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Join The Expedition [XP]! - Casual PvX American Guild Looking for Fellow Adventurers

ZigityZigity San Diego, CAPosts: 12Member

Gates of Madness Server
Centered around the "Explorer" mentality
of discovering all of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer,
embracing challenge and taking risks,
The Expedition [XP] is home to skilled adventurers
who are capable of sustaining oneself,
but welcomes fellow adventurers at anytime
during his or her personal journeys.

We are a small, casual group of gamers that balance
our real life responsibilities and gaming on a daily basis.
We are all about exploring our games in and out, in both PvE and PvP,
trying new things, delving into different aspects of the game,
all for the value of "the experience" over "the reward."
With work, school, families, friends, RL responsibilities,
and peak daily gaming hours from EST to PST,
we are fully capable of sustaining ourselves on our solo adventures;
however, we support our teammates in both skill and morale
when we do adventure together.


Further Insight Into [XP]

"What? Small guild? Casual guild? How can that be any fun? I'm going to be alone all the time. I'm going to log on and see maybe 2 people on the guild roster... I won't get to do explorable dungeons or WvWvW or pre-made PVP! Eh, their site has pretty colors, but nah..."

[XP] is not for everybody, and our members are a unique bunch of people who are dedicated to the game and the friends they play with. Even though we are casual, we have members on everyday; however, we do prioritize real life over our gaming life (most of the time, haha!). In GW1, we always were able to attempt any content we felt like, and the journey together was worth the time played. As a small guild, we play each night by ear, and pick content that is suitable for whoever is online.

"We have 2 people? Let's go do some jumping puzzles or trigger some meta events! Do we have 5? I hear that dungeon is great. Oh no! We have 7... .. ... heck, lets do the dungeon twice! YEAH! He wants to do this event... I've done it like 50 times, but hey, it's his first time and he needs help. Oh! She found a secret path in the other zone... hey, let's go and see what happens!"

With our real-life responsibilities and active social lives, we cannot commit to weekly-scheduled raids and pvp groups, nor do we require other members to report online daily; however, that doesn't mean we don't make an effort to game with each other. With our ample means of communication, its often that we may ping people the day before "Hey, I'm going to have Friday free... dungeon anybody?" and just play everything by ear.

We are in for the journey and the experience... we help each other enjoy all aspects of the game. Our group is tight enough that we know each person by their nickname, not just their avatar, and we know each others strengths, skills, and personal likings so we can pick what content we want to do. We know each other as friends... not as online guildmates that we use for group content. We know each other's personalities, each other's stories, and each other's goals. Critical thinking, upbeat attitudes, flexibility, and patience are key traits of our strongest teammates, which helps with maintaining a strong cooperative gaming environment.

"Oh, he's on.... he's not a fan of PvP... but she wants to pvp now. Hey, how about lets do some PvE events in WvW. Or if he is going to level in the swamp, he can tell us when the meta is about to trigger, and we will jump over. Oh, so-and-so got to the top of a jumping puzzle but can't beat the boss solo... let's go!"

We share the fun... we take screenshots together, we post videos for each other, we strategize and theorycraft. We often feel that GW2 is really catering to core groups like us. With structured group content at 5-man teams, we don't need 100's of other guildies that we "sorta know who they are, but are just going to use because we havent done the dungeon". Also, we love to take on challenges and prove that things can be done unconventionally. Rather than "I don't think we can do it", we always say "heck, lets just try it and see what happens!" If the experience is the reward, the end result is insignificant.

[XP] is open for recruitment, but our unique style isn't for everybody, but at the same time, we might be the perfect guild for those who may not realize it. Those who join us believe in making our system work, and that's why it does... because our guild is our home online. What do you look for in a guild? What do you look for in the game? How many people do you truly find yourself playing with on a daily basis, not just sitting quietly on vent while the other clique of people are talking? Are you ready for an adventure? Do you embrace challenge instead of running away from it? What is your story?


Read more about us, including recruitment information, at:


  • VaelgardVaelgard Boston, MAPosts: 59Member Uncommon
    Looks great! :)
  • ZigityZigity San Diego, CAPosts: 12Member
    Join us for guild preparations and getting to know you and your goals before launch!
  • ZigityZigity San Diego, CAPosts: 12Member
    Come join in our pre-launch adventure preparation!
  • ZigityZigity San Diego, CAPosts: 12Member
    We are still recruiting! Come check us out!
  • ZigityZigity San Diego, CAPosts: 12Member
    We have a server chosen, brand new website, and some new members. Come check us out and drop an application if interested. Early access is approaching!!!
  • ZigityZigity San Diego, CAPosts: 12Member

    The Expedition [XP] has never been stronger! Here are some stats:


    We have a core of 20-25 people logging in every day out of a roster of 35, even though we are casual, with members often letting us know about travel/vacation/afk plans.


    Our top 5 group activities include:

    1. Dungeons (Story and Explorables)

    1. World vs World (as frequent as Dungeons)

    3. Jumping Puzzles and Exploration Achievements

    4. Special Event Activities

    5. Tier 6 material zone runs


    Our top 5 member goals include:

    1. Looking Sexy (Armor/Dye Fashion thread is off the charts)

    2. Achievement Points

    3. Helping people's progressions (storyline, achievements, etc.)

    4. Pwning in Wuvwuv and sPVP

    5. Legendaries


    Our top 5 most frequent conversations:

    1. "How do I look?" - Armor conversations and dye trading

    2. How many ways we can mispronounce orichalcum ("or-cha-chal-chum!")

    3. Making fun of Charles sobby mesmer or Twitchii's random outbursts

    4. Awkward jokes, flirts, and innuendos

    5. Upcoming game changes, official forum dev post/rumors, etc.


    A lot of our members have core RL friends/spouses/SO's in the guild, with plenty of room for "friends of guilds" that are even more casual than we are. With no officer roles/responsibilities, the members are the ones that make this community so great.


    Check us out and send in an application!

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