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Guild Wars 2: Legacy of the Foefire PVP

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 3,673MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

This past weekend in Guild Wars 2's final beta event, we had the chance to try out its latest Structured PVP Map: Legacy of the Foefire. Check out what Bill Murphy thought of it, even though he spent more time dead than alive in the included video.

I've never been all that great at PVP, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying it over the years. Guild Wars 2 seeks to offer up plenty of choices for the PVP enthusiast to get their jollies with, and this past beta weekend gave us our first taste of a new map: Legacy of the Foefire.  I put a little time into experiencing it over the final weekend event, and this is what I've learned. Capturing points against well-organized teams hurts, and I'm thankful that the respawn timer is quick. Oh, and it's still a lot of fun even if you die a lot. I'd just suggest you bring some friends you can coordinate with if you ever want a shot at winning.

Read the rest of Bill Murphy's Guild Wars 2: Legacy of the Foefire PVP.


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  • NickraiderNickraider Posts: 131Member Uncommon

    This map was a blast to play! Great GW1 feeling with the guild lords there! :D


    Playing this map in the tournament mode with 5v5 teams really shows the stategy and quick thinking you need on this one! Should be an interesting eSport map to watch I'd think.

  • AdiarisAdiaris RomePosts: 381Member

    (snip - didn't mean to quote)


    Didn't like this map at all (still need to understand why) and on sunday it was the only one available for hours on end on my server - well, when the spvp lobby was working at all that is. 

    Add in the new 8vs8 zergs in hot join (plenty of posts in official forums asking for 5vs5 option in hot join) and I must say that unfortunately BWE3 was the least fun I had in spvp out of the three.


    Edit: quoted by accident

  • andre369andre369 .Posts: 970Member Uncommon

    ur bad

  • SkullyWoodsSkullyWoods Thorold, ONPosts: 183Member

    Bill you need more confidence broham. Sucking is the first step to being really good at something.

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  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing Editor Berea, OHPosts: 3,673MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    Originally posted by andre369
    ur bad

    I know! :)

    At Skully, thanks man. I'll get better when I actually get to PLAY my profession in the live game over time. I'm the kind of PVP-er that takes a lot of time to learn what I'm good at in the game and with my chosen class. I'm still drawn to the Ranger, because I love the versatility of its ranged and melee damage. But I'm also leaning towards the more trickster-style Engineer (with bombs, mines, and a lot of CC).

    Try to be excellent to everyone you meet. You never know what someone else has seen or endured.

    My Review Manifesto
    Follow me on Twitter if you dare.

  • AlienShirtAlienShirt Crashed Flying SaucerPosts: 621Member Uncommon
    You don't need to get your entire team to kill the Keep Lord. I saw players soloing him successfully throughout the weekend.
  • SleepzyoSleepzyo BrisbanePosts: 1Member

    Hey look its me, in a video! :O

  • ZinzanZinzan NorthPosts: 1,351Member Uncommon

    Is the lag as bad as it looks? From the video that pvp seems almost unplayable.

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  • MerolieMerolie TallinnPosts: 2Member

    You can use racial skills in pvp ? i thought you couldnt.. but.. i saw bears O: would be awesome if we could!

  • ElphyiElphyi kelowna, BCPosts: 14Member

    ye i solo'd the lord :P isnt that hard if you play your class properly


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