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Havn't touched this since release...

cybrinsanitycybrinsanity Redwood City, CAPosts: 106Member

is it worth coming back to or rechecking?? how much has changed what has changed etc.. All comments welcomed thanks :)


  • circitercirciter New York, NYPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by cybrinsanity
    is it worth coming back to or rechecking?? how much has changed what has changed etc.. All comments welcomed thanks :)

    If you have only experienced the game for a short time after launch, and if you decide to try FFXIV during the few months that remain of what we have come to call version 1.0*, you're likely to be very surprised at how much the game has changed:

    (* As opposed to the announced and much expected version 2.0, in which the entirety of the world's geography will be redone from the ground up and the game systems will be replaced... but more about that later.) 

    After Dec 2010, when Square Enix replaced Hiromichi Tanaka, the person at the helm of the conceptiona and realization of FFXIV since its annoucement, back in 2006, development of the game was split into two departments under the sole guidance of one man: Naoki Yoshida, who would be from that day, both Director AND Producer of the game.

    Overseeing the immediate improvement of the version that had launched, correcting its many flaws, finding a spine where there had been none, and filling the vast emptiness that was eorzea with a kaleidoscopic variety of varied content became the goal of one of the two teams. It had to rehaul tthe extant game as much as its very deffective server structure and the faulty graphic engine allowed.

    The second team had a more ambitious, longer-term task: Namely, to completely redesign the game, writing new code from scratch in every area that needed it, ditching the old servers and starting anew with an infrastructure that could meet head on with every challenge the game confronted during its inauspicious beginning. New servers and server system, a new graphic engine, a brand new, customizable user interface, and a totally redisigned world, in which every area has been redone from scratch. In fact, except for the name, the lore and the fundamentals of the story, a completely new game. In an unprecedented move, Square Enix polled the remaining player base with extensive surveys, and planned the modifications to the fundamental game systems, taking into account our feedback.

    The first team's work is now complete, a few remaining, possible hotfixes and minor patches apart. The world is now teeming with diverse and engaging content, and most of it has been optimized to work as best as possible, given the compromised server system and clunky interface. The leaden, deadly combat of the firt few months has been replaced by a streamlined, engaging, well-paced battle system which never ceases to challenge. The storyline, before a hiccuping tale, is now much more flowing and engaging. Some characters have, within just a few weeks of being introduced, become classics of the genre: The crazed villain Nael van Darnus, or Detective Hildibrand, "investigator extraordinaire of all conundrums mystifying and confounding," to name just two.

    Version 2, just renamed FFXIV, A Realm Reborn, will be launched (according to the official schedule) by the end of 2012. The first quarter of 2013 will bring the long-awaited PS3 version. You can see the Original Announcement of this unprecedented full game redesign, and the schedule of the entire roadmap, in these documents.da

    But as for the game as it can be enjoyed today, I can give you only one recommendation: Join in! The servers are very well populated and the enconomy is growing. Gathering, Crafting, Adventuring, all boast systems that are, after their extensive rehauls, at the top of the MMO genre as it stands today. The user interface, will remain less than fully satisfactory for a few more months, but all the work invested in it has paid off, and things are way smoother than in those early months after launch. There are small issues here and there, but all in all, the game experience is, in its overwhelming majority, totally enjoyable now. As far as FFXIV and how it stands today, one can safely say there is a very unfair disconnect between ratings and comments in websites like, and the everyday reality of the gameplay and overall experience in-game.

    One character will cost you only 10 dollars/month and, if you manage to pay for full 90 days of gameplay before the game servers are brought down, you'll receive the title of Legacy Player and will be charged only those 10 dollars/month for as long as the game runs for up to 8 different characters in each one of the game servers.

    If you need friends and a linkshell, come to my server, and look for me: In FFXIV, I'm Rutelor Mhauran, of the Ridill World. If you are not pleased with the experience, after registering, you can also say so to my face.

    I certainly hope this helps you decide. :-)


  • toddzetoddze no where, OKPosts: 2,142Member Uncommon

    Well until the end-game starts to resemble that of FFXI's end game, to me this game will never be worth playing. I can not stand repetitive instance dungeon runs. I want open world raid bosses, instanced raid bosses, large open world dungeon raids, instanced dungeon raids, open world party content, instanced party conentent, grup content and solo content. But I guess a diversity of content if far to much to ask for.

    From my understanding XIV is all about instanced party dungeon runs. I have not heard anything that they plan to add anything else.

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  • AmbrosiaAmorAmbrosiaAmor Miami, FLPosts: 915Member
    I am going to log in to get the beautiful yukata's once the summer festival event goes underway. But other than that, I think I'm going to wait till Version 2.0 comes out.


  • GGaFxGGaFx san antonio, TXPosts: 151Member

    Man i want to try it but i don't want to waste my money. Sadly this is FF we are talking about the Franchise that i've loved ever since i was a teen.   I don't know why they made it for the PS3 either how you gonna raid with a PS3 controller.

    you are gonna have one fool that thinks he can raid with his PS3 controller.

  • GGaFxGGaFx san antonio, TXPosts: 151Member

    So i did it i purchased FFXIV i wanted to go back to VG but i saw this and the price and they added a new update a few days ago.  I'm a huge FF fan.  GameStop has it for 9.99 but if you buy it now you get it for 9.98 which is awesome since i avoid paying the originally marked down price not bad.  the monthly is only 9.99 which beats VG monthly.

    my only complaint is that GameStop DL speeds suck im at 500kbps when my dl speeds are 30mbps smh i wonder if its peer to peer bs settings.


    so if anyone would like to help me out ingame that be awesome.

  • daisdais Nowhere, TXPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    I may have been tainted by a bad launch, but I still think the game is terrible.  The game was pretty poor for so long that they waived the monthly fee.  And when I say poor I mean embarrassingly bad.  People joke around and say "Hey Devs, ever heard of a QA team?", but honestly that really applies here.  I had heard that they revamped it and fixed most of the bugs and actually started charging monthly so I thought to myself  "Oh, things must be much better now".  I subbed to it for a month through their somewhat cryptic menus on their site (I have to pay a monthly fee and a fee for character slots?) and gave it a try.  If you are looking for a major overhaul like I was prepare to be disappointed.  Seemed like the same horrible UI as before.  Attacking mobs/changing equipment/leveling up/crafting is something only a masochist would enjoy. 


    Unfortunately it's going to be hard to get an honest opinion though because FFXIV fanboys are pretty ravenous.  I am sure I will be attacked for giving my two cents, but hopefully I can save you a few bucks.  I also am a fan of the FF series, although admittedly I haven't played FF11.  On a funny side note when I bought this game about a month after release it was already half off, and the sales associate at the electronics store was seriously trying to talk me out of buying it.  I really thought he wasn't going to ring it up for me, and they work off commision.

  • GGaFxGGaFx san antonio, TXPosts: 151Member

    anyone know how to switch the peer to peer DL to just the basic straight from the server DL on the updater.

  • GGaFxGGaFx san antonio, TXPosts: 151Member

    i'm gonna look for you im new and would like some assistants ingame. :D

  • circitercirciter New York, NYPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    OK, GGAfx, I'll be waiting for your contact. Send me a tell, when you're on, or add me to your friends list, so that you know When I'm online (have to keep checking the list, though, since it doesn't warn you or anything).

    Again, the server is Ridill, and my name is Rutelor Mhauran

    Till then,


  • rwyanrwyan raleigh, NCPosts: 467Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by AmbrosiaAmor
    I am going to log in to get the beautiful yukata's once the summer festival event goes underway. But other than that, I think I'm going to wait till Version 2.0 comes out.    

    Second this notion!

    Its hard to reccomend someone to start playing now.  The game has improved immensely, however - much of the good stuff is at the end game.


    The main scenario is still a bore.  It starts off with a bang but runs out of steam quickly.  Leveling up isn't so much a chore as it is getting through the monotony of the levequests and the grind (almost all the "cool" stuff is reserved for level 50s).


    The endgame revolves around repeating instances, boss fights, and content that requires full groups of players.  Much of this stuff is exceptionally fun and engaging.  However, putting together full groups can become a hassle depending on your schedule, server, and linkshell.  Simply put, I can log into Rift or TSW and find something fun and engaging almost instantly (be it solo, or with a small group of friends, or even a full party raid/instance).  In FF14, I spend more time waiting than I do playing - thats a problem.


    Even if you're still interested, the developers have made it clear 2.0 is an overhaul.  Almost every aspect, including mechanics rebuilt in 1.0, will be refactored.



  • SephirosoSephiroso Marietta, GAPosts: 1,330Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rwyan
      In FF14, I spend more time waiting than I do playing - thats a problem.  

    that quote right there is why i quit ffxi. i spent more times waiting to get into a party just to level(rogue/warrior) than i spent leveling. it was rediculous, waiting over an hour at times for a party, then for it to only last 10 minutes and break apart due to one mishap or unable to find a good/open spawn location.

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  • SylviiSylvii Athens, OHPosts: 13Member

    haha, waiting an hour for party... that was the best of days in the 1st year of FFxi.  I waited DAYS 4-8hours at a time to get a party on DK, even with hauby which was unccommon at that time.   What really killed me was the 1 hour it took to change class, gear, and then travel to xp spot.  Then the party breaks up after 2 fights because someone sux or has to go to dinner. 

    On the flip side, hitting Chain 10+ in Eld Nec in mnk party pre-expansion was pretty intense.  Later hitting chain 500 in ToUA was silly fun. SEA was awful, just lame waste of time with all the cheezy lv capped borefest.  Glad I left in time to play nilla WoW and raid in BC.

    Oh and yeah, outta water (flop flop flop)  Sucked so bad threw my collector edition in the garbage, lol

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