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Please Place All Smite Key Requests and Offers Here



  • LatharielLathariel BoluMember Posts: 1

    They're all gone, but thanks.

    I'm still looking for a key, if anyone can give me one that would be great.

    I'll gladly send back my referrals.


    Edit: Got it elsewhere, thanks anyway.

  • MrHukMrHuk LondonMember Posts: 2

    I just want to put my name in the hat as I still need a beta key. If anyone has a spare one please send it via PM, it would be greatly appreciated.

    The question isn't why do I kill. The question is, why I don't kill everybody.

  • mattias24mattias24 linkopingMember Posts: 8 Uncommon

    Would love a betakey too, just pm me. ;) thanks in advance. :D EDIT! Don't need one, got one off facebook. :D

  • thegam333thegam333 hanover, MDMember Posts: 1

    Could someone send a beta key my way? Just pm me


  • GrahxenGrahxen Bedminster, NJMember Posts: 19 Uncommon

    Here ya go:




    Please post back referral keys or this is the last time im posting keys in public and post if you take the key.,




  • SCX44200SCX44200 KyivMember Posts: 7

    Who wants to change the key  SMITE   to the key DOTA2? PM

  • GingerHitmanGingerHitman StockholmMember Posts: 24


    Free referral keys cause you all pretty. Only use 1 each please, it's a damn shame if you're retarded enough to steal all the keys :).
  • AcidonAcidon behind you..Member Posts: 795 Uncommon

    Thanks to Grahxen for my Key.

    As soon as they release keys for me to distribute I will come back to this thread and do so.

  • ScarpaoScarpao PragueMember Posts: 2

    Pls guys can any kind person PM me a key? I'm way too slow to get any of the keys posted here, I've been trying for weeks. :D:(

  • AcidonAcidon behind you..Member Posts: 795 Uncommon

    EDIT:  All keys have been taken.  Will post again if/when I receive more.  Good luck to those that PM'd me.

    EDIT2:  This game is fun and addictive.   This is coming from someone who has never before dabbled in this genre.  Will watch for more keys to distribute.

  • SCX44200SCX44200 KyivMember Posts: 7

    Who wants to change the key  SMITE(with 2 referal key)   to the gift(invite) DOTA2? PM

  • kangusskanguss LutinMember Posts: 2

    how about 1 key for me please? i rly want to try this game...


    ok no problem, it just takes some time for keys to be there, so i have some, pm if anyone wants...


    no more keys from me...

  • XxJIPPxXXxJIPPxX Avon, INMember Posts: 1

    May i have a code D: Please, been trying to get one!

  • matheuscaetmatheuscaet porto alegre, KSMember Posts: 2

    i want a key...

  • plusnerdplusnerd GravataMember Posts: 2

    I need 1 key please.

  • Daz007Daz007 Boston, MAMember Posts: 1

    I would very VERY much enjoy a key :D

  • asuka512asuka512 Dover, CAMember Posts: 1 Uncommon

    i need a beta key for smite!

    Love God.

  • nniilleenniillee KMember Posts: 3 Uncommon

    F19BB-B080F-DCDC4-C4CBF-4EEA9 Taken
    F17C8-E1298-EE7B4-634B5-95A65 Taken
    F17F4-B4CCD-16D84-FEDA2-F05E0 Taken



    Will give out more keys when I get more

  • freedom_593freedom_593 Newyork, NYMember Posts: 1

    i need 1 key pls 

  • HuggertHuggert HelsinkiMember Posts: 5 Uncommon
    F19D4-E3B3C-CB1F4-14AA4-8F5B1  Taken
    F18CD-D4DDE-DFBE4-4B781-4EAC2  Taken
    F16AA-081E1-59B24-9CE97-E347A  Taken
  • naruto80522naruto80522 dallax, TXMember Posts: 3

    i have 1 smite key left to give away first person to send me PM get it BYE.




    ! have given out the last beta key hay a good day


  • SwordwolfSwordwolf AntalyaMember Posts: 2

    I sent you a PM. Thanks.

  • RaizurRaizur Scarborough, ONMember Posts: 3

    Would appreciate a key please, thanks in advance!

  • mistafistmistafist Member Posts: 128 Uncommon

    *disregard, found a key*

  • BeroghaBerogha Bois d'aMember Posts: 1

    Would love a key for a friend. Thanks in advance.

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