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Games like Xsyon, Minecraft, Stranded 2, Wurm online

ChadderCheezChadderCheez Battle Creek, MIPosts: 5Member

I'm looking for any games out there that I may be missing that are along the lines of Xsyon, MInecraft, Stranded 2, Wurm online, etc.  I haven't actually played Xsyon yet but it looks like exactly what I'm looking for; however, I'm not yet ready to fork over 40 bux plus a subscription fee for a game that is in beta.  I'm looking for survival/crafting type games where ultimately I'm able to mess with my surroundings, maybe even do some housing, etc.  Thanks for all of your suggestions!



  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    Terraria, Starbound, Cube World.

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  • ChadderCheezChadderCheez Battle Creek, MIPosts: 5Member

    Thank you for your reply; however, after researching a few of the games you listed I'm having a hard time finding any availability or even in open beta stages.


  • lqw6843128lqw6843128 burnaby, BCPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    Haven and Hearth
  • mistafistmistafist Posts: 131Member Uncommon
    Terraria is available, the other 2 are not.  I think Starbound is due out in a couple months.  However, Terraria isn't an mmo.  You can host/join a server if you want though.  It's also a side scroll type game.  It is good, and if you haven't played it, I'd recommend it with a couple other people it's pretty fun.  Salem might be similar to what you are looking for.  I'm in the beta but I can't get myself to leave the initial area.  Log in and I'm like, nope,  heh.  But you may like it.
  • ChadderCheezChadderCheez Battle Creek, MIPosts: 5Member
    Thanks Mistafist.  I've been keeping my eye on Salem as well.  I was hoping to get into beta
  • mistafistmistafist Posts: 131Member Uncommon

    I think I have a couple extra keys for Salem that were sent to a couple other of my emails.  I dunno if they are linked to those emails but I could give you one if you want and you could try it?  I have no use for em so.  Worth a try maybe?


    *edit* I gave my 2 keys away as a heads up.  Sorry I don't have any more.

  • HodoHodo Raeford, NCPosts: 542Member

    Starquest Online




    Thats about it for now. 

    So much crap, so little quality.

  • ChadderCheezChadderCheez Battle Creek, MIPosts: 5Member
    Thanks for the other suggestions people...Mista..That'd be great!  I'll send you a PM.  Thanks!
  • LookinojiLookinoji Porter, TXPosts: 27Member Common
    Should check out Mortal Online
  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon
    planet explorer... its in alpha right now, is vortex'ed so you can deconstruct the land (aka minecraft style stuff) and build stuff.. with monsters.  though they have a long way to go  its not a bad game... plans are for a coop/mp of it  not really an mmo though if thats what you are looking for :/

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  • zevni78zevni78 grimsbyPosts: 1,120Member Uncommon

    A Tale in the Desert? Dawntide?


    I'm waiting for Archeage for my sandbox fix, that and possibly Wildstar, (we still dont know how much sand that box will have yet) not survival, but for that Dayz is good so they say.

  • wungunwungun SydneyPosts: 67Member

    I would suggest Perpetuum, It's a robot sci-fi MMO game that's simillar to EVE because like EVE, the world of Perpetumm is run by player corps. Even the combat is exactly like EVE.

    It's a sandbox game with a background story, It's quite good.

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