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voltinvoltin AthensPosts: 45Member

... Is it gonna be a new stand alone game, or just another upgrade?



  • Konner920Konner920 Noble, OKPosts: 293Member Uncommon

    probably another upgrade, I bet it''ll look indentical to Conquer 2.0 just like all of the other garbage games TQ digital offers.

  • SinakuSinaku Austin, TXPosts: 510Member Uncommon

    It is a stand alone game. It will look and feel just like the Conquer you know today.

    There wont be any battle power and the economy will be changing drastically...

    Go vote on this survey if you are curious for the new economy.

    Also the world layout wont be the same, all new armor models, new skills, new rebirth type system. A decent amount is changing but it is still conquer.

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