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Will Guild Wars 2 be your full time game?



  • eye_meye_m Notta Chance, ABPosts: 3,317Member Uncommon
    GW2 will be my primary game until I find one that is stellar at character customization, character animation and has a magnificent world.

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  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,429Member Uncommon

    GW2 will be my primary game?

    Maybe... I have focus issues! lol

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  • doragon86doragon86 Boston, MAPosts: 589Member Uncommon
    Yes, it'll most likely will be said game. This is mainly because there isn't anything else I'm interested in, aside from Borderlands 2, that is releasing anytime soon. 

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  • ZooceZooce B, FLPosts: 586Member

    GW2 full-time game?  Hope so, nothing else on my radar has an upcomming release date...and I've exhausted the current options.


    Future considerations:  ArchAge, Darkfall 2.0, FFXIV 2.0 Realm Reborn, Firefall, The Repopulation

  • ChrisboxChrisbox Posts: 1,729Member Uncommon
    If GW2 can provide a full time experience then of course, the ONLY concern for this game has been replayability wise so that will determine it. 


  • DestaiDestai Detroit, MIPosts: 574Member
    Yes, Guild Wars 2 will be my main game for some time going forward. I've been playing console games to pass the time until release. I've been looking forward to this for years.
  • gtmaster32gtmaster32 daytona, FLPosts: 24Member
    Should have made a poll to vote on! But yes this will be my full time game.


  • BossalinieBossalinie Hattiesburg, MSPosts: 705Member Uncommon
    Will split time with EoN, PS2, and FF.
  • AdelbernAdelbern Philadelphia, PAPosts: 85Member

    Yeah no doubts GW2 will be my main MMORPG, I'm so hyped that I don't feel like playing any games even now that I'm waiting for GW2 to release.

    I think that if ArenaNet has frequent updates+expacs I might be playing GW2 for many years like I did with FFXI (2003-2010).

    Archage had my attention for awhile but seeing how that game might take 2+ more years to release I choose to forget about it alltogether, I'm just burned of waiting for games to release I just want to have fun playing not waiting.


  • Bl4ck3nDBl4ck3nD BrisbanePosts: 114Member Uncommon
    As a gamer I find myself playing many genres of games over the coarse of a year, I will play GW2 much like I do GW1, which is playing till a game I want to play comes out and coming back a week or so later. I love gaming it's what I do for for fun on weeknight's after work or on a lazy weekend and I enjoy it in all it's forms, I think having a life outside gaming is also important or you tend to burn out to quickly and take shit way to seriously.
  • hundejahrehundejahre Chicago, ILPosts: 339Member

    Yes, for now anyway.

  • RebelnebelRebelnebel Ehrenfeld, PAPosts: 2,962Member Uncommon
    It won't be my full time game at this point, but I will definitely check it out though. As I stated, I got friends jumping into GW2 from work and I will tag along, but I don't see this game getting my full attention. I'm really not attracted to games that rely on Cash Shops to make it's dollar since F2P mmo's use the same method. Honestly, if GW2 had a monthly sub option as well as a F2P, I would be looking at this game differently. I am just not sold on the B2P method.
  • sammandarsammandar San Antonio, TXPosts: 523Member
    Originally posted by Chrisbox
    If GW2 can provide a full time experience then of course, the ONLY concern for this game has been replayability wise so that will determine it. 

    I completely agree with the concern any gamer has regarding replayability; I think it is indeed a very ligitimate issue. As an ex-wow player, I'll draw a quick comparison between WOW and GW2:

    WOW does not allow me to go back to old dungeons as a lvl 85, quests which I have completed in the past I am no longer eligible to redo, if I run with lowbie friends I can steamroll through everything, though making it a quick run, it does take away from everyone's gameplay experience, and most imporantly, that never-ending mindless repetitive gear grinding treadmill, that we all love, will be laughing at me (and others) as we fail to keep up.

    GW2 will allow me to revisit all the dungeons in the game, regarless of what lvl I am, DE's which I will have completed in the past l will indeed be able to redo, if I run with lowbie friends my lvl will be scaled back and though not exactly a true lowbie, I will have been scaled back enough to not be able to steamroll through everything, thus enjoying the gameplay experience  with everyone and most importantly, there will be no never-ending mindless repetitive gear griding treadmill; unless I'm into rare cosmetic bad-ass looking gear (and not even as bad as wow's treadmill at that).

    I know my comparison may come accross as a bit biased; I guess you can just throw me in the category of the burned-out wow players who are looking for something more and different in the mmos they play.

    Replayability? I think GW2's got it down ;-p

    P.S. in WOW players who are supposed to be working together end up competing for the same gear as opposed to in GW2 we will not be competing for the same gear; not even for the same resource nodes!

  • Sovren1Sovren1 camarillo, CAPosts: 312Member

    I think it will hold my main attention now that I'm not currently subbed to any MMO. Still plugging away at titles and what not in the original Guild Wars, put it down for awhile and got back into it.

    As far as MMO's go, will probably spend some time in Planetside when it drops. Other than that, SC2/ LOL/ and a multitude of upcoming console games coming up will see my time.

    So many games, so little time...wish I had clones.

  • ErgoProxyDecayErgoProxyDecay a City, CAPosts: 1,442Member Uncommon
    Atm for me, theres nothing as good as GW2. But I am looking foward to going back for some FFXIV 2.0 later this year even though launch had almost cmpletely destroyed my hopes and feelings for FF.

    "Basking in your hatred... Feels quiet nice." - Raven
  • HonnerHonner SydneyPosts: 504Member
  • DjildjameshDjildjamesh maasdijkPosts: 406Member Uncommon
    Yes, it's the only MMO im interested in currently
  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulPosts: 483Member Uncommon
    Yes, for some years it will be the only game i plan to play on PC. I will only check out games like GTA5 etc.
  • nadrian3knadrian3k BucharestPosts: 101Member Uncommon
  • IlayaIlaya BochumPosts: 447Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Finit
    So, will Guild Wars 2 be your full time game? 

    Yes, yes and YES again!!

    I am counting the hours till Saturday.

  • heartlessheartless Brooklyn, NYPosts: 4,993Member Uncommon

    Will GW2 be my full time MMO? Undoubtedly!

    I haven't been so engrossed in a game since vanilla WoW and UO before that. I'm freaking counting hours here. lol

    It's like waiting for Christmas times 1000.


  • k-damagek-damage ParisPosts: 738Member Common

    Resubbed to WoW out of boredom while waiting for GW2, but yes, it will be my full-time game, my "homeworld" mmo for sure.

    And no other one will be able to beat that, considering what I saw from Pandaria, TSW and others.


    edit : There's a poll on the first page, people, just read a bit further than the title ..

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  • sargey123sargey123 HolonPosts: 102Member Uncommon
    Pretty much yes :) ! though I think I will play League of Legends from time to time :P
  • RoxetteRoxette ZwollePosts: 56Member Uncommon
    Yes it will be.....although sometimes I will still jump for short moments into my other 2 mmo games: Tera & Aion

    Played: Guild Wars, AoC, Lotro, CoH, Warhammer, Tabula Ras, Spellborn, Second Life, Rift, Aion, Tera.
    Playing: Guild Wars 2, WoT

  • LyvinsLyvins Brugge ( Bruges )Posts: 70Member
    for me it will be a full time game. As to be fair even if people dont like it is the only well polished game on the market ( recently released ) and for me Guild wars 2 offers everything that i have been looking for , for the last few years.


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