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TERA: Layoffs Reported at En Masse Entertainment



  • dalestaines1dalestaines1 Omega, GAPosts: 107Member

    "Evan Berman is "Scapes" a Community Manager for En Masse, and it's unclear how many people have been effected."


    It's "affected".




  • dalestaines1dalestaines1 Omega, GAPosts: 107Member
    Originally posted by Dyner
    MMO's are a dying genre. What you think WoW's now 9-million sub is just because the game is old? Wrong, the Genre is old.  

    The genre isn't old.  The genre is simply evolving like everything else does. 

    That's like saying video games are going out of style.  MMOs are just video games with more people.  What's old is the subscription plans that have lasted the last 10 years.  The models are changing, but MMOs aren't going anywhere.


  • VermilioNomyVermilioNomy SomewherePosts: 32Member

    I was planning on subscribing to Tera in the not-so-distant future to try out the new "True Action Combat" system which a lot of people seem to praise and the graphics look pretty as well.

    But I guess I should wait a little before subscribing to this game since it's already laying off a pretty large % of it's total employees so soon after their launch. As many others... I guess it'll go F2P and the fact about the dispute of Bluehole Studio's stealing NC's Lineage 3 code(true or not to be true, dunno, a settlement has been agreed on so I consider it to be true)  kinda keep me off the bay for now.

    It's always sad to to hear how companies "toss" people away in the gaming business if a certain game doesn't meet their (sometimes very, very high) expectations, but guess that's how it goes there.

  • icemanateeicemanatee USAPosts: 79Member Uncommon

    TERA is one of the most aesthetically beautiful mmorpg games I have played recently. Not to mention, the fun  true action combat it offered. However, I got to max level within the first month of it's launch and there was not much to do. It was a well made game if you don't mind the grind at higher levels (quest grind / mob grind) and the dungeon death runs. The game ultimately failed due to the fact that it didn't have much to offer at higher levels. There was nothing to do but grind the same few dungeons repeatedly for gear drops to enchant your own gear.

    For players who don't care for the latest high-end enchanted gear, there was aboslutely nothing to do. Even if I were interested in going for the best enchanted gear, the % chance of success was really ridiculous (another time sink). The game just wasn't fun at that point and there was nothing else to do but kill and farm level 50-55 BAMs for their drops.

    I've been waiting for the battlegrounds and hopefully, I'll check it out when it launches. 

  • Rogal_UrsonRogal_Urson Troy, NYPosts: 15Member Uncommon

    I betaed Tera.  What I played initially wasn't that bad.  Unfortunately, when the game went live, it suffered from major issues that affected gameplay in negative ways.  Some of the issues I encountered were graphics related, control issues, and even the game client crashing due to memory issues.


    The game suffers from major failed optimization in all aspects.  if they would fix that glaring issue, it would be better.  Although, considering this most recent batch of news from EnMasse, I would not be surprised if the game went Free-To-Play.

  • fairbanksfairbanks East Moriches, NYPosts: 4Member
    TERA is still much better than Star Wars The Old Republic. when I played SWTOR I was the only person standing on Hoth looking for a team. I play Tera regualrry on the Dragonfall Server and we can still get a good group together.. Every game is a hit when it is released and you usually have to wait to get onto a server but after a few months all games cool off until new Stuff is added to the game.. On August 22 2012 there is a major update for TERA. This date can change but it is mainly for the level 60 people.
  • znaiikaznaiika denver, PAPosts: 203Member

    This is what happen when you get your gear in a loot istead of making one, loot  and crafting is what I don't like in tera.

    Raiderz is my favorite.

  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    Saw it coming. The battle system wasn't half bad (not as good as I'd hoped it would be as a caster, but not bad) but the actual gameplay was just terrible. I would have rathered they spend less time on the graphics and make the game itself interesting and immersive, rather than just one giant grind. Grinding BAMs nonstop to cap isn't much more fun than grinding KTX quests to cap, just to grind raids for gear. Blah. The only thing worse than a huge waste of time is being ~aware~ that what you're doing is a waste of time.

    But don't cry for them, they'll be just fine. The models, the textures, the animations, the programming...basically everything that went into the game besides the actual design is high quality and will look superb on a resume. Now the people that wrote and designed the

    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • LavecLavec NewcastlePosts: 42Member Uncommon

    Had it been buy 2 play only it would have been quite big I think. I tried the beta and had a lot of fun but I wasn't prepared to buy it and have to sub so I thought 'oh well I'll wait for it to go free 2 play'. In the end En Masse get nothing out of me. If it had been buy 2 play I would have snapped it up without thought. Even if I played for one month it would have been money well spent and I wouldn't have felt shut out of my purchase for not subbing. Buy 2 sub is a dead model and no longer works because we all have more than one MMO we are actively playing and the vast majority of us aren't prepared to sub to more than one game. GW2 will change that. Anyone currently making an MMO needs to adapt now or die.

    The model needs to be sell as many copies as possible at launch to recoup dev costs and profit, then have microtransactions to keep servers running and make a modest ongoing profit + paid expansions for more profit. It's not much different to how most games work these days with game + DLC.

    MMOs also need to scale better, seperate servers/worlds suffer because the player base is split and during low "season" the world feels empty. A dynamic system would be much better where we have one world and multiple instances of that world to control population and ability to move instances to play with friends/guild mates. Although multiple worlds are needs in GW2 for WvWvW they can merge PvE worlds if need because names are unique across all worlds.

  • GraeyGraey Jacksonville, FLPosts: 280Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by quikmixx
    You can tell this site is infested with guild wars 2 fanboys. Such distasteful bashing. Tera was by no means perfect, but it wasn't a bad game either. The game suffers from a lack of updates and misplaced priorities from the developers who seem to be spending more time on the cash shop than the content in the game. GW2 will be no different. The game plays the same as any other themepark game and it will only appease most mmo players for a short time before they move on. As far as the community goes, i feel the gw2 community is the worst community i have seen in a long time in mmos. They get so defensive over every little thing and for some odd reason think gw2 does something different than other mmos have done before it. WvW is the same concept as RvR from DAoC. The same upscaling lvl for pvp was done for gw1, and nobody thought highly of it then. This game is going to dissapoint alot when it comes out. The only real positive about gw2 is its model. And thats all i have to say about that Only real decent mmo being developed at the moment is Archeage. Most ambitious MMO i have seen in a long time  

    How do you know it's GW2 fanboys? What no WOW, RIFT, AION, EQ2, Tera...

    Tera is a bad game, let's be honest with ourselves. At first glance it seems really nice, but there are far to many issues or rather the game is very shallow to overlook that. The combat was the selling point and when the allure of combat wears off then what did you have in game? Not much of anything. Other's can tell you better on what Tera is lacking and anyone not seeing it go F2P is really not looking at the bigger picture. At this juncture it's the only viable option.

    Also you bashing GW2 to go on and say Arch Age is goign to be the be all end all isn't that kind of like the same thing?

  • GraeyGraey Jacksonville, FLPosts: 280Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by cronius77
    they are just the publisher here in the states and being their flagship was for tera of course they are a subsidie company. They planned to continue publishing other games in the states , they are absolutely no  different then G potato or any of the other zillion publishers trying to make a buck off the asian market. Tera was dying way before even coming to the states , anyone going to work for them without doing the research first can only blame themselves for the layoffs. Its just like if I go work for some store or business , their lots are empty they are not doing any business and I just listen to their hype about how they are going to blow things off the roof in sales when there is no one even in the store , I have no one to blame but myself for going to work there and then a few weeks later getting laid off. There is tons of people in north america getting laid off all the time for actual valid reasons like outsourcing and cutting employees to make more profit , then a medeocre game at best coming to the states and expecting it to do so well. I can tell anyone out in the world that im going to make a million bucks in a week to come work for me and if they do not bother doing the research themselves and come expecting that , they have no one to blame but themselves. This game was dead in the water well before it released outside of korea , if you want to look up history just look to these forums over a year ago when people were showing the numbers in korea dropping worse then SWTOR was here and they never recovered. So how will this game exactly do differently if they are bombing in korea? Also trends alone here show that most asian games do not do well here in the states except L2 and GW , the rest have bombdived like aion and all the other free to play garbage that litters this site and others.

    Thank You. Valid points are made. I keep wondering why people pretend this is not happending. Heck even people knew TOR was going to go F2P. Tera is Aion and vice versa and it will go F2P as well. It's the only avenue it can take. Tera is a bad game, granted it's okay if you want to play it but stand outside and look objectively at it and you will see that it indeed is bad. It could be worked on could be expanded on and the devs might see the light..yes...who knows maybe a slew of people will suddenly wake up and realize how great this game is. However that is not what will happen.


    So I agree 100% with your post but I do see why people are angry about it. Kind of reminds me of FF14...they had to pretty much fire the entire staff, employ new ones and redo the game from the ground up. Look how long that's taken them. I don't see Tera moving in that direction so no I could not give them the same credibility. Heck I even bought the game..played for what 1-2 weeks and in some of the Betas. Got my mystic to around 25-30 and just one day while I was logged in couldnt' do it any more. Game is just shallow. Coupled with the fact that you have the pvp players waiting right outside a safe zone to just kill you while your going past them..stuff gets annoying.

    Loosing a job however sucks and hopefully these guys find a better place to work as we can all hope. The game however I'm sorry is garbage. (My Opinion of Course)

  • GraeyGraey Jacksonville, FLPosts: 280Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DAOWAce
    I am waiting for TERA to go free to play. I expect it to follow SWTOR shortly after.

    If they are smart they will. I don't think it will retain that many subs even if it did. if I may make a comparison. Tera vs GW2. so if Tera goes F2P and you still have to buy somet things, and GW2 is B2P and you don'treally have to buy anything and the game plays better I don't see people sticking with Tera..actually even if they did B2P I don't think people would stick with Tera. It really isn't that good. I can even admit when I bought a crap game..."Damnation" anyone...(

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