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noncleynoncley LondonPosts: 717Member Uncommon


  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

    The Mists of Pandaria update will allow players to "uncover the ancient mysteries" of a lost continent populated by panda bears skilled in martial arts.
    Cant help but laugh lol

    "The bigger threat is Activision Blizzard's next MMORPG, codenamed Tribune, which we expect to be released in 2015. We know the firm's key creative teams are now working on that rather than World of Warcraft itself."
    Typo or am i missing something?

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  • HricaHrica Mountain's of NCPosts: 1,111Member Uncommon

    this will own GW2  teehee

  • ZylaxxZylaxx Erlanger, KYPosts: 2,574Member
    Originally posted by Hrica
    this will own GW2  teehee

    teehee no it wont.  I bet you GW2 out sells copies MoP, in the west only, by years end.

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  • BrizlynBrizlyn Ladera Ranch, CAPosts: 67Member Uncommon
    This is great news! I had been hoping for a kung fu panda mmo, secretly, for years! Now my dreams are finally becoming a reality :)

  • dageezadageeza london, KYPosts: 578Member

    I wont be purchasing MOP its just more of the same ole thing with kiddie kung fu pandas added besides after getting the ole bait and switch on D3 i have banned actiblizz products from my list including titan..

    Hopefully all the 12 yr olds will stay in WoW..

    Playing GW2..

  • RictisRictis UnknownPosts: 1,299Member Uncommon

    I know a lot of players are against this expansion, but I find myself strangely looking forward to this. They are adding my favorite race the Pandorean, mixed in with my favorite class in MMOs the monk. Plus they are adding asian inspired zones (which is one of my favorite cultures) a long with a pet collection / battle system.

    Seeing as the new MMOs coming out are OK at the most, this might be worth a look. Even though its going to be a neutral expansion it might be able to keep our attention long enough for something truely remarkable to come out. I hope that GW2 gets a good reception among players, if not we will be waiting a while for anything decent.

  • Bushi131Bushi131 of angelsPosts: 62Member

    MOP= Marginal On Players

  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAPosts: 1,611Member Uncommon

    lol why do blizzard fans attack any new games that isnt made by blizzard? saying titan without knowing a thing about it is going to destroy any game shows how brainwashed some people really are. Blizzard is already pissing off its customers now with a 30% damage reduction in pvp to all players and a watered down hold your hand talent system that means in the end everyone is going to be almost the same . I was looking at my old DKs new skills and really a group absorb bubble? talk about stealing the main things of a disc priest....I wish blizzard well in their future game but man is this one seriously watered down version of the wow i enjoyed back in the day.

  • joartsiljoartsil LondonPosts: 21Member

    I don't have time to play more than one mmo. I've tried others but none have really grabbed me. I need a gaming fix, so I'll buy and play Mists simply because I've invested so much time in my various toons.

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

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