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Did that thief just vanish?



  • TimEisenTimEisen Columnist Posts: 2,805Member Rare

    Originally posted by Homitu
    Originally posted by Xobdnas Interesting how a beta test can impact gameplay. Thieves were overpowered in beta and players flocked to the profession likes rats to a barrel of cheese. Thief is generally now a top 2 in the various polls around the interwebs despite history showing us that a thief/rogue is a relatively unpopular profession/class in any mmo. With Anet saying Thief will be getting rebalanced/nerfed between now and launch I expect the game to launch with a high Thief pop, then as the cries of underpoweredness ring out, the thief populaion will pop back to where it normally is, which is a fairly low played class. Just an interesting observation. MMO players are a fickle lot, especially when they don't feel powerful.
    You could have said this instead and it would have sounded just as plausible.  Subjective generalization is a subjective generalization without any details in the analysis or links to referenced polls.  

    If you want data, google for it, the polls all over the interwebs. I just provide an opinion and observation based main course for free, the sides will cost extra..

    I used to role-play a Warrior Priest now I role-play a writer.
  • Epierce41Epierce41 Ann Arbor, MIPosts: 23Member

    I'll preface this by saying I played a lot of WvW in the beta events, but no sPvP.  So my view is just from a wvw standpoint.


    I didn't think the thief was UP even after the nerfs.  If anything it was a little OP before and they got it pretty close to fixed.  When I played it though, my main focus was mobility, not glass cannon builds/burst damage.  I wanted to be able to move all over the battlefield to the point where it seemed like I was in multiple places at once.  The thief is able to do that.  Load your build up with shadowsteps and you can sow major confusion in the enemy ranks.  Not to mention it has one of the best if not the best escape potential of any class.  Shadow step + infiltrator's arrow = I just teleported farther than you can shoot.

    If you prefer to run with the zerg, scorpion wire = insta kill in WvW.  One of my favorite activities was snagging the occasional over aggressive elementalist and pulling him into the middle of our group to be eaten alive.

    You may not get a lot of kills, but there is no question about your value to a team.

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