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GW2 looks to harshly crack down on gold sellers.



  • TwystedWizTwystedWiz Northwest, WAPosts: 172Member

    Sounds great!


    Fk with legit players to slow down the gold sellers...



  • AericynAericyn Jita, WAPosts: 394Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by TwystedWiz
    Sounds great!  Fk with legit players to slow down the gold sellers...  Brilliant.

    Not sure how this screws me, I can't send or guild bank deposit more than I have earned. So what is the concern? Nothing else seems to impact regular gameplay that I can tell. Real question - not picking on you or anything.

    I am all for disrupting the first 30 days of RMT spammers. I think this will help the economy settle more naturally, than it would otherwise.

    By affecting this critical point in launch they are handicapping RMT, while the rest of us settle in and acquire wealth through in-game mechanisms.


  • JohabohaJohaboha Madison, WIPosts: 20Member
    They have no choice but to be extremely harsh with gold sellers, or they wouldnt make any money after the first 3 months and game would have to shut down.
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