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Warface - a review and comments

sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member

Hi all, so Crytek3 enginges Warface has launched in Europe pulling in a large crowd. I am currently playing and would like to give a heads up in a small review. 


First I will talk about game setup:

The game is in rumor to be published in US and EU due to its popularity in Russia. I am Americain studying and living in France Europe and thought I would give it a try since I am sort of in the region. I found the website. A maim.RU gaming site that features mostly Perfect world and Aeria game titles that we are used to. (PErfect World, Shyia, etc). So heads up one of the publishers just might snag this game.


In Google Chrome foreign websites can be translated into whatever you want so I made Russian into French and signed up. Easy as it just asks for email and used name in forums. The Email DOES NOT have to be verified. and you it installs a game launcher. And your sign in for all games is just your email and chosen password for the site.


Ok, all files downloaded for the game (fast DL for me); are in ENGLISH. YUP. Although published in Russia, This is a English produced game. The only reason the game is in Russian is a language pack found in C:/Documents/yourname/Appdata/Local/Mail.RU/Warface/Game data - 

There is a website I found that has an english pack. I found out how to install it from youtube. YOU downl load it and copy and paste the contents into the foder above. Launch game...all done. I Used You tube to learn all that. Under 2 min. I just typed: Warface english pack. And bam a video with website link to get the file etc::


So yeah, the game runs super smooth in English and have no translation faults except in game voice commands and of course personal chat. I lag slightly but nothing game breaking unless I enter a room with some dude from fat North Russia. Also, the Russian keyboard layout denies english name creation for Character so you have to use numbers, my current ingame name is something like 6666...


Ill start with Grpahics since that effects Character creation: AWESOME

 Crytek3 really pulled it off. I play on a laptop of  I3 intel and ATI RADEON HD5470. Not super cool, but runs games. I run this game a little sluggish in high end mode but still can run it. I get faster reaction when I tune the game down to MEdium and then I have best performance at LOW. HOWEVER, LOW on this game looks friggin amazing. I will upload photos as a reply soon. Animations are great; phyisics are great; environments top notch etc. I will explain more on graphics each step here in the review:

The Character Creation: More than 6 face models to chose from I believe it was aroun 12. They all look a little European. It is just the faces you chose otherwise the body is the same for all players. The two sides, red or blue, simply depends what team you get autobalanced too. So if you join a gale on blue side, that faction is called Warface. The other Red side is called Blackrock. So you can test your character in a blue or red outfit. Nothing to fancy there except the detail of the character is pretty darn good! the model of the character is well rendered and the only direct compition I can think of is maybe AVA online. But of course this is way more enhanced. 

   - Chose character name move on:

THe Menus and Game modes and MAPS:

This game does not have that horribe rats nest user interface of Blacklight. This is good typical FPS menus system. At tthe top, Shop - Storage - Website links - followed by Settings - help and exit buttons

Screen shot below. What I liked was that I could switch between channels and rooms and modes all in one click. AT one menu.

The Game modes Are Team Deathmatch - Free for all - Capture and hold way points - Steal bomb - Kill all alies or call in airstrike mode . I think I am missing one.... The game modes are similar to AVA. IF you like the elimination rounds, capture and hold, or simply frag and respawn...this game has it all. Nothing to new except the PVE features that nobody played so I could not get in. BUT it read and seems allot like AVA PVE stuff which is just simly CO OP survive the map sort of thing.

MAPS - Graphical environments AWESOME. Although not allot of choice right now the maps are diverse enough to keep you satisfied. The maps are inbetween and WARINC and I would say more on WARINC/ That is. IT IS NOT like AVA, and all the other FPS where you zerg a hall way and whoever is faster wins the shoot out. NOPE not at all. IT is more like WARinc where you have a map and if you look in one direction or go same path twice the enemy could be in a number of positions that you cant really predict the battle or the corner even though you may have memoriwed the map. I like Blacklight and War inc for this. They diversify the maps enough so that you cant predict the batle. 

  Now that said, Blacklight and War inc use SIZE t achieve this. That is; big open space to run to and chose a hiding spot. IF you played Blacklight you know that fell bro when you run for over 5min in the map just trying to scope out find some one, and then be back stop or taken out and you think " much walking but hey it is better than zerg fest" and you get this tacticle feel of skill for the game Blacklight uses multiple levels to spread the enemy fronts out

  . OR in WARinc where the use a large space with not allot of levels vertical but more hiding spots horizontal. That is, you can look in one direction and the enemy could be on that one ground level behind a rock, a tree; the roof; the house. You never know untill you scope it out and take a few observations. Again; these two game rely on allot of space to diversify the map. 

 WARface BALANCES this perfectly. Off hte bat on teh spawn there are basically several routs you can run too, and this inlcudes at least one level up. Now it does feel a bit zergy or pathed at spawn but JUST enough choices to keep it not to predictable. You always have at least one level up to go wnd maybe 2 or 3 in a sniper tower a little farhter on. I noticed to get higher on a tower object in maps you would first have to pass the front line of combat points or find a way to sneak in. The maps for team death match were wearhouse of course; a farm with more corn to run through and some criss cross brock workfor strategic hiding and a sort of abondoned army base map. There are others in other modes but those are the top 2 played. 

   NOW this topic kind of changes to PHYSICS engine and graphics or gameplay if you will because it is in relation to the environment: 

Climbings walls is used with space and some objects will have an indicater arrow that strobes 3 seconds before dissapearing. If you miss you can just test out an object to see if it is climb able by hitting space. The climb is reserved for little boxes or to hop over a waist size wall. And is executed with space bar again. Now... to climb up to higher things, usually reserved for ladders in most FPS, the buddy system is in place and the ladders removed in this game. 

   To get up on a roof or second story of something, there is a green animation that dissapears after a few seconds of two guys holding hoisting eachother. This means; you go up to the wall press E and your character puts his gun away, kneels down and holds out his hand with TWO fingers stinking out. You are in the position to HOIST some one up. IF a buddy sees you there on your knees waiting to hoist him up, he will run up to you and press E; then you throw him up the wall and he in turn automatically looks down and hoists you up. So the BOTH of you are now on the roof in one animated moveent that akes about 4 seconds. You are vulnerable to attack if not defended. You cna snap out of hoist mode and whip your gun out but most cases I just died if the enemy turned the corner and found me hoisting some one up the wall. 

  Also, if you press E a second time you lower a finger and just have 1 finger out that means you hoist people up the wall but they dont automatically hoist you. Laking you a hulan hoister. You sit there ready to hoist the next dude. So you can sit there as a human ladder throwing guys up the wall. I like this idea but I have a few problems.

1) Noobs might bypass you and you just sit there wiating to be hoisted up a wall as people decline your offer nad run past you. SO TEAM WORK is emphasied with is a cool thing, but I felt like placing a ladder sometimes is better.


2) The vulnerability is a little rediculous and the fact that most things to hoist are RIGHT at spawn. There was no need to use this feature elsewhere. Some time it got sensitive and you fell off. but it is like falling off a ladder in other games. Annoying like "who put butter on that rung'!! So the ladder was not perfected int his game just YOU! It realyl felt like "look what we designed, it is cool so use it here" not "this is stratigic so use it when needed"

3) You can ONLY do this on certain areas not other things. IT made no logical sense I could scale up a roof at one area but couldnt get up on a wall or roof in another. So whe pre select the things we climb with a hoist feature when all it does is replace ladders pre selected??? Really kind of bummed about it


YOu can power slide in this game. YOu run with a sprint that has a power bar so cant run forever. Then if you press F you slide on a leg like in baseball. This is tactical but not game breaking. That is, not EVERYone is sliding around to avoid bullets like bunnyhoppers in other games. I felt it more of an advantage to slide under the cover of a wall instead of poke my head out. It was faster then a crawl and kept my head down to slide along a barrier to get to other side.  YOu can shoot in a slide and it is animated really well. Everytime I tried to abuse the slide and slide into enemy territory; i got shot and didnt last long. I used it to slide back and forth a large door some times, and would supress enemie with my confusing sliding, but it lasted for about 4 seconds LOL! I did have one game where an enemy ran up with a gun, took to a slide in a split second, to avoid our shots at point blank; then stand up in a fraction of that second and knife us.... This was either haks or pro or abuse, but if he is pro, he got away with a quick cheap kill. Before being taken out. Gun battles only last as long as your strategic cover does.

 Like AVA the gun fights are about 2-4 bullet hits and your dead. 


GUNS Class; and CASH

 CLass - 4 classes. MEdic - Assault - Sniper Engineer.

LEft click shoot Right click scop in on all guns for a better shot. PICK UP DEAD guys guns on ground regardless of class. But it usually never has enough ammo.

The game shines here. YOU are important in your role. A good team is a good balanced team. You can see who is what before and in game and can change class at each spawn. So you can form a team as needed. Not every is on the same page however and I found it sad a squad based game did not support more features for squad formations but whatever. EVeryone starts out like all games. MAIN - PISTOL - KNIFE - NADE - CLASS ITEM

STart pack is

MEDIC = Shotgun  etc. MEd pack to self heal and heal others and Defibulator for battle res. NOW the med pack and defibulater are charged to 100 so if you heal some one with a pack the charge lowers then increases, so you never run out, you just need to wait afew seconds before the charger fills up. The med packs charge fast and I never had to wait to recharge. The defibulator was another story it has a 100 second count, so every res you had to wait 100 seconds to refil that is 1and half minutes. IF you switch to medpack before defibulator could charge it pauses at that mark. So if I RES some one; and the defib drained to 0 I wait 30 seconds it is at 30 charge then switch to med pack for about 5 min running around healing people, then back to Defib to paused at 30 seconds so I had to sit and wait for the full charge to 100 before Zappig someone to life.

  PLAYERS can res INSTANTLY at death or wait about 20 seconds for MEdic on ground...ok; you see the math now? 100 second charge that pauses if switched out and players have a 20 second decision. Most players CLICK happy, so I got pissed running up to the dead, they click spawn and I waste my time and am now vulnerable as a medic relies on his teams for cover fire. My cover fire just spawned at base because he couldnt wait 3 seconds...pisses me off but emphasiwes TEAM play and coordination again...however, if your teams noob it is frustrating. I found myself following snipers usually and just camping with them. Resing them over and over and healing. That sounds difficult for the enemy but there is ALWAYS a fighting chance. IT takes srategy beain work. NOtice that same sniper int he same place. OBvious medic there; toss grenade take them all out. 

ASSAULT: M16 fully auto and his kit is the AMMO box. HElp yourself or help others with ammo. Based on the how quickly you die, i RARELY used the ammmo box. I did notice the ASSAULT is more of a surpress class. his next purchase weapons include light lachine guns and then after that several more advanced assault rifles. You can play both, I always play assault and on front line no problem; but your CLASS ITEM did not support this kind of gameplay. I would have been happier to have the choice to have a CLASS item like 2 nades or Flashbang instead of ammo box as assault as you are usually dead before running out of ammo UNLESS you nest down and just give suppression fire. I LIKE that idea that supression fire is used and tactical as it kills the zerging of FPS, however the assaults unlcokable guns are strong and people basically run dodge and cover and not nest. I did see the ability to be very stratigic though and I think if this class was tweaked with engineer it would work better.

Engineer - To be honost I did not play it allot. He had submachine gun and CLAYMORE and some kind of line I did not figure out. This class felt strange and felt more like an assault class. Where you plae a claymore, and play cat and mouse with the enemy making them follow you to the lovely little claymore on the ground. In the Engineers world I felt like the enemy players were like vehicles where I had to guess the path, lay a bomb; and then finsih him off if not dead with my rat blaster. Felt lie this class could be tweaked with Assault to give it a more support role.


Sniper. - IS a sniper. Long range scop. Nuff said. I felt bad as the sniper didnt really blend to wel with the environment. I felt everyone was modeled GREAT that not one class suit gave an advantage over the other. Look at my screens below. Notice the uniforms standard are already pretty damn good. MAkes all of us hard targets. Not just the sniper and the sniper didnt really have an advatage with his suit. So he just had his funny looking hat to look funny I guess LOL. Sniper action typic. They have less places to snipe than AVA I felt. I felt that was the LARGEST fallback with maps. Snipers sort of disadvantage. They basically had to stand in place or with the other guys being a sort of combat sniper, if you will. I think this class is victim to map design. But oh well; there is enough to fullful your roles need and believe me you are not worthless! A good sniper changes the scenario entirely and causes panic. 

CASH! PLay games earn in game cash. I didnot like it. WHY?

Cash is earned in bonus if you kill faster...but the game is not a zerg speed kill. IT is balanced between tactic and assault. MEaning a medium to slow pace ensures victory while a zerg the hall way ensures death. WHY AWARD ZERGING if you cant do it? Cash is a grind. Most guns to buy PERMANANTLY in the shop are 2K miniu,. If you play and rank last as a suck noob you get like 3 cash. Play good you get 200 highest I saw. Average for top players is 100 cash. I averaged about 20-50. 

You can spend on weapons; or item in item slot like extra nade. smoke nade; suits for faster relaod etc. and tons of ther really expensive things and some need repairs So to deack out a character and keep up with it would mean you play for some time. Not over kill, but the weapons super limited. As it is, in comparison to AVA, where you work and work and have gun decisions...or other games with lots of guns and customizations...this game lacks. It is very early launch so I give it that as an excuse but as of now. I really forget or dont care that I have guns to unlock. It is about 4 total for every class and slightly better or different, but its gonna be another month minimum. Also a few require rank up and that is slowww. EXP is slowwww. But not abnormal or game killing. 


There is real money transactions and nothing game breaking. Just a few weapon models and designes for your guns.


The medic can purchase with in game money several types of assault and shotgun models. I am looking forward to the asasult unlock as I hate my shotgun as a medic. SInce you follow your team mates and rely on them the shotty is good for close scuffles; but sinceI camp with snipers I sit and wait and feel useless, so I would like to unock the assault to pop up and take a few shots as I Camp. 


The Assault can purchase several light machine guns and then some shnazzy assault rifles.


The Engineer I did not look at allot but several sub machinegun models.

Same with sniper. The most notable are assault and medic purchases as they can change roles. AGAIN sniper and engineer stayt he same just purchase different models while Assault can stick out as front man assault or supressed light machinegunner while medic can provide close encounter support or purchase mid assault. And again; I feel some changes there would be cool

I think that covers it. There are in game commands etc and a built in voice chat. 


In conclusion I give it an 8/10 as is and when updated 9/10

Why? Because it is AWESOME game that balances between high action and strategy thinking without hurting the guys that like zerging or tactical game play! The two can meet here and have allot of fun. Graphics... just rock. Physics rock. Nothing felt clunky or dumb or broken. I never saw teh inside of someones body as graphics meshed. It was solid; realistic fun! and all on the low settings!

I only ding it on Not EXCEPTIONAly original and I felt like AVA in allot of ways.

CLasses felt usefull sometimes but not all the time. I think there are confusions on how to approach this game and it is evident int he presentation of ing ame cash and some class awkwardness. 

I also do not like that it is ALL english and fully launchable in US but I know the greedy folks are trying to fit this in their wallet scheme before releasing it.

I have some ther little gripes. I have missed allot of cool stuff too For example, in the airstrike mode there is destructable terrain from airstrike WHY NOT ADD DESTRUCTABLE TERRAIN for explosives in all other modes??? 

The hoisting people up is cool graphical experience but other than that it is PISS POOR at replacing the basic ladder....

etc etc... Hope you will enjoy it at release! Ill be here awhile as it is a great balance for me and am fed up with todays titles. AVA Is ok but to zergy for me and it is changing owners so often I have no idea if my account even works any lore and I dont want to start over. Blacklight is good map system but grpahics demanding and lots of hacks. Like in AVA; if there was a hacker in this game he is at a disatvantage because a hacker can place an impossibly good shot but cant take out a whole cooridnated team. 



  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member

    here are photos:




    The power slide. notice the little icon bottom right


    Keeping track of fellow teams...however noob they may be. There is also a minimap with locations so not sure why necessary..but cool


    Our sniper getting hit. We are at spawn. This poor guy probably wont find a decent sniping area until we push forward. Most snipers are like this. I feel bad as this game doesnt have good map design for this class.

  • DoggettDoggett DoggettPosts: 39Member

    Thanks for the tip, installed it. It's a fun game indeed, apart from not understanding a word anyone is saying ;-)


    Here's a guide how to install it and get it in english btw:


  • sofakingdumbsofakingdumb mommaland, CAPosts: 54Member

    I forgot to mention, well by not mentioning it I sort of did mention it. The sniper has no class item. Another flaw in class attempt and for the poor snipers. They have NOTHING int he slot for class item. No radar support, no nothing. It is like the bare bones class LOL I hope they update it.


    Also, to clarify the Engineer. He has a Claymore (traditionally for snipers) and an Armor repair kit which is wierd. Because the game doesnt have an armor meter and you die way to fast to ever be concerned with the level of your armor. No one uses this feature. I am not sure if it is for future updates or just design flaw, but as it is there seems to be a huge conflict with making squad based classes in a frantic twitch shooter. I realy hope they smooth these out. 


    I just got out of a 4 hour session and noticed a few more unfair flaws with the knife and slide. Some guy slides up he takes half of your clip to the chest and knifes you. I hope they fix that


    I also noticed your claymore doesnt trip on friendly troops, but will suicide yourself after a few seconds or on next respawn. I found it flawed I had a new claymore in hand and my old one sits there and becomes dangerous to only myself and the enemy...WTF/ Again; a sort of "how do we design a game".

    Last but least, edge clipping. Spray a corner with fire and theres a little bit that goes through the wall and hits you. Kind of like wtf....


    Here is the site 


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