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ShadowBane II

TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

So i have currently been developing a game i guess you could call Shadowbane 2. Tehchnically it is not a MMO because well it uses Photon for the multiplayer servers and unless you pay servers are limited to about 100 players. I have tried to keep to what made shadowbane a great game and am making some ok progress in the development. What i am missing are the models for the most part.

What i have in place is the Multiplayer system, the inventory system, the PVP system, and a target/combat system ala Darkfall and GW where fighting is based on a few skills and player manual targeting, and a few other odds and ends of SB.

For the most part have hope all you out there hoping for a new SB it will come to be. Its taking a bit of time but i hope to have a beta release soon anyone that would like to pledge help of any kind plese post here as well as what type of help you are willing to contribute.

I am currently using the Unity Engine With c# programming with what ever models i can come across in my budget.


For the rest we will have a MP game with massive battles and player driven just not any time soon as i cannot spend all my time on making  the ultimate MMO. Anyway anything to add post here.



  • TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

    So i guess not alot of people frequent this forum much anymore.

  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Pittsville, VAMember Posts: 5,386 Uncommon

    We've heard it all before and what you're describing isn't anything like SB. So yeah whatever, I guess.

    "Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause" ~Victor Hugo

  • GruntyGrunty TexasMember Posts: 7,717 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Teikk
    So i guess not alot of people frequent this forum much anymore.

    Not really, especially when you only give them 16 minutes to reply.

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