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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • mooblomooblo DublinPosts: 1Member

    Anybody have an extra beta key lying around?  dont mind taking it off ya ^.^

    its cool if ya don't, i know how few there are , anyways i better stop rambling  


  • HauvarnHauvarn Walker, LAPosts: 220Member

    If anyone has a 24 hour pass message me.  Happy pandas will be had

    Yes I played SWTOR.

  • menowhitemenowhite RotterdamPosts: 12Member Common

    also want to give it a try, please pm :)

  • havoc74havoc74 Marion, NYPosts: 1Member

    So sick of WoW - I would love a buddy key if there are any left to give away, and thank you in advance :)

  • YobtorgYobtorg Vancouver, BCPosts: 1Member

    I'm bored with the MMO scene right now and I would love to try something new. I'd love a buddy key PST!

  • ZanzibaZanziba MelbournePosts: 11Member


    I am desperately looking for a new MMO, downloadingthe client as I type and a buddy key would be amazing.


    Thanks in Advance :) PST

  • minimilianminimilian banska bystricaPosts: 2Member

    would love to try TSW out. minimilian()gmail thanks in advance

  • UltrabodyUltrabody Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1Member

    Sorry if it isn't nice to make this my first post. I just had a friend talk to me about it for a few hours and it sounds awesome!


    Anyone happen to have a buddy key? I can e-mail at ultrabodytoddy( )

    I would really apprecaite it - want to make a shotgun character :)

  • naibinaibi BrynePosts: 1Member

    Isnt the buddy key campaign over?

    Anyway you can try it for free this weekend



  • MasijdMasijd Oil City, PAPosts: 1Member

    I so want to try this game it might be the new mmo i have been looking for. I would be dedicated to helping out any who would be willing to give me a buddy key in any way i can. I have played just about every mmo from old past ones to the new ones and evensome still in beta.


  • minimilianminimilian banska bystricaPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by naibi
    Isnt the buddy key campaign over? Anyway you can try it for free this weekend    

    i was not able to resist and have purchased tsw already. this game is awesome :)

  • jdreamjdream KabinburiPosts: 80Member Uncommon
    I would like to try this game if anyone can spare me a buddy key :)
  • gooner123456gooner123456 ExeterPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    Would like to try this game out, so if you got a spare buddy key, please pm me with one.
  • jplayer01jplayer01 one, IAPosts: 22Member
    I missed the celebration weekend and didn't have the opportunity to try the game. Does anybody have a buddy key for me? I've been looking for a new MMO to play for a while now and TSW definitely sounds interesting. I'd really appreciate it.
  • rashherorashhero Union, SCPosts: 510Member Uncommon
    Looking to give this game a good try, please PM me a key if ya got it.
  • mohaa1047mohaa1047 Sylmar, CAPosts: 7Member
    I have been a huge fan of Funcom since the days of Anarchy Online. I have tried every game they have released. I would love to jump into TSW and give it a shot if someone could please hook it up with a buddy trial.

    If it ain't free, make it...

  • SheldorsSheldors Gansevoort, NYPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Hey guys, would love to try this please pm me a key if you can. Thanks in advanced.
  • MortoriousMortorious BitolaPosts: 166Member Uncommon
    One key pls:) i rly want to try this game ..ty

    Currently playing: Elder Scrolls Online
    MMORPG experiences:EQ2, AoC(pre f2p), Lotro,GW1,DDO, Aion,WoW( stop with wotlk),Allods, GW2
    Eu,War, Secret World

    Waiting On: WoD Sometime Maybe: Elder Scrolls MMO, Might and Magic

  • QuicksandQuicksand Aurora, COPosts: 635Member Uncommon
    I would love to check out the final version before I buy it, if anyone has a buddy key to spare please msg me one. I will return the favor to someone else if I buy it. Thanks.

  • djkenjrdjkenjr Greeley, COPosts: 2Member
    Would like a buddy key please, would like to try the before i deceide to buy and sub
  • ElethonElethon San Diego, CAPosts: 127Member Uncommon

    I'd like a buddy key as much as I'd like a waffle.

    p.s. I love waffles.

  • raywainmanraywainman Edmonton, ABPosts: 1Member

    I'd really appreciate a key too!


    UPDATE: Got my key, thanks! :)

  • JoscelinVJoscelinV Sugar Grove, WVPosts: 1Member

    I would greatly appreciate a buddy key too!

    GOT MY KEY!!!! Thank-you Ron!

  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Posts: 1,221Member Uncommon

    finaly   normal trial; 3 days + extend 2 days more if...


    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

  • joeri123joeri123 BelgiumPosts: 229Member Uncommon

    Hey all, I'm really on the fence of buying this. I want to try it out first.


    Anyone with a key around? Would be much appreciated.

    Send me a PM please


    Thanks <3

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