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Matchmaker Changes Coming in 7.5

MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon


Thoughts about the MM finally being addressed?  I have my own gut feelings but was interested in what the community here feels.



  • ignore_meignore_me Apple Valley, CAPosts: 1,987Member

    This is much needed.

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  • teethteeth Atlanta, GAPosts: 67Member

    I may be misinterpreting something, but it looks like players will still be forced to fight tanks that are up to 2 tiers higher than their own. Personally, I don't know about the medium to high tiers, but tiers 1-4 don't stand much of a chance vs. anything more than 1 tier above themselves. They stated "It is a work version of chart which may change after 7.5 public test upon statistics and your feedback.", but the changes they propose so far aren't good enough, at least to me. When they can have matches that contain no more than 2 tiers, then maybe I'll give them another chance.

  • RookofKnightRookofKnight Wyandanch, NYPosts: 31Member


    Because of the mechanics of the game, you cannot have light tanks in a match with high level hvys, arties, or spd.  Eh, what do I care, I dont play anymore anyway.

  • BLZBUBBLZBUB North Battleford, SKPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by RookofKnight
    No...sigh. Because of the mechanics of the game, you cannot have light tanks in a match with high level hvys, arties, or spd.  Eh, what do I care, I dont play anymore anyway.

     If you don't play anymore, don't spam this thread with nonsense then.

     I, for one, am looking forward to the new MM spreads. Often times I see 6 to 7 tier spreads in a match, so having 2 to 3 would be a welcome change.

     What is missing is the dropping of Assault battles. Encounters are good PvP battle's, but assaults are definately mis-matched. Mind you, after the new 7.5 MM tiers have been introduced, perhaps assault battles will be more ... accomplishable ... for the offensive teams. image

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  • deugemietdeugemiet cityPosts: 82Member

    Check my comments in Been gone for a while because the only thing that is doing is adding new tanks.

    Their sick matchmaking system for random matches will remain.

    Most important to them is making money INSTEAD OF MAKING A FAIR BATTLE SYSTEM

  • bronecarbronecar onestiPosts: 685Member

    I can confirm that, for the most part, WG has addressed the MM issues that plagues the game, I believe 2 tiers difference in tanks on a team match is appropriate.

    Bear in mind the game was not designed for 1v1 arena match.

  • KissThaRingKissThaRing Sacramento, CAPosts: 76Member Uncommon

    After playing 50+ battles in my StugIII (teir V) and JagpanzerIV (tier 6) I can confrim that matchmaking for these two tiers is ALOT better. I rarely see anything higher then 2 tiers higher then me.  Everyone once in awhile a 9 may slip in or a whole bunch of 8's will get put in the match, but its definitely better then it used to be.


    However, the new MM has backfired for higher tier matches, I play alot in my e-75 and Tiger 2, and its just full of High tier arty and tier 10's and 9's with a few 8's sprinkled in. Playing a tier 8 tank has become a whole lot more painful. I guess this itself may be a good thing, but it does kind of suck being at the bottom of the list in a Tier 9 tank...

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  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon
    yup the new MM and even the new map systems is rather enjoyable. dusted off my marder 2 and played several hours a last week. MM wasnt too harsh as it used to be. still get the odd hard battle where the majority are 2 teirs higher but same time. most tanks should beable to punch a tank 2tiers higher then them selves with the correct weapon/ammo and game play placement

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