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Would You Play an MMO Based on the Fairy Tail Anime/Manga?



  • RPGFiend3RPGFiend3 Salisbury, MDPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Meowhead

    Toriko would make a much better MMO in my opinion.  Bigger world, more itemization, more economy, and a series that actually deals with multiple types of crafting =within= the series.
    That way the crafting wouldn't just be something tacked on that's cheap and unoriginal.  It would actually be a NEW kind of MMO (Rather than an old kind of MMO with a thin anime flavored skin layered on), with an extremely intensive and deep crafting system that would be integrated within combat itself.
    Oh, and Toriko deals a lot with combat as a team, while in Fairy Tale you don't really fight together much, you fight 1 on 1, that's the whole style of combat generally.  There's comparatively very little in the way of teamwork, it's a lot of splitting up and getting in a lot of individal fights in separate rooms.  That's not good design fodder for an MMORPG. :D

    Just because an MMO is inspired by anime, playing it doesn't have to be exactly like an episode though.

    I would like to see an MMO that is more group-centric but with options for solo play.

    Thanks for the response even though it was a bit off topic. :)

  • RPGFiend3RPGFiend3 Salisbury, MDPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Mehve

    While the actual IP isn't horrible (the manga, at least), it pretty much hits all the points in a standard shonen checklist. Which I suppose makes for good sales, but it brings nothing to an MMO world that hasn't been beaten to death already.
    Since space is at a premium in your standard manga, and viewers are impatient and get confused from too much non-essential dialogue, you're left with a series that has basically no outside lore to explore outside what the actual main characters experience/explore/fight. In a nutshell, everything interesting and/or useful that the IP creates, has already been consumed by the main storyline. Which means that an MMO would pretty much have to create everything from scratch for the players to do. Which makes it a generic MMO with a pop-culture skin.
    Contrast this to IP like LotR, Star Wars, or Star Trek, which have far better established universes, in which conceivably meaningful stuff could happen outside of the original plot.

    I think filling in the gaps in lore would be easily accomplished, especially with input from the community.

    The city of Neverwinter from the Dungeon & Dragons was pretty much created by the fans. I think it started out as an article in Dragon Magazine or something.

  • RPGFiend3RPGFiend3 Salisbury, MDPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Meowhead

    Toriko would make a much better MMO in my opinion.  Bigger world, more itemization, more economy, and a series that actually deals with multiple types of crafting =within= the series.
    That way the crafting wouldn't just be something tacked on that's cheap and unoriginal.  It would actually be a NEW kind of MMO (Rather than an old kind of MMO with a thin anime flavored skin layered on), with an extremely intensive and deep crafting system that would be integrated within combat itself.

    Can you explain more about your thoughts on a crafting system or give an example?

    I've been pretty disappointed with crafting in every game I've played, the only one I like was from Horizons.

    Personally, I'd like to see useful items for all levels and just not high-end gear.

  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member

    Yeah I wouldn't mind playing that. Although as far as anime to MMO conversions go, I think I would rather see an Avatar MMO. Playing as one of the four different benders - I mean they already fit perfectly into the typical MMO roles:

    Water - Healing

    Fire - DPS

    Earth - Tank

    Air - Crowd control

    But you could also split that up into further classes within the bending schools.


    Alternatively I would be happy with Ninja Scroll, Slayers, Chrono Crusade, Bubblegum Crisis or One Piece haha.

  • AnirethAnireth Posts: 834Member Uncommon

    Fairy Tail is surely more suited as an MMO then many other anime. Not sure how one would implement a quest like system for Bleach, as they are not doing normal jobs, they are fighting for survival/world domination all the time. Fairy Tail on the other hand offers the job board and even different difficulty types, complete with a trial.

    A huge issue would be items, they do not really use much. Most do not use anything at all, only some acquire new stuff, most of which is not really what a usual RPG features. Of course there could be more types of armors/weapons/celestial keys, maybe even animal/beast take overs (so you "loot" the "item" after you killed the related boss), but thats already stretching it relatively far. Introducing the usual set of armor, weapon, jewelry..i don't know. Skills, character "classes" (better of with a flexibel skill system i'd think) are no problem, PVP is there, with people having to pay the guild hall, their own home and any damage done that was not covered by the job, there are already some nice gold sinks, too.

    But items..and then crafting on top. I can't think of a way to do this without really shifting focus. They simply don't use anything. There are exceptions, like Lucy with her whip, which is not part of her magic, but besides that? Maybe Natsus scarf, but all those are really unique items, and they are not acquired as loot or anything, but under special circumstances.

    The only thing i can think of are outfits. They featured quite a lot different outfits for a shonen manga/anime i think. Especially seeing that it's set in it's own universe, so they had to come up with their own style.

    It might be easier if you use the Edolas setting, where they actually buy magical weapons and stuff, but that would be kinda stupid, seeing that it's only one arc, and not the main setting.

    If someone came up with an good idea to solve the problems, like, what to do with items, and then actuallly make a good game out of it, i would be interested.

    A better way would probably be to (first) transfer it to a "traditional" RPG, best probably more like Final Fantasy or other JRPG, most do not feature that many items compared to western RPGs (like, Link always acquires only a handful of swords, if it's even that much. He had only two in some games. Compare that to western game like Diablo, NWN (D&D in general) or Dragon Age/Skyrim).

    That would get rid of most of the item part, not bending the way it works that much.

    Crafting would be kinda useless then though..except outfits, as stated before.

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  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,002Member Rare

         No...There are too many anime themed games out already....Most of them feel like I'm playing a 10 year old as my avatar.

  • Hades676Hades676 Port Orchard, WAPosts: 1Member
    I would make it so that you level magic skills separately from the characters, seeing as there are several characters in the manga/anime, who can use multiple forms of magic. We would of course, have to restrict lost magics such as dragon slayer, god slayer, time arc, ect. and in order to make a full MMO out of fairy tail, someone would have to map the entire world of fairy tail. So, although its a good idea, I don't think it has developed enough for an MMO at this point in time.
  • abyss404abyss404 Lemont, ILPosts: 67Member Common

    Please no. Please burn everything anime/manga.

    On to another persons post, I would love to play a well built Faerie styled MMO. Something really dark and twisted, like "Changeling: The Lost".

  • RazeeksterRazeekster GlobPosts: 2,589Member Uncommon
    I've been wanting a good anime MMORPG for years. The ones they have that they call "anime" are only because of the art and has nothing to do with the great stories you find in anime which I'd love to see. When FFXIV goes to 2.0 maybe it will be the one I'm looking for.


  • wrightstufwrightstuf Carlsbad, CAPosts: 659Member Uncommon
  • NetspookNetspook OsloPosts: 1,565Member Uncommon
    Nope. Wouldn't touch it with a rod.
  • itsTortitsTort San Diego, CAPosts: 125Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Dibdabs
    Just had a look at 5 minutes of one of the Fairy Tail animations and frankly it blew chunks, so I guess my answer would be an emphatic "no".

    Fairy Tail currently has some of the best animation out there at the moment, speaking strictly in terms of Anime of course. I also like that fact that it details the action (not many animes do that, and they opt to do stop motion screens). 


    You probably watched some low quality garbage.

  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    Sorry for the Necro but i too believe this would work and it would be a thing, regarding the issue of...what would the rewards be, you could, have a character talent tree, which has talents like, melee/caster/magic strength, reach? Health/Energy/Fatigue Pools, where you get experience and can put the points where ever you want them, but also when it comes to bosses, Just like in Naruto when you're doing missions etc you get the STARS score, but maybe not that but something similar, which judges how many hits you've landed, taken, damage done/taken, generally scores how efficiently you have fought bosses, you could earn points which you can use to purchase new magic trees or abilities, it could almost run on a BADASS system like Borderlands 2.
    There are 2 types of magic, Caster and Holder, Holder IE Keys/Guns, Caster IE Dragon Slayers, Make Magic, When you make a character you choose what it looks like etc, then you have the choice of Caster and Holder types, when you choose a type, you can then maybe pick a primary element? and using "experience/points" earnt from "quests" you could form an arsenal of different magic types (Holders can only use holder, and caster only use caster), For casters you could "join quest, bash monster, complete quest get points, hmmm do I want unlock a new move, or open up one i have already and make it stronger", each main ability or even move can be talented in a way that you can increase how fast its cast, duration of it, power etc, but also able to buy new moves, like for example you start as a Fire Caster, You're asked a few simple questions at the start, which determine what type of Fire Caster you will be, maybe you follow the way of the dragon slayers, so you now have a level 1 fire dragon slayer, and your move list includes your generic melee moves (each type of caster/holder magic have different move sets for melee/ranged non special attacks) as well as 1-3 specials (Breathe, Wings etc), as you level up your character your stats get better, BUT as you do more quests (depending on how hard the quest, how many you need, how fast or successful you are determines how many times you would need to replicate the fight to level up) you get points that when you've collected enough you can buy, Lightning Flame Mode, Or you can open up your spells/points page, see how many you've got, and decide that atm you just want to upgrade your breathe (The more i think about it the more i'm sure the Borderlands Badass system might work lol, BUT it obviously only so far ;) as to not be too exploited) When you first start the game at level 1 your breathe goes 10ards, deals 500 damage, deals 2 seconds of burn damage causing 95 per second, when you get to level 3-5 you have enough points (because you're not pro at games so takes you longer to farm like all the other monkeys) to make 5 upgrades (Higher you get the more points are needed to earn upgrade talents/tokens) so you decide that you're gunna spend 2points (Lets say that 1 point increases range by 1.5/2yards, up to a maximum 50-100yards) in range because sometimes you want to kite the boss because you haven't put enough points into keeping your energy high (No energy no magic, kinda like Naruto Chakra/Mana) but find that you have to be too close and it scares you lol, and then you put 2 points in damage meaning now you deal 600damage (1 point = 50damage?) and got 1 point left and so you put that in DOT (Damage over time), so you deal 100 damage every second for 2 seconds, maybe next time you have points the "for 2 seconds" will be "For 5 seconds", BUT it's not just limited to that, you can instead save up your Fairy Tail Ranks (Let's say that's what we're calling these badass point/token things) To buy relevant new abilities, The Ultimate of those costing the most, where you have to save up like 20,000 tokens to buy "Black Flame Dragon Mode" and the cheaper ones costing like 5000, so that you don't LOSE OUT if you haven't got all those points, and can still play the game nicely by just upgrading the spells you have, maybe some good quests or story line quests you can give mediocre spells are a reward. Then when you have had enough with all your Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, you cba putting 20k points on "Black Flame Dragon Mode" and so you choose to unlock a God Slayer tree or a Heavily Body Magic, which costs like 100k points or what have you, with new spells to save up for (Which are cost appropriate to how powerful or expensive it is to buy, so new spells starting at like 5k tokens, and 100-1000 points to upgrade) (Btw the cost of upgrades goes up with your level, so at level 1 they cost 1 point per upgrade, and stay that way to level 5-10 where they go up to 1 1/2-2 points per upgrade, so at level 50 you can't just farm the shit out of bosses to fully upgrade, because at level 50 they cost like 50-100 points to upgrade or something), you could even buy spells like Wendys (Vernier to buff other players) or Melodies (Link = Reduces Damage done to cast upon players? Kind of like Hand of Sacrifice on Wow?) to help in group focused quests and fights, or even against rival guilds (PVP), So you can have a Fire Dragon Slayer (Clearly dps)(Maybe we all start out as dps, and its how we spend our Fairy Tail points and the spells we get that determine what we can do) that is mainly dps but you want him to come along because he's worked hard enough to unlock Troia (Removes motion sickness in anime, but in game stock would be to heal maybe 5 of your/targets health pool) but putting points in it powers it up 1point = 5HPstandard + increases the heal by % of your magic/energy pool up to a maximum or like 20-25% of your targets HP (The more it heals the more it costs, so not only do you want to upgrade your heal but also need to watch your magic power and put LEVELING talents in there so you're not OOM all the time?) (Maybe you can't use Vernier/Troia till your target friend is at like 20-30% hp so it's not spammable and still challenging without it being too easy to ride around with a heal bot) then when you're at the maximum you can upgrade let's say Troia, you unlock Lle Troia which can be a HOT (Heal over time) but obviously a significant HoT (because you've maxed out Troia silly) It costs about 30-40% of your energy but it lasts for like 20 seconds healing 5%-10% every 6-8 seconds and is also upgradable, You can have different tree requiring different costs of tokens, some of them are like end game like Defeat Ultear 10man with 9 people and unlock her Arc of Time or whathave you. Also you could have class specific end game ultimates that you can earn/unlock by following the class/magictype chain, like If you're a Key Holder, your end game spell could be Urano Metria but obviously your ultimates require you to be at like 25-35% hp so you are not able to spam them, they are use at very tactical moments where its you or them, and if you fuck up you have a 2minute cooldown and must be at 100% energy (talents etc for energy regen obv), and for classes like the Dragon Slayers, as you run down the class quest line (Which closer to the end you must be with at least 1 other dragon slayer?, not all classes need to be done with another person but dragon slayers are quite op, or at least the next part is ;) ), 1 other dragon slayer.....because towards the end, the bad guy is 1+ dragon slayer carbon clones of the players but these bosses have the powers of ALL dragon slayers, all spells all elements Fire electric ice etc
  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    Continued..........."etc," , and when you defeat them (cant be done alone) you can learn a combined spell, or a mode (that lasts like 15-30seconds, instead of a 1shot?) that combines Fire with Ice/Electric/Earth (But still able to buy these respective Dragon Slayer element trees if you've played enough and earnt the points) So you're like "WOOOO I can not go Shadow Flame Mode without spending all those points, now I can focus those points into energy regen, life pool and maybe some extra speed). 

    Obviously there is Dark (non legit) vs Light (legit) guilds, (like horde vs alliance), who will always be trying to fuck over the opposite faction, but there are like 1 or 2 end game bosses that require the help from both sides,

    Sorry about all this btw, It was like 2:30am, I was bored and now it's 4am dear god ><, I thought of this theory as Fairy Tail doesn't really need items, so maybe we just save the items, for just visual purposes, like buying a natsu scarf because you like the look, not because it increases badassism by 200%, so that people are able to focus on their characters, and their guilds, without pissing about with "Ahh shit man, i need this boss for this item" everything that your character knows, his strengths his weaknesses are chosen by you, if you want to be a jeb and spend all your points in making him strong so that you can 2shot someone but forget to look at your defense/stamina/healthpool then you'll end up yourself 2 shotted. Let me know what you guys think :) 
    hahaha I probably wont come on here, as i made an account to post this (it interested me, deal with it) then message me on facebook "Stephen Mark" (Portland/Dorset) and let me know what you think, your curiosity will encourage my curiosity and I might be able to come up with some new things, maybe be able to put a nice spread across to some game Dev who thinks this is an awesome idea (It is, and you're welcome)
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    edited August 2015
    Also, you have a rep with your guild, and also go up ranks with combat XP and skill taking you into the depths of S-Class etc, but not only that, when you get to a certain guild rep/rank/level you unlock new spells like Fairy Glitter, Fairy Law, Grimoire Law(dark) (Laws only work to 35-45% on players, massive cooldown so vs guilds you can't have 10 people using Law at the same time), make it so that only the highest ranks have these spells, and you have to be a certain level to be effected (So lowbies are not ganked, so let's say, you have to be without a 30% level range?) Also to abolish the creation of 123098901823908,203910231203981729387 guilds, there should be a cost to it, like you have to be a certain level or fairy tail rank (to prove experience) to be eligible to even start your own guild, and then when you do it costs you LOADS of these points, and then your Fairy Tail Points (Bad ass points) are usable not only for your character, but leveling up the guild, putting perks such as 5% less damage taken by guildies, 5% more Fairy Tail points from players, 10% from PVE, so that, you must really be committed to the guild to make one, as it means you earning the points and upgrading the guild instead of yourself.

    Edit - Not tired

    Also with regards to guild rep, there could also be areas of the guild that you can't access until you're a certain level, these areas might not be anything special, but just like a pool out back you can just go sit in and look cool :P,  also when making guilds you could have a premade/selected 20-30 guild houses that you can choose from, all in there respected locations, and when you go there, the building is there (So lets say on your server, there are 4 guilds that use the Fairy Tail guild hall) and there are loads of members from the same guild house, but different guilds, and the portal takes you into YOUR guild (kinda like on Wow where you are in a group with someone, and you go in lets say an instance, so it's locked for anyone out of the guild to enter), that way, we don't have to worry about "Boohoo i wanna make a guild house" coz they are already there, (Who would choose Pegasus hall? aka flying unicorn xD) and also gives us the accidental accuse to socialize, you run around, wanna go home, so you go to your guild house, and you end up standing around speechbubble chatting to other guildies that use the same guildhouse (but again, if you and another player who is from another guild, but use the same guildhouse, enter at the same time, you're in your guild, he's in his).

    Also, I think it should definitely be open world
    You should also get Jewels from quests etc and winning shit, and with this you can buy new hair colors, styles (I would like at least 10 styles stock, per class type, dragon slayer, magic make etc), you can also save up and get magic cars/carriages that cost energy to use (errm like Titan Quest auras, costing like xenergy per x), new clothes, glasses, hats, scarfs, shoes

    There should also be a way to incorporate a Happy/Carla/Lilly companion section where you can use them for travel, but non combat, maybe there are some boss fights that require flying and so there is an exception to use these companions to fly about (You've seen Edolas, there are hundreds of cats, maybe there should be a random edolas generator like where you randomize what your dude looks like in most games, but for colors and ears whiskers noses paws etc), maybe these companions have a talent system too? Or maybe a leveling one, where you can choose if they take 5% of your experience, to level them up too, and at a certain level you can learn "BIG CAT MODE" Aka Lilly getting big and wielding a scarily massive sword :P, maybe you can have these companions with talents, like a Carla type that boosts mana/energy by X, a Lilly type that boosts Power by x, a Happy type that boosts.........(Tryin to think of what a Happy type could bring, fish maybe?) Health Pool, when they level up (Only able to level up once you have clicked a button to take % of your xp to give to them, as a punished for good intention kind of initiative) you're able to add another stat to boost (maybe a maximum of 3-4 stats, and upgradable like the spells, to a maximum of like 15-20%+

    Health (Health....)
    Health Regen (how fast it regenerates)
    Energy (How much energy you have...)
    Energy Regen (How fast it regenerates)
    Stamina/Fatigue (perhaps this could be a sorts of shield, where when full you take reduced damage based on your armor/defenses, keep getting hit and it breaks or runs out, and you then take full damage +5%) (When you take too much of a beating you have to actually do something other than continue to take a beating, maybe kite)
    Stamina/Fatigue regen (How fast your shield/stamina/fatigue regens)
    Armor/Defenses (Reduces the damage you take by %)
    Speed (per point - increasing speed will increase your passive movement speed 4%, combat movement speed by 2.5%, And the speed your spells reach their targets by 2.5% but doesnt increase how fast they are to pull off, for spells like Urano Metria where they take a while to chant etc, so basically anything that's not cast and fire, heck it could be a cast time, then it reduces cast time by the 2.5%)
    Power/Strength (<--Determines how powerful your shitbuster moves are)
    Guild Rep (Reputation earnt in the guild)

    Also.....Unison Raid....What areeeeee we gunna do about that lol....
    Maybe like a Dynasty Warriors type "If you hit it at the same time, joint attack" type thing, but it would only work on ranks of spells that are the same, so let's say You have Wing Slash up to Rank 2 (For ranks, I'm thinking, say you have a spell, that spell has like 5-6 different talents, each at a time goes up to 5, before upgrading your spell a rank? so putting 5 points in cast speed, takes you to rank 1) and your breathe at rank 5, and your friend has a rank 2 breathe, you couldn't use both breathes at the same time, but they could use breathe onto wing slash because they are of the same level, ya know, stickin to the unison raid principle of two different spells, same power, all cuddled up, which means its not a random occurrence, and is found most commonly in guilds/friends that play together and keep things the same ranks, coordinating with each other, just to Unison Raid, which power wise, I think YP (Your power) + PP (Partners Power) (let's so for example 500 + 500) + 150-250% damage, this would make it worth playing closely with someone but not enough to make it game breaking (For things like pvp, it would help, skype?), cost wise for this, I think the same way but vice versa, Your cost + Partners cost + 150%-250%, means it's worth it, but not spammable and sometimes maybe you are better off throwing a Vernier, or a few breathes instead, thought would have to make Unison Raid put a buff on the boss/etc to receive X%+ damage over Xtime, so it's worth the cost in the end, versus some off the bat spam spells

    An idea for Make Type magics (Ice Make....) When you are selected and or choose a Magic Make character, maybe there is a nice handful 20-30 different makes, like Birds, Butterflies, Hammers, Swords, Dogs, or maybe just like Guns, Melee Weapons (maybe melee vs caster make styles? Hybrids anyone?) Birds, Animals, and within the game you can buy specifics, like having a Ice Make with Animals when you level up you can invest points into cooler makes, more powerful makes, for example, ice make guns, start with ice make pistol barrage (i know, cool right?) and just like the above mentioned Fire Dragon Slayer, you can unlock Ice make Torpedo smasher (lol) or have these premade generic spells to talent and buy, and choosing your make type just depends on buying....different "Glyphs", so you make an ice make, and 
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  • kikoodutroa8kikoodutroa8 grenoblePosts: 207Member Uncommon
    I would play it if it's good and the population is not too narutardish.
  • monochrome19monochrome19 Chicago, ILPosts: 680Member Uncommon
  • MikotoMisakaMikotoMisaka Beaverton, ORPosts: 29Member Uncommon
    Well, I have the Fairy Tail guild logo tattoo'd on the back of my right hand and I would waste away my entire life if this was made. So, while I would love it, let's not so I can have a sort of life XD
  • RidrithRidrith Mountain View, ARPosts: 433Member Uncommon
    Never.  Any game based on an anime is doomed to fail in my eyes, so I have no doubt it'd be a terrible experience.

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  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    Continued.......and you're just shooting ice needles, you go buy a glyph with your talents that turns your ice into fairies, or butterflies, or rockets (and changes your spell too! but literally all it changes, is replaces 1 word in the name, so Shark Smasher, Eagle Smasher etc just changing the make word, and changing what it fires to respective make cosmetic)(Glyphs can be for other classes etc too, like fire color, lightning ferocity, skins of spirits, something cosmetic on each of them that will enhance your gameplay without enhancing your actual gameplay :) )

    Dear god, 5am, I'd say fag break, but writing this has made me feel faggy enough :P considering half of you are like "ANIME, FUCK OFF MATE" and the other half are like "FUCK OFF DONT TAKE MY ANIME" xD, Those who are against, don't judge all animes the same, A:Anime isnt hentai just saying, incase you missed the distinction, B: If you have watched 12, chances are, the 13th isnt the god dam same, C: If you have not watched fairy tail, or you're judging on pictures, you have literally no right to even make judgements, because we dont care if you'd buy it, we are lookin for fans alike and the open minded people that will actually think, examine, consider, consider again before making decisions to not play it or play it, not people that are like "ANIME? NEXT!", because you don't know what you're talking about. D: Generally, I don't think anyone cares if you don't want to play it, most people that wouldn't, have no idea what fairy tail is, and just make uneducated guesses as to what it is, the story, the characters,, and unless you have watched FT till the end (I dont mean reading) then you have't got the bond with your guildies like I do, Fairy Tail is the (personal experience) BEST anime out there, and for those that complain about graphics of anime, go watch someone play CoD or something EQUALLY boring to look at.

    Edit, second time i've tried commenting and it's said "You've gone over by 1000" lol....
  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    TL;DR - ^ Fairy Tail Game Ideas/Concepts. And a Fairy Tail game would be fucking "mint"
  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    Edit - also Dark VS Light choices at the start, determine the type of Holder/Caster magics you're able to Access off the bat. Maybe once you reach maximum guild rank within your guild and at a certain experience level (IE Cap is 100, if you get to 85-90 this can be an option, as long as within your guild, you are exhaulted)(Not Fairy Tail rank, your characters level), you have the choice to leave to join the opposite faction, start at level 1, keeping all your spells, but reduced to stock ranks, but gives you a 100% Experience/Point Gain + Random Bonus + 50% Passive Damage done forever? This is a way for capped dudes to check out and experience the other faction, on their toon with their spells, but having to level up again so you're not just a 1shot god because that shit is old, overplayed and boring as shit. PS you will loose faction Ultimate, IE Grimoire/Fairy Law upon the change, and are required to walk the path of darkness/light, back to the full exhaulted rep of your guild, before being able to learn them again
  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    @RPGFiend3 ;
    Is this how to name drop? I hope you're not mad for bringing life to your thread haha, you just got me thinking (Curse you!), at least i have a log of my ideas, if i ever bump into a game dev XD

    Also whoever said to restrict some magics, yeah but only the intense ones, dragon slayers aint really that powerful :P, and the ones that are "Restricted" should be accessable, given that you have ventured down the path of dark/light deep enough ;) joking, just be able to buy/unlock them with Fairy Tail points, The likes of God Slayers, Yagdo Rigora (I would seriously invest my life to unlock Minervas magic xD), Heavenly Body, Amaterasu, you have to learn/unlock the magic TYPE before you're able to learn/unlock spells, and the magic types are set in ranks, from weakest magic types costing very little points but enough so you cant be level 10 with 50000 different spells lol(Weakest, but not weak, still able to perform at max level with upgrades but just not as potent as high end magic types) to strongest magic types costing a hell of a lot more but not making it so hard that no body can have them, but not so little that every dick with too much time has it and so rinses you because he's got more time, maybe you have to be certain Fairy Tail (Badass) ranks for different "LEVELS" of magic types (By levels, i mean strengths, some cost a few some cost a lot to unlock magic trees) whilst ALSO costing fairy tail (Badass) points/tokens. Example you have a fire dragon slayer, killing the first boss alone takes you to like rank 3-6 (depending on challenges, once again, like borderlands 2), getting to rank 50 and costing you 5 fairytail points/tokens/talents let's you unlock Make Magic Type tree, but you need like Rank 500 for teleportation magic for 50 points/tokens/talents , and like 100,000 for YagRigora and costs 10000points/talents/tokens
  • DonklolDonklol Posts: 11Member Common
    Can anyone say Yakumas Eighteen War Gods Magic :(, I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT 
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    If done correctly, heck yes.

    Mess with the best, Die like the rest

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