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DOTA 2 Invite Requests & Offers



  • CastillleCastillle KhobarMember Posts: 2,672 Uncommon
    Guys you can just apply in steam and you will get in the beta with a weeks wait max. o.O

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  • cheyanecheyane EarthMember Posts: 3,864 Rare
    I have apllied I hope you are right about the wait time and certainty of the key.
  • cheyanecheyane EarthMember Posts: 3,864 Rare
    More than a week has passed sad sad me no key yet.
  • ululaulula amiensMember Posts: 33 Uncommon
    If anyone has a key to spare I would greatly appriciate it.
  • CHAKALACHAKALA Veliko TurnovoMember Posts: 9
    I can't seem to get an invite :(. I would really appriciate a key if someone has to spare.
  • XenoskaXenoska Oshkosh, WIMember Posts: 16 Uncommon

    Been waiting for at least a month now, still nothing. They teased me with the Spec Client.

    My feathers have been rustled and with not to pay $30 to play a F2P game even though a couple of my friends are already in.


  • HonzysHonzys VilMember Posts: 1

    Please can someone send me Dota 2 key?

    I have been waiting for more than one month and still nothing :/

    I have tried multiple giweaways but I am really unlucky in this.

  • lPatriciaNllPatriciaNl BerdyanskMember Posts: 2

    Hello, do someone have Dota2 betainvite key, I'd very love to play in Dota 2 ,because wc3 exhausted itself.

    Also can offer a beta key for End of Nation :)

    Thank you in advance!

  • freegefreege NorthamptonMember Posts: 75 Uncommon
    If anyone has spare key would be great! cheers
  • ZubbenZubben LondonMember Posts: 2 Uncommon
    Im giving a planetside 2 beta key in exchange for a dota 2 invite.
  • CakeisyummehCakeisyummeh GlasgowMember Posts: 194
    Originally posted by Zubben
    Im giving a planetside 2 beta key in exchange for a dota 2 invite.

    still up for trading?

  • AlordrenceAlordrence Mayfield Heights, OHMember Posts: 39 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Cakeisyummeh
    Originally posted by Zubben
    Im giving a planetside 2 beta key in exchange for a dota 2 invite.

    still up for trading?

    I will trade Cake, I have an extra PS2

  • n3v3rriv3rn3v3rriv3r NowhereMember Posts: 463 Uncommon
    I can give SMITE invite for a dota 2 key.
  • HeretiqueHeretique Member Posts: 1,309 Uncommon


    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • KebeckKebeck Rouyn-Noranda, QCMember Posts: 323

    Got 3 keys.. Send me a PM to have one... Gonna need your Steam account name or email adress to send it to you (Steam gifts), so please add one of the two to your message !

  • rodrizidanerodrizidane cordobaMember Posts: 4
    Hello.. i got somes Dota 2 Key to trade for another "game key".. just pm me :D thxs
  • MothrichMothrich BucharestMember Posts: 3



    I have 5 DOTA 2 invites, please PM with offers




  • MothrichMothrich BucharestMember Posts: 3
    Originally posted by Mothrich
    Hi,   I have 5 DOTA 2 invites, please PM with offers   Thanks, Moth

    Still up and 1 beta key for Path of Exile

  • vinnygvinnyg greencastle, PAMember Posts: 41 Uncommon

    I could use one for my son if anyone has one handy,dont have anything to trade so a nice gesture would be cool.


    My steam is stolenone

    Shows up as  Vinny^

  • CakeisyummehCakeisyummeh GlasgowMember Posts: 194

    I have a few keys to trade/sell/anything ^-^


    Message me on steam <3 n3m3sis111

  • KagarashyKagarashy BelgradeMember Posts: 1

    Hi, i have few DOTA 2 keys if anyone is interested. I would love if someone would like to trade me, add me on steam

    Don`t have any game on my steam account so Portal 2 and To The Moon would be really awesome.

  • ElminzterElminzter MelbourneMember Posts: 229 Uncommon
    i have extra keys (around 4 available) pm me with your steam id and i'll send the keys
  • aiculicciusaiculiccius turkeyMember Posts: 1
    y.emrealtanay or argun153 thank you very much...  :)
  • SlickShoesSlickShoes EdinburghMember Posts: 1,019 Uncommon
    I have 4 gift DOTA 2's on steam, if anyone wants one PM me your steam ID and I'll send you it tonight.

  • mtbsickridermtbsickrider Miami, FLMember Posts: 58

    Can i please get a dota 2 key please







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