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Firefall keys


  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,972Member Rare

    Well, how about that! I didn't even remember having an alienware account.,


    She was grimacing. "That does sound like what America's has been trying to do for the last century or two--get rich faster than the parasites could steal it."   The Free Lunch by Spider Robinson
  • SteazySteazy Santa Cruz, CAPosts: 39Member
    Awesome got one thanks !
  • cpthowdycpthowdy frederick, MDPosts: 113Member
    got one as well. thanks for link!
  • forcelimaforcelima Atlanta, GAPosts: 162Member Uncommon
    Thank you for the heads up.

    -"Trion is the best publisher XL could have found for AA"
    -"AA will be different in the west, Trion won't mess it up"
    -"Trion's ArcheAge"
    -"Trion will make their own decision according to what's best for AA on the western market"
    -"Trion has total control, it will literally be a different game over here"

    "People have to learn that it's not Trion's game and that there is little they can do".


  • MDTrunMDTrun College Station, TXPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Just got one and there are still around 2000 available.
  • volttvoltt Toronto, OntarioPosts: 322Member Uncommon
    holy crap!! got a key. Very exited to try this out. Yes 2000+ keys available
  • apoc2k4apoc2k4 melbournePosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Is anyone able to get me a key since im getting the website bug which says theres 0 keys left and i live in the us?
  • DaezAsterDaezAster new york, NYPosts: 788Member Uncommon
    Thanx for the link, appreciate it. ;) .........
  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
    Please put these in the stickied thread above. Thanks.

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