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New map for DayZ

quickshotzquickshotz Barrie, ONPosts: 215Member

Video of new map in DayZ



So after looking around the forums I found what seems to be (correct me if im wrong) the only other working playable map for DayZ. The map is called Lingor Island and has a Vietnam feel it it. It was a ton of fun to play. 
And dont worry about this effecting your regular DayZ save. You will spawn right back where you were before.  As for servers there seems to be about 4-5 RU servers hosting this. I had a lot of ping issue though so we really need some US host to get it on there server.
Have a look and give it a try yourself, instructions below.
Link to download and install
2. Extract the folders (@lingor and @dayz_lingor) to your arma 2 OA install directory (the same place the @DayZ folder is)
3. Download and extract the file (Lingor_sounds.pbo.lingor14.bisign) to the @lingor/addons folder
4. Copy the beta arma shortcut and add this to its properties -nosplash -mod=@DayZ;@lingor;@dayz_lingor
5.Have fun!


  • jcknowsjcknows Clinton Twp, MIPosts: 20Member
    Be aware, it is in no way supported by Rocket or the DayZ team. This is also a different "Hive Mind" so nothing will carry over to or from these servers.
  • VitaminKVitaminK Richmond, VAPosts: 60Member Uncommon
    I'm all for private hive servers because there is so much exploit and hacking on official but this map just sucks, you may think there are more buildings to go into but its just 1 big town/city. Stick to Chernarus.
  • jcknowsjcknows Clinton Twp, MIPosts: 20Member
    Really? Just one town?  I haven't had a chance to play it myself but, if what you say is true, I have no interest in it. One and only town = kill box. :D
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