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Greeting from the Eldevin Development Team

HCS-RadnetoHCS-Radneto ElginPosts: 64Member

Hi all,

We're very excited to appear on Over the coming months as we gear up for the release of closed beta we will be posting more screenshots and information about the game. 

Please visit our website, check out our screenshots and content and like us on facebook!

~The Eldevin Team.

Currently working around the clock on Eldevin



  • F2Pelerin118F2Pelerin118 WellingtonPosts: 123Member Uncommon

    Hi : )

    The game looks really cool, I've signed up for the newsletter and am following you on Facebook : P eagerly awaiting the chance to test the game.

    The story trailer was awesome, are there any available gameplay videos atm? I'm keen to see the game in action as the screenshots look nice : )

    Best of luck heading into beta! Hopefully it all goes smooth.

  • RevofireRevofire Melbourne, FLPosts: 262Member Uncommon

    Is it ANYTHING like Runescape? :P

    Veteran MMORPG Player -

    RS (pre-EOC)- Habbo
    Combat Arms - Crossfire -AVA
    Maplestory, and more.

  • ArquitetoArquiteto Cranston, RIPosts: 228Member


  • Smarlow2Smarlow2 Panama City, FLPosts: 21Member

    I am quite interested in testing Eldevin. I signed up for the newsletter and will check back for more information frequently. Thanks!

  • SwankyBoySwankyBoy Posts: 233Member Uncommon
    Looking forward to it Rad!


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