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Accept the game as is and expect nothing from G1 all is well.

PalladinPalladin Atlanta, GAPosts: 430Member Uncommon

I started playing Fallen Earth during the open beta the week before the game went retail. I had a sub account the first 3 months of the release. What I am going to say here is just my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced ingame so far. Mind you I like the game well enough and am currently playing my old account with a paid sub.

The game was developed by Icarus Studios. It was developed to showcase the game engine.

In the early release the game had some major issues and it seemed very much like the game was rushed to market before the game engine itself was finished. After playing the game for my initial 3 month sub it was very clear that game was not going to get "fixed" I began to think the game had some very serious engine issues that made it very hard to impossible to fix. When my inital 3 month sub expired I never renewed. I was not willing to pay to play a game that seemed to be in more of an Alpha state then a finished product.

Now more than 2.5 years later the game belongs to Gamers First, who's only interst seems to be in creating micro transaction mods to the game. I accept this since the game is "free to play" I simple do not expect anything from G1.

G1 is not a game developer it is a micro transaction moder so you can not expect them to take Fallen Earth in its broken state and fix it. If the developer Icarus Studio's was not able to fix FE in the two years it was a pay to play game how in the world could a none game developer do it.


It all comes down to managing your own expectations. The game is what it is and that will not change.

Even with the most recent patch that limits all crafting on free accounts the game is still playable and fun. It has one of the best pvp combat systems i've ever played and the crafting is by far the best feature to the game and works better than most anything else in the game. If you play the game for the crafting then it would be well worth your time to pay the sub and unlock the crafting.

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  • AdamTMAdamTM Frankfurt Am MainPosts: 1,376Member

    I played the game for about 10-20 hours on release untill the bugs got to me, and now after F2P i played another 20-30 (at least its what steam says)


    Put "played" is rather the wrong term to use. Just like EVE, the game has long, LONG stretches of doing nothing at all.

    Be it running to a quest marker, staring at your crafting window (~3 minutes to craft new ammo? when im in the wild and need it right now?) or running between respawning material-nodes, its not what i qualify as engaging gameplay.


    Don't get me wrong, i dont mind slow progression (which it actually doesn't have, the progression is quick, if you do things) or need instant gratification (again, FE actually has a very instant gratification system).

    Its just the long stretches of nothing that get to me, it shows how importatnt level-design and content-spacing really is in any game. If i take a look at Fallout for example (the old one) gameplay-down-time essentially doesnt exist, yes there is the minimap quicktravel that takes you across wide stretches of "nothing" (as it should be in any post-apocalypse setting) but it does so quickly, painlessly, and with a minimum of wasting your time. Add to that the random encounters that you can have and survival/radiation mechanics, then it even adds a certain tension to it.

    Even in Fallout 3, no matter which direction i turn, there is content in about 30-60 seconds of walking distance (not to mention if you would have a horse/motorcycle like in FE).


    FE makes it very hard to care about what you do, because even if you hear the "ding" and get your 3 AP, you feel like you accomplished nothing during the time you played.

  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon

    Im playing FE for a long time but never serious or on a longer stretch.

    It works pretty well under wine for Linux, so its a great addition to the available Linux games too.

    Nevertheless, after swtor derailed for me, im playing this game again for some days, until TSW is open and i have fun and i take it as it is.

    Noticeable is, that there seems to be no other game arround, that could hook me up enuff.

    FE is packed with people, i went WTF, what a lot of people are here !?!

    Thats fun, its fun to explore the area, the game mechanics and its free to play, even with the reduced crafting queue of only a lousy single one.

    FE is also maintained, has a working community and staffers that speak with each other.


    Im haveing a great time while waiting for my next trippleA experience.

    Think im gonna sub a month :) 

  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member

    I agree with what you write about FE and G1.


    I just won't waste my time playing game that has invested minimal resources in it and is constanly tweaked to micro-transaction money out of me.


    No thanks. 

    I prefer to do anything else with my time than this.

    Even reading forums is better.

  • ForumPvPForumPvP KingstownPosts: 871Member

    i bought it back in the day and played hundreds of hours says Steam.

    I just updated it to 2.4 and tried it,I was completely lost for a while till i started to follow chat "viihuu i just got box this and that "

    so theres cash shop keys to open those i figured and uninstalled right away,i dont even know how those work but i uninstalled just to be sure.


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  • HodoHodo Raeford, NCPosts: 542Member
    Originally posted by ForumPvP
    i bought it back in the day and played hundreds of hours says Steam. I just updated it to 2.4 and tried it,I was completely lost for a while till i started to follow chat "viihuu i just got box this and that " so theres cash shop keys to open those i figured and uninstalled right away,i dont even know how those work but i uninstalled just to be sure.  

    Wow someone with a Cyberpunk 2020 RPG book cover in their avatar.  I loved that game, if only someone actually made a MMO based on that, and made it just as dark and gritty and hardcore. 

    So much crap, so little quality.

  • dbgagerdbgager Herington, KSPosts: 175Member Uncommon

    The game is way to buggy. Its an exercise in frustration to play. THe company that programmed this game had some very bad programmers. 2 years after release and still in a horrible state. Shame to...bcause it seems like it could be a very good game. But I refuse to play it in this state.

  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

    I was really hyped for this game when it was first announced. infact, I got the full version of the game though a promo offer on this site (thanks mmorpg!) thus my mmorpg account was made.

    I kinda thought it would of been more social, It really could of worked if you had people really immersed in the game, camping out in the wilderness or hanging out in underground bars... Sadlly, people just do the "wow thing" quest > grind > cap > wait.

    The other thing that would of made this game great would been more sandbox assets. Now im not a fanatical sandbox player but the ability to change the landscape by making camp and such in the wilderness would of been great, I know they have the basics for this but it didnt quite get there...or it was never finished.

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  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

    I agree Gamers First is a big joke and a Bad Company.

    The problem with Fallen Earth as a game is player harassment.

    Fallen Earth is supposed to be a SandBox tile however PVP wise the problem with the game is simple. As a clan in the TC area you can constantly camp and kill your own faction members or anyone you hate without penalty. This is not DarkFall as a sandbox where If I kill someone after 10 kills I would go red, or no protection this is a game where you can outright do  harassment to any smaller clan you want, or troll people and Gamers First Supports this type of conduct as they do nothing.

    I paid for 7 Months game time, and quit after 2 months even after changing one of my characters names before quitting the game because of a clan that did nothing but Hack, Threaten players, make Real Life threats, and still Gamers First did nothing about it other than temporary ban my account for one remark that they took as racisim because of being baited by this clan which we all know of called Exile, and two people running around obviously Aimbotting at certain points/MultiHack. ( Any Cheater would also deny it never expect anyone to admit.)

    Total I spent well over $300 in their shop those months on items and subscriptions don't remember the exact cost.

    About a week ago from a friend I got word that there was  a video posted on YouTube and edited without my consent with my character name, and filed a report to gamers first because the link was posted on G1 forums without my express consent and the false information I consider harassment, well Gamers First GM Tiggs said they would investigate the issue, and still today the video has not been removed and neither has the link. * This was just recently after over 6 months of not playing.*

    Bottom Line, Do not players Games owned by Gamers First, they obviously do not know how to run anything, do not even waste your money in Fallen Earth. I know that The Secret World  was a let down, but allow me to say that the GamePlay is better than in Fallen Earth Let Alone DarkFall.

    Not only Fallen Earth, but there is also a reason that A lot of people quit APB reloaded compared to when G1 first run the game. Not only is this a problem but keep in mind that G1 seems to favor the hazmat team, and certain of these clan members who grief people have hazmat status, and the forum moderators are regular players just like me with forum rights by an admin. G1 as a company does a very poor job, they just want your money.

    APB, and Fallen Earth could be successful sandbox titles however the management of G1 needs to be FIRED and someone with some actual brains on development and actually running a community need to take the seat and start making changes to the game to add penaltys for attacking your own faction and get this game actually PVP based, and running for a reason. I honestly don't even get the point of having to respec constantly on a character if a person wishes to change they should be free to without paying $10.

    The only game that G1 currently holds that is halfway decent is Sword 2, However there are even better MMORPG's hosted by other companies like Sun OF The Ultimate Nation, or other F2P MMO's that are just as decent making G1 still a failure of a company.

    Before you spend money know what you are paying for, if you are actually looking for pvp my advise is wait for DarkFall Uholy Wars, or play a MOBA as Fallen Earth just is not worth the time.

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