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Any good RPGs with low saturation?



  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member
    Originally posted by deadpeople
    are those MMOs? i know fallout is an rpg, but i dont know about an mmo

    There is a mod for Fallout 2 that makes it an MMO, and they're working on an official Fallout MMO.

  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    Sorry i completely skippe ocer the mmorpg part o.O yooshully dun get those in here.

    But as for what youre looking for...
    Granado espada is a good pick.
    Theres tsw i think... People said it was aesthetically good.

    Umm...not sure what else tbh,,

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  • UnshraUnshra Hanover, MDPosts: 382Member
    Originally posted by deadpeople
    I like RPGs with low saturation, that stay in their era (kinda), like the witcher, dragon age, skyrim, etc. games that arent overly colorful except in the artwork. I just cant find any good MMOs that are the same!   I may affend people, but i cant play WOW, or RIFT, or even guild wars for my selfish reason. the bright colors and things are too fairy taily for me. it seems like for somthing that is rated teen, they geer it for 5 year olds. people say... NO NO, ItS A MATURE GAME! yet they talk about the cheezy "sword of truth", instead of it having a name and a purpose.   ya, im a bit picky. i have tried Shaiya, and loved it, but it got old, REALLY fast for me. and still some of the themes seemed a bit stupid to me. i like factions and guilds, but for gods sake (excuse the profanity if it affends anyone) why are there tanks and trikes in WOW?   i just want a game that seems like it was made by someone with any sence of history. sure the world has color, not that much. and sure they had machines, but people where executed for making them being told it was "witch craft", and these machines sure as hell where not tanks, let alone made of wood.   if anyone knows of a game i might try, shoot! and keepem coming, i dont need everyone to agree with what they think is the best option, if it fits, than please point it out for me, ill download a bunch and givem all a try.   thank you so much for reading, and im sorry if i sound totally anal about the subject

    Fallen Earth would be top on my list and Lord of The Rings Online would also be near the top. They don't divert much if any from their setting they also have a solid community that is not overly huge. As both are hybrid MMO's you can check them out without having to fork over any cash and if you like it well you go from there and if you don't, well it's not like you lost anything other then sometime.

    Another to look into is Age of Conan as it's come a along way and is shaping up nicely as an MMO.

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  • deadpeopledeadpeople fairborn, OHPosts: 15Member
    ill try and check some of these out today, thanks for all of these, if you have more, keepem coming.
  • deadpeopledeadpeople fairborn, OHPosts: 15Member
    path of exile looks really good, atleast on paper, thank you for the suggestion.
  • Insane666Insane666 gdanskPosts: 65Member Uncommon

    age of conan is really awesome for its more realistic graphics style, plus its still the best looking mmo on the market imho, funcom made an awesome job with dreamworld engine,,

    and when it comes to diablo3, better check out path of exile, the real successor of d1 and 2


    aaand, if youd consider a postapocaliptic setting aswell, not just low fantasy, then id suggest giving fallen earth a closer look,,,

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  • deadpeopledeadpeople fairborn, OHPosts: 15Member
    thank you, will do
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