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Will you return to MoP or not?



  • WorstluckWorstluck the valley, CAPosts: 1,269Member

    Nope.  First WoW expansion I have not bought.  It's also the first beta of WoW I have not participated in, I've been in them all from vanilla up to Cataclysm.  I did however completely stop playing the game not long after Wotlk and only played Cata/beta for a couple weeks.  The game is dead to me, I have moved on to greener pastures at this point.  I did not care for the direction that they went after Wotlk. 


  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare

    Nope.  It's the first WOW expansion I'll be skipping.  But to be honest I don't plan on playing GW2 or TSW either.

  • ValuaValua LiverpoolPosts: 520Member
    Originally posted by Zylaxx
    Well now that we know the release date who all is planning on returning?  I have some friends in my old guild screaming for me to return but the vertical progression of WoW clones will never get me to return.  Give me horizontal progression or give me death.    


    "Sticking with GW2"


    That's when I knew this thread would be very biased. What about Tera, The Old Republic, TSW? You know, the ones people are actually playing?


    Stupid thread. Fact is, a lot of people will return to WoW, and WoW will continue to beat every other MMO in terms of subscribers, so why does it matter?


    WoW is still the King of the MMO genre, and will continue to be.

  • raven222raven222 athensPosts: 88Member

    No i will not go back , i had my account reactivated a while ago and could not play more than a week.

    Cannot stand the gear grind any more ,and wow is just that.

    I will try to spend my free time in GW2 since all my friends are moving there , it is a far more fun game imo.

    Hope all the WoW fans that like it , have lot's of fun in the new expansion , just not for me anymore.

  • RoxtarrRoxtarr Freeland, MI, MIPosts: 1,122Member

    First expansion I have no interest in.  It's kind of sad actually :(

    If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.

  • KothosesKothoses GalwayPosts: 851Member Uncommon

    Lobsided poll is lobsided....


    I will be busy playing SWTOR, Rift, GW 2 and neverwinter while waiting patiently for Archage....

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  • jpnzjpnz SydneyPosts: 3,529Member

    I will fight really hard to not return as I just don't care about WoW anymore but my friends have already bought a 60 day game card and pre-purchased MOP for me.

    How do you say 'No' when your friends just spent $100 to get you to play an MMO with them? :(

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  • eGumballeGumball New York, NYPosts: 151Member

    Well, WoW is still the world´s bigge MMO, however with all these, kinda new imporessions, we are begining to hear around the world .. it seems that its glory time is begining actually to fade. This is not the MMO that we all knew anymore, this is not WoW which could compete with any MMO in the world and blow it in the sky when Blizzard decided to.

    WoW is kinda weaker now and the release of Guild Wars 2 is kinda too negative for Blizzard since it actually give people a taste of a new quality. It doesn´t seem that this expansion will save WoW, nor any others.

  • AvanahAvanah Posts: 1,230Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by sonicbrew
    At this point Blizzard couldn't pay me to come back. .... GW2 is far superior in every aspect for me personally.

    Saved me from typing alot.

    I think so too. :)

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  • DunworthDunworth Burgaw, NCPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    No I will not go back to WOW,  When I get the urge I log on to the free version. Creat a toon and go from lvl 1 to 20 in less than 2 Hr's and not die once. In vanilla it would take 2 months with many death's. WOW HAS NO CHALLENGE!

  • kreakrea NetherlandsPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    I tend to buy most new mmorpgs and i did play wow since release on and off so yeh will buy it , even will go for the ce but thats more to complete my ce collection . Even if i will play it short while till i hit cap and burn out again will just go ahead and buy it .

  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare

    Yes I will.

    My old guild starts playing again and I am sure that I will have plenty of fun in RBGs and raids.

    I am looking forward to a game for which I will leave WoW completely. However, such MMO has not released yet. It is very unlikely that I will change this game for another themepark. ArcheAge seems to be the closest from the "upcoming" MMOs

  • joocheesejoocheese San Antonio, TXPosts: 845Member

    No, I will not go back to WOW. I've played WOW for a little over 7 years; I finally canceled my sub this February. I pre-purchased GW2 and so far I'm really liking it. I guess you could say I'm sticking with GW2.

  • azmundaiazmundai St Louis, MOPosts: 1,419Member Uncommon

    terrible poll is terrible. throwing a guild wars 2 poll in the wow forums .. now that's classy.

    LFD tools are great for cramming people into content, but quality > quantity.
    I am, usually on the sandbox .. more "hardcore" side of things, but I also do just want to have fun. So lighten up already :)

  • drakaenadrakaena Posts: 506Member Uncommon
    I had some great times in vanilla and tbc but I'm afraid the game has run its coarse for me personally. How many times can a player grind for the best gear only to have to do it all over again and then see the gear you worked so hard to obtain be given away for free. That's what killed WoW imo. It also feels like a game aimed for kids. I think I'm too old to still play. I'd feel dirty lol.
  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    Haven't left. And MoP looks more exciting than any expansion yet, IMO. The pet battles, farming, black market, the bringing back of world PVP (at least on PVP servers) together with transmog I've been wanting for all adds more "world" to WoW, something outside of questing and raids.

  • monarc333monarc333 New York, NYPosts: 622Member Uncommon
    Never. 7 years is long enough. Pandas? No thank you.
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare



    Even though I'm burned out on MMO's I've bitten the bullet and bought GW2.  I feel it's my duty to support B2P and the lack of a trinity.  I also like the aesthetics of it and want to try WvWvW.


    When I get sick of it I'll play LOTRO and buy the new quest pack with my lifer points.  I'll probably just reach the level cap and quit until the next expansion though.

  • Requiem6Requiem6 Saint-Hubert, QCPosts: 237Member

    I'll probably buy it and try the expension.


    It look to be one of the best expension so far.

    Only Cata was really disapointing.


    WoW is still the best and greatest MMO out there right now so, if I want to play a MMO I'll surely return for MOP.

    Plus it's only 40$.

  • fivorothfivoroth LondonPosts: 3,914Member Uncommon

    I will not buy it, certainly not at release. Maybe later on... But to be honest I am not too much into MMOs anymore. I find them boring and repetitive.

    WoW was my third MMO and it really showed me how amazing this genre can be. The original game was so fun. I have probably played the original WoW more than all my other games combined. However, MMOs are good only for a while. Once you get through that inital rush they give you (which usually last for quite a while in your first MMO), they become very boring. 

    So no, I will probably not play MOP, GW2, TSW or any other MMO that comes out unless I am really impressed. But so far console gaming + PC strategies/indie games are proving much more fun than MMOs :D (don't flame me too much)

    Mission in life: Vanquish all trolls - especially TESO, WOW and GW2 trolls.

  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Originally posted by Zylaxx Originally posted by Kyleran You forgot an option "never left" Apparently 10M people are still playing. Not me of course, and after trying out Cata I can't see ever returning, WOW just doesn't have the features I'm looking for and never will.    
    True but the poll was not meant for further subscribers as it was left off intentionally because this is for former players.  With that being said, WoW's subcription numbers in the West (where it counts) is less then 4 million.
    Interesting fact though, and the end of an era as well.

    My son who has been playing WOW since lauch back in 2004 instructed me to shut down his WOW account after almost 8 continuous years of playing.

    I asked him if he wanted me to wait since MOP was coming out Sept 28th, which it turns out he wasn't aware of it.

    But then he said, "I plan on playing GW2 then so go ahead and shut it down, MOP will just be more of the same anyways"

    So I just discontinued his account (and if he wants to start it up again I'll let him pay, he's almost 20 now )  

    Now, if I could just do the same with his cell phone bill. 


    I dont think you should "shut it down". Now, im reading this as you got the account closed and not unsubscribed so if im misinterpreting this im sorry.

    I mean, It would still be waiting there if things didnt work out with gw2. Seems silly to "purge" 8 years of your life.

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  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,188Member Rare
    Originally posted by Zzad
    I will NOT play MoP. GW2 all the way, baby!  


  • NeokiNaomiNeokiNaomi Posts: 347Member Uncommon

    Nope after "Casual Pug Groups of Warcraft" AKA Cata came out, my druid will be now eternally at level85. I will be playing Planetside 2 :). I had many good years of fun in WoW through beta (Which was horrid), Launch (Also horrid), And then BC + WotLK. But Cata was the first sign of the game running it's course, and with me winning 2 Arena Gladiator titles, I have nothing left to prove to myself or friends for "epeen" factor that WoW is truly all about. Good fun in it's hay-day, but good riddance from me.


  • SojhinSojhin Tacoma, WAPosts: 226Member Uncommon

    Returning for MoP and trying GW2. Unsure which of the two games will come out on top as I get my pvp action in muds atm and the pve etc outside of muds.

  • LeucentLeucent Penticton, BCPosts: 2,371Member

    I honestly can t say, because I ve been too busy playing other games to even notice what MoP is adding. Unless it adds some crazy World PvP, then no, if it does, i ll think about it.

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