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If you lost 80%+ of your customers you would not be calling your business a success.

hh33hh33 chicago, ILPosts: 55Member
I can't make it more plain than that. Somebody go ahead and tell us about those huge success stories where a company lost 80%+ of it's customers and thrived.


  • NasaNasa DenmarkPosts: 610Member Uncommon
    PACMAN also lost about 100% of its cutomers and still a success
  • RebelScum99RebelScum99 Mesa, AZPosts: 1,090Member

    First of all, thanks for posting another thread on this topic.  We hadn't had one in at least 3 days.  Second of all, it depends entirely on what a company considers a "success."  Knowing EA like we do, my guess is that they aren't concerned so much with long-term retention as they are with short-term profit.  And since none of us really know how much it cost to make SWTOR, we really don't know how profitable/non-profitable it's been.  

    It could very well be that they made their development costs back and then some to come out with a decent profit.  Hence, EA may consider the game a success, even though you or I don't.  That's one of the major problems with EA having their hands on an mmorpg...they just really don't grasp the concept of long-term playability and community-building.

    I left the game a long time ago due to the horribly bad world design, but I'm still amazed why people can't seem to let the game go.  So, they claim their game was a success...who gives a shit?  Isn't it enough to know that they shit the bed when they designed it, and lost most of their playerbase?  Do we also need to dissect every ounce of info about the game just to make sure that people know it wasn't successful and that all the haters were right?  Why not just move on?   

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