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Eden Eternal: Item Pack Giveaway!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,161Administrator Rare and Aeria Games have partnered up to give out 2,000 item pack codes for Eden Eternal. Grab a key while we've got 'em!

Each Eden Eternal Item Pack code will grant you:

  • 1 x Auric Jewel (Non-Tradable)

  • 1 x Scarlet Clothing Color Dye - Red (NT)

  • 1 x Dove Gray Clothing Color Dye - White(NT)

  • 1 x Peacock Blue Clothing Color Dye - Blue (NT)

About Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG where players choose one of 12 classes to adventure as, aid in the establishment of a player town, engage in PvP combat, unlock new classes and level up to become one of the strongest in all of Eden. Players set out to help the Eternal Guardians restore and keep peace throughout the Central Continent.

Get your key here!



Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • ZooceZooce B, FLPosts: 586Member



    I will definitely make good use of this Auric Jewel at some point.  Eden Eternal is my go-to game when new offerings lose my attention, but with Vanguard going f2p yesterday, and RaiderZ downloading now... not sure I'll pop that Jewel any time before- or soon after the 28th.

  • Lexin1234Lexin1234 londonPosts: 1Member
  • xElixirxElixir smethwickPosts: 1Member
  • SsSmithhSsSmithh Las vegas, NVPosts: 1Member
    Thank You!
  • JewelzJewelz Valdosta, GAPosts: 1Member

    Ty :)


  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Thank you!

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  • sinn121sinn121 n/a, PAPosts: 1Member
    where do u get keys? do you pay for them?
  • ReflexxxReplayReflexxxReplay OssPosts: 1Member
    i was to late. :(
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