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New official video just posted

GorillaGorilla Posts: 2,231Member Uncommon


  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member can't find link when clicked.

  • KaeriganKaerigan None Of Your BusinessPosts: 689Member

    <childish, provocative and highly speculative banner about your favorite game goes here>

  • bmw66bmw66 NJPosts: 127Member Uncommon

    Bad link.

  • terrantterrant Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 1,683Member
    Originally posted by itgrowls can't find link when clicked.

    S'cause the link goes to Google finance if you click on it. Just copy-paste the link text.

  • GorillaGorilla Posts: 2,231Member Uncommon

    Link fixed......less haste more speed, just wanted to be first posting something for a change!!!!

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