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FF7 rereleased

CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,396Member Rare
You can get it on the Square Enix store for $9.99.  However, it comes with securom.  I just hope this version has it so you can revive Aerith.


  • beat_downbeat_down Gardena, CAPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    I tried to get it. But, it was only for EU.



  • BarelyEinsteinBarelyEinstein SLC, UTPosts: 191Member Uncommon
    Unless you're in the right country you're snot out of luck, as I discovered earlier. Why they use geo limits on a digital distribution title is beyond me, but it is a wonderful invitation to pirate.
  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,396Member Rare

    Some of the achievements are not so special.



    Im going to use my experience gained over the last 15 years to play this game like I didn't when it first came out.  Min/Max to the extreme.  Every limit.  Yuffie top slot.

  • BrokenSpoonBrokenSpoon LondonPosts: 205Member

    Cloud, Cid, Yuffie/Barret.

    Max out Double Attack to Quad then get Max limits win..

     I believe Aries was revivable in the  japanese PS1 Version But all versions allowed making Cloud & Barret gay lovers.  :D 

    All hail the Barn Owl! oh.. and the RED SQUIRREL!!!

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