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What's the difference in detail, to pvp and pve in rift?

p1987p1987 Port TalbotPosts: 5Member

Whats the difference to pvp and pve in rift, when in pve you can enable pvp?


  • GoodAfternoonGoodAfternoon Aberdeen, NCPosts: 252Member Uncommon

    Not sure what you're asking


    When doing zone events (pve) you commonly have to fight with opposite faction for boss, well at least on pvp shards.


    PVE can make you better in PVP by giving you Planar Attunement, you continue to level after reaching max level. One of the PA trees is pvp. Each tree has three levels. 


    But yeah when you're pveing you can enable pvp


  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 7,684Member Epic
    On a PVP Server, you are always flagged in neutral areas.

    On PVE servers, you can flag yourself at anytime. And People love to do this during zone raids where lots of people are gathered. I guess they hope to taunt other players to attack them. They also hope to get caught up in someone's AOE during PVE fights.

    Rift does have a setting in PVE though. You can turn PVP off. This is so that you can, if you wish, fight your PVE without fear of accidentally flagging for PVP. it won't let you accidentally tab target a flagged player or allow your AOE to hit them either. In order to attack a flagged player in this state, you have to intentionally flag for PVP 1st.

    So in Rift, on PVE servers, PVP is about as mutually consentual as it can be made to be.
  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    It's a decent pve game. If you get bored of questing you can do rifts and invasions with a few mates instead. The dungeons are good quality,up there with the better wow dungeons and Aoc (though not quite up there with tsw dungeons imo), it has raids but I've not done them, also unlike wow it has a lot of non instanced endgame pve content.

    However the pvp is terrible. I've not played this new wintergrasp type thing they've added. But if the battlegrounds when I played only "the codex" was any fun (like a cross between arathi basin from wow and nordenwatch from war but better than both). However the combat system us just not made to support pvp, its heavily macro dependent, has stupid cc systems, and let's you make 1 button fallthrough macros to make decisions for you (e.g. it knows when you can backstab)
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