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[EU PvX] : Rogues to Riches [RtR]

Blitz-RtRBlitz-RtR AscalonPosts: 6Member

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The Guild was formed in the original Guild Wars in 2005 and is still active in that game to some extent. We will be continuing our efforts to save Tyria (and any other continents) when Guild Wars 2 is finally released but in the meantime we are taking the opportunity to join in each and every beta event as well.

We offer a very accessible Guild and are happy for all the members to take an active role in decisions so that the Guild ultimately takes on a life of its own. We hope this format gives RtR members a good sense of belonging while at the same time allowing them the freedom to get what they want from the game. Above all we want to build a community for like-minded players and a haven from some of the nightmare groups we have all been in at one time or another.

We will be looking to build upon our achievements from Guild Wars (most notably that of Hinata) and we would love for you to join us in our adventures (and conquests). We are primarily an EU Guild although we do have American and Canadian members amongst our ranks.


We operate our own website and forums accessed over secure HTTP and we also run our own Mumble server. Find out more at

Our fully equipped Guild Hall seems to have been destroyed by the awakening of an Elder Dragon (and all the Rich Mahogany appropriated for its own delectation) but rest assured that we will build a new, better one in-game as soon as the opportunity presents itself.



We have very few rules as such. Those we do have are geared towards inclusion and involvement in our community. We do not, for example, require any member to play at any specific time or donate all their worldly goods to the "greater good".
More details can be found at
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We will be grouping up (or just tagging along together) for PvE, WvW and some PvP in the Betas and beyond.



Although the game is not yet on release, we are considering applications in advance and we look to meet up with prospective members during the beta events as much as possible so that we (i.e. the Guild and the new member) can make sure that we belong together.

If you are interested, please register on our forums and post in the recruitment thread.

We look forward to hearing from you...


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  • Blitz-RtRBlitz-RtR AscalonPosts: 6Member

    We are playing on the Jaga Moraine server for the beta weekends (and the stress tests) and are currently discussing which server we should choose for the 25th August...(headstart all the way...)

  • Blitz-RtRBlitz-RtR AscalonPosts: 6Member

    We will be joining the Far Shiverpeaks server and are still open to new members at this time.

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