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Gloria Victis

kristof197kristof197 KawicePosts: 3Member


Do you remember Ether Fields? Truly MMORPG set in Medieval Times? 

Here you go!



Dev diary 1

Dev diar 1.5 (warm-up before dev diary2!)



  • free MMORPG,
  • the world of Middle Ages, in which magic is not a common tool but rather serves as elite force – its concept is based on the real world rites and beliefs of those times,
  • a dedicated non-target system featuring virtual replicas of weapons in close combat, projectile and mounted fight,
  • an unrestricted character development and progress (no classes or professions limiting player’s choice),
  • a mature story focused on serious themes,
  • complex, non-linear quests, enabling the player to change the story as well as the attitude of Non Player Characters,
  • dedicated mini-games as optional (and highly profitable) ways of solving puzzles available in the game (another option is to try and solve the puzzle automatically, using player character’s skill),
  • 10 different crafting systems, providing players with items to use in the internal economy of the game,
  • Unity 3D engine responsible for rendering graphics using shaders 
  • version 2.0 as well as 3.0 


  • RevofireRevofire Melbourne, FLPosts: 256Member Uncommon
    Congratulations on getting a publisher then! :D

    Veteran MMORPG Player -

    RS (pre-EOC)- Habbo
    Combat Arms - Crossfire -AVA
    Maplestory, and more.

  • freon3freon3 OstrPosts: 3Member

    I find some new screens:

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