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Release Date???

SinKitty216SinKitty216 Wood River, ILPosts: 1Member

So is there any idea when this is going to be released?

I would really like to know???


  • SinakuSinaku Austin, TXPosts: 510Member Uncommon

    There was a post on CO 2.0 forums about this. The Mod said he wasn't aware of a release date but wouldn't be any time this year (not surprising really).

    He also said that Conquer Online 3 was just a placeholder name and would be named something completely different because Conquer Online 3.0 would be used as an expansion name to 2.0 and this is an entirely separate release. If I can find the post again I will link it.

    Edit: Also the website link on MMORPG isn't correct, the real website link can be found right here to fix any confusion.

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