  • AmanaAmana New York, NYModerator Posts: 3,912 Uncommon

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