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LF mmo where combat is not necessary

ragnarokekragnarokek OsakaPosts: 134Member
looking for an mmo where you don't have to fight to be able to enjoy the game. like if i just want to be a cook or a tailor or a metalsmith etc., i can excel in it without requiring me to do any form of combat. and yes ive heard of runescape but im looking for something thats not browser based. thanks



  • AliceKayeAliceKaye Marietta, GAPosts: 838Member Uncommon
    A Tale in the Desert?
  • cinoscinos LondonPosts: 963Member

    Just to put it out there. You can lvl completely from 2-80 within Guild Wars 2 just by crafting (still have to do the tutorial though).

    However you will likely need an alt to gather materials and cash. Likely wouldn't be feasible to solely craft till a second alt.

  • jadedlevirjadedlevir Kansas, AKPosts: 628Member
    I dont think there's many. A tale in the desert i guess, mortal online, eve, xsyon...i really can't think of others right now, im sure there's a couple more though.
  • ragnarokekragnarokek OsakaPosts: 134Member
    i dont mind gathering materials as long as i can get them even if i dont kill a single spider etc. 


  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by jadedlevir
    I dont think there's many. A tale in the desert i guess, mortal online, eve, xsyon...i really can't think of others right now, im sure there's a couple more though.


    Those are probably the best ones in which the games are designed for crafting and gathering to have real meaning to the gameworld.  Probably add WURM to that list as well.

    The Repopulation would be one to look out for in the future, as would be ArcheAge and Embers of Caerus.

    Themeparks are designed for killing things.  Their other systems are not really important - basically sidelines that aren't deep enough or meaningful enough to be the sole reason to play.

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • jadedlevirjadedlevir Kansas, AKPosts: 628Member

    Well in mortal, you can be an exclusive crafter. Extractors have to mine minerals, then process them by crushing the ore, then run it through a furnace to a basic metal, then refine that metal and make ti stronger. Then that metal can be used in weaponcrafting, armorcrafting, building houses, ect.  There's woodcutting, and all sorts of pickable vegetation around the world that can be used for cooking and alchemy. For example, if you find a patch of wheat, you can pick that wheat, bring it back tot own and grind it into flour, then make it into a fish pie with some fish you caught in the river. Everything in the game is player made(well mostly everything, eventually that is the plan),  so crafting is in demand.

    There's gona be an expansion soon that will help you be an exclusive crafter because it's adding in a trade broker (auction house essentially), so you can buy all the animal materials you need through that and sell your mining and other goods. The game is indie, so there's bugs, and the expansion will probably be buggy, but it has what your looking for. Furthermore, there's a small tight knit community, and you'll be able to find like minded players who just want to explore, craft, and indulge themselves in the lore if that's your thing.

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