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Your top picks

mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn belleville, ILPosts: 2,467Member Rare

I know there are a 1,052 of these threads, but with the TSW rankings, I thought I would resurrect this topic.  Put your top MMOs from your experrience.  Not meant as a flame thread.  Just curious to see what everryone thinks.  Here goes, my list.


Best Starter Area:  Conan

Best Atmospherre:  TSW (I think they did a pretty good job)

Best Crafting:  Vanguard

Best Cut Throat:  Darkfall

Best PvP:  Conan

Most innovative:  UO (really has to be a relatively early MMO IMO.)

Best Diplomacy/guild/peristent... (Not sure how to charicterize it):  Shadowbane

Biggest Dissapointment:  SWTOR (I actually like the game, but it could have been so much more), Earthrise, Honerable mention.

Some under appreciated games:  WAR, CONAN

Best longevity:  LOTRO.  Seems to have good story, combined with new content.

Best FTP (or Fremmium)  DDO, LOTRO Honorable Mention

Looking forward to:  GW2, Elder Scroll if done right,


Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.


  • ForeverdreamForeverdream burkesville, KYPosts: 94Member
    AoC is a great game now, shame too many people write it off
  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,214Member Uncommon
    Best characters controls: WoW
  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,702Member Uncommon

    Best Starter Area:  Aion? not sure

    Best Atmospherre:  Neocron

    Best Crafting:  Vanguard

    Best Cut Throat:  ?????????

    Best PvP:  PlanetSide

    Most innovative:  UO (ahead of its time)

    Best Diplomacy/guild/peristent... (Not sure how to charicterize it):  Vanguard?

    Biggest Dissapointment:  (because they shutdown) Earthrise, AutoAssault, Tabula Rasa...

    Some under appreciated games:  Vanguard

    Best longevity:  UO Around for how long now?

    Best FTP (or Fremmium)  Maybe DDO and LOTRO but I don't do F2P MMORPGs

    Looking forward to:  PlanetSide2

  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan EastPosts: 2,630Member Uncommon

    Best Starter Area:  WoW or GW2. Conan has only one starter area, it gets old very quick, no matter how polished it is.

    Best Atmospherre:  That's a hard one... can't answer, because I'd have like 10 games which each achieved a great atmosphere in their respective setting.

    Best Crafting:  UO. Crafting was entirely part of the character. Good crafting doesn't mean utterly complicated crafting for me, I actually found EQ2 or SWG like crafting very tedious and boring.

    Best character controls and "hand to keyboard to screen to eye" coordination: WoW.

    Best Cut Throat:  UO pre-trammel.

    Best PvP:  GW2.

    Most innovative:  UO. Started it all, 'nuff said.

    Best Diplomacy/guild/peristent... (Not sure how to charicterize it):  UO.

    Biggest Dissapointment:  Darkfall, Mortal Online... failed sandbox is bad, very bad.

    Some under appreciated games:  Anarchy Online,

    Best longevity:  UO (17 years...). EQ. AC1. Even if I don't play them right now, those games are still here. Honorable mention for WoW (millions of players for 7+ years).

    Best FTP (or Fremmium):  GW2... yeah, I know, it's B2P, but compared to the restrictions games like LOTRO impose, it wins hands down even with the purchase price.

    Looking forward to:  GW2, maybe Archeage but there's way to little info about it yet, and way too many promises without proof, for me to get "hyped" about it.

    If you wonder why I don't answer your posts, it's most likely because you are on my block list - so don't waste your time.


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