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Opinion--GW2 or TSW



  • IsawaIsawa Middle 0 Nowhere, ORPosts: 1,051Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Piiritus
    Originally posted by Elikal

    To each his own but please stop already complaining that you were unable to choose right skills and fight in a bit harder zone. I've read your posts and I know that the problem is yours because I ran into same problems but solved them after reviewing skills I used and making some adjustments. If you don't like TSW then fine but stop this complaining already.

    +1, the more I play the TSW and unlock skills for my multiple builds, the more enjoying the game becomes. You can switch weapon builds as simply as typing /1 - if you set an alias to change them, and you can switch builds after enemies have attacked you as long as you have not attacked back. Now the combat in GW2 may become extremely repetitive since you can essentially learn all your weapon abilities in the starting zone, and then you just have the point abilities to get. I never passed the starting zone myself, so I don't know how repetitive combat may become.

    If you're going to take Elikal's advice concerning TSW into account, look into his account history and the hardships associated with the game. Heck, he may even have said at some point that he didn't feel he was smart enought to play it - if I remember correctly and that says a lot :) If the game requires you to think too much (in quests or in choosing your combat abilities to be effective), it is very likely that  you won't be enjoying it.

    Edited: I'll be playing both, and I think both of them are a good deal better than most MMORPGs out there to date.

  • MexorillaMexorilla Las Vegas, NVPosts: 313Member

    pretty even from my point of view.   both are good,  both are worth playing.


    guild wars 2 can be EZ mode in a lot of parts.  TSW is more challenging.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon

    I've had a lot of fun in the GW2 betas and can't wait for the release so I can get to playing something and not just talking about it on forums.

    As for TSW, I can't say for sure since I haven't played it, but one of the major things I've seen that I dislike is the way enemies barely react to your blows in combat.  I watched a video with a whole group of people in a "dungeon" hitting a group of zombies full force and the big ones don't even flinch - the weapon just seems to go through them while little white damage numbers fly up into the air.  It makes the combat look really, really boring.  Even WoW attacks seemed to have more of an impact and it's 8 years old.

    I like the idea of a sci-fi setting that isn't TOO sci-fi (SWTOR) though, so if it ends up going the Rift route and being 10 bucks on Steam in less than a year, I'll give it a shot.  Otherwise, I'm not going to do anymore unnecessary subscriptions if I can avoid it. GW2 proves the quality can be just as good or better without needing to shell out a single penny more for the game than the box price.

  • AdzijaAdzija ImotskiPosts: 58Member Uncommon

    I played both a bit and like lot of people said it mostly depends on what kind of setting you prefer.

    On the other side I am tight with money these last few months so paying a monthly sub for a game is not an option for me. I know lot of people will say that they would rather pay sub then have cash shop or whatever.

    But once you find yourself in a tight spot with money you count every euro you put into gaming and when you pay sub for a game you get that feet that you MUST play it to make your payment worth and it soon becomes less fun and more of a second job that you pay for.

    Since GW2 is one time buy I got it long time ago before I knew that much about it. Was kinda like buying a single player game for me. Now that I played in some beta weekends I can say it's very good game and totally worth one time pay.

    If you can afford buying single player games and paying a sub fee for an MMO there is nothing stoping you from buying both games since GW2 you only pay once and you don't spend any more money, and then just pay for TSW like any other MMO with sub fee.

    That was from a pure financial view.

    As for gameplay since I had very limited time on both games (2 weekends on both) all I can say TSW was solid for me but after GW2 I just can't play any other game. That is my subjective view but I guess that's what you ask from people that played both games.

  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulPosts: 483Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by gestalt11
    Originally posted by keenber
    For me its without doubt TSW much better value for money as GW2 will last 2 weeks tops for me.

    I hope you aren't serious.  GW2 has easily double the PvE content of TSW and that content is far more replayable.  In addition GW2 far more in the way of alternate content and vastly superior PvP/WvW.

    What double??? Make it quadruple.

    I love how colossal gw2's content is, you can do bunch of unique different things without repetition. For its price, it has unlimited content. People should be informed about the live content team they have. This game offers the best content for, exploration fans, dungeon fans, competitive pvp fans, crafter fans, massive siege pvp fans. Even fully voiced personal story that has bunch of twists.

    And this is not all. We have home instances but they will bring player housing, guild halls (anet said they have very special plans for them), new content constanly without charging money by live team (not counting expansions they will cost), observing mode and more and more awesome content free.

    Do not compare TSW and GW2. it is a no brainer desicison. Go for GW2, have fun not cramps.

  • ZooceZooce B, FLPosts: 586Member

    GW2 if you have to choose one.


    TSW was fun while the missions lasted, but after about 5days /played you will have nothing fresh and be repeating Transylvania.  As Loke said, Funcom are very slow at fixing the bugs, and there are many bugs with the world, monsters, missions, interface, and skills.  I was monitoring the Testlive and live forums while I played for the first few weeks after launch, and Funcom's commuication is absent.  Looks like maintenance mode.


    Played the final beta weekend for GW2 and that game is in another league from TSW.

  • iozayiozay GroningenPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    I have played both games and TSW appears to be more my thing, however what I love about the game is also what most others hate :)

    GW2 has a huge "rewarding" curve at the start, with new abilities etc. This slows down later on and due to that I consider TSW to be more durable.

    Both games are great, but I recommend you to try TSW, if TSW is your thing if you played kingsmouth, you will love it. If it isn't it won't get any better.

    If you love GW2 from the start, you will defenitely love the start of the game but please remember that the flow of new abilities will reduce a lot whenever you process.

  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter BristolPosts: 3,033Member Uncommon

    I enjoy both for different reasons.

    TSW feels more as a coop game with a great atmosphere while GW2 feels like you are in a living world.

    It is funny - TSW reminds me a lot of GW1, it has a better story but the combat and skill system is closer to GW1.

    GW2 combat system is really good and the way the skills are designed it means you can use the same skill in different ways which creates tactical dilemmas (use it now as a close up mechanism or save it in case I need an escape mechanism?).

    In TSW you want to know the story and what is happening and that is the main mover.

    In GW2 the biggest mover is the wanderlust the world gives you.

    I think I'll occasionally return to TSW whenever there is enough story added, but I'll be spending most of the time playing GW2.

    Currently playing: GW2
    Going cardboard starter kit: Ticket to ride, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Dominion, 7 Wonders

  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Posts: 1,221Member Uncommon

    TSW if you like  read books  by  E.A. Poe, Lowecraft, Stephen Kings ... it is more than mmorpg  ,I playing TSW cuse i love setting,atmosphere,etc


    GW2 if you looking for fantasy based mmo ,dont care about universe,settings,etc...just  if looking for game & fun with other players



    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

  • jondifooljondifool cphPosts: 1,114Member
    Originally posted by BlahTeeb
    I have played both pretty extensively. I bought TSW to cover grounds until GW2 released, so I have played quite a bit of both.   The majority of this will be opinion based, so as usual, take this as someone elses point of view, not yours.   Combat--- Both feature a more actiony combat than the standard mmo. Both feature a dodge. Both feature a deck of equally powerful skills that you chose from. There is pretty much no tiered skills in either game. A skill I unlock at level 3 (or third skill in TSW) will often be just as powerful as a level 10 skill (or tenth skill in TSW.) This is different from the standard where I unlock a skill at level 3, only to replace that skill at level 10.   GW2 ultimately WILL have more depth. TSW will give you 8 active and 8 passive. From these, you can build many decks, but once you build a deck, your deck is very set in stone. That deck, will be that deck, and nothing more. The only way to change this is actually change your deck. But again, chosing a different deck will only change the deck, not the depth. GW2 however, offers 10 skills, which are active and passive, depending on what you chose to bring along. Every passive skill also has an active skill once you activate it. The difference comes into play when you take a look at each skill. A lot of the skills come with little tidbits on them that make them have more depth. A skill may do so and so damage when you use it. But if you use it again in succession, it will cause bleeding. If you use it a third time, it will knockdown if the opponent is bleeding. At first glance, this is not that incredible. But it is, because it basically takes 3 skills and puts them into one skill. So skills can be and often are multiple skills layered into one. The other big difference is the amount of situational use that GW2 forces upon you. A skill may do this in a regular setting, but in a slightly different situation, it will do something entirely different. This is also true in TSW, but pretty much the entire GW2 engine and combat is designed to exploit these little changes.   The last and most important thing to me, is the control of your character. While the TSW uses active combat, it also uses a lot of dice rolls. With each roll, you take a little bit of control away from your character. GW2 offers a more direct control then a dice rolling game. When you are blinded, you don't have a chance of missing, you simply miss the next three attacks. When you block, it isn't because the dice rolled and blocked for your character, it is because you used a skill to block. Actually, the only thing that I can think of that uses RNG in GW2 is criticals. Criticals, cannot be manual in a third person game though. In a first person game, a critical can happen when you hit the legs or the neck or whatever, but in a third person game, having manual criticals is very difficult.   Story/Lore/Setting--- The story in both games a actually pretty similar. The settings are vastly different, but the story is more alike then one might think. In both games, there are multiple factions fighting some great evil. In both games, you are assisting and/or uniting the factions to overcome this great evil.   Though the lore in GW2 is vast and detailed, it is still a generic fantasy setting. Mages, dragons, swords, castles. They have different races to fill different taste, but the setting will always be high magical fantasy. This is the biggest selling point for me about TSW. The setting is modern and filled with conspiracies. There is no need for a back drop, because we all know the story already. We know about Area 51, we know about Stonehenge, we know London, New York, Tokyo, and Paris. The setting in the TSW is fresh but not so fresh that we get lost.   PvE--- Both are incredibly strong in this aspect, and I would advise against believing anyone who says either game has weak PvE. Both games are very open. They are very non-linear, and very explorable. Neither game directs you to a location before you can advance. You simply play the PvE and move on if you need to. There is no requirement for doing quests or any of the "artificial" limitations that exists with quest hubs. TSW does this very well by using open, tiered quests and by limiting them. You can have your main story quest, one major quest, and a few minor quests. Though it seems small, this is actually very clean and organized. This system tells you where you are on your story, where you should go next, and where you can goof around. It keeps the game organized and it "forces" you to miss some quests. This is good, because if you had to complete every quest in that zone, the game would become very stale and very static. So with this sytem, you can only help out so much. You will always come back and find some quests that you missed because you couldn't pick them up. Youll also have a lot of exploring to do, because quests are scattered around, even in the deepest of corners. There are no hubs, just random quests lying around the world. GW2 does not underperform either. GW2 uses a different system, but accomplishes the same type of gameplay. You have your main story, which you can do whenever you want. You also have a few renown hearts around the map, which are very basic questing used to pull you off the beaten path. It is only until you get into dynamic events that you appreciate the world. You cannot store events in a quest log. They just happen. You will miss lots and lots of events as you progress, which like I said, I prefer. This, like in TSW, will always "force" you to skip some and comeback later. Events are triggered randomly, by players, and by world status (weather, time...) Events are also scattered in the deepest parts of the sea and darkest parts of corners. Both systems will have you exploring all over if you want to see what happens. It's hard to give an edge to either game. TSW presents its PvE a lot better than GW2. They have excellent cutscenes that really pull you into the quests you do. However, TSW falls victim to a very static world. Nothing changes, nothing moves. I will give a quick example for quests that would be identical in both games. Say you have to go to a mansion and kill some ghosts. In the TSW, you would most likely start off with an excellent cutscene. The quest would have you go and kill 15 ghosts. After this, you might have to go back and remove some ancient books from the mansion to help ease the haunting. The problem is, like many mmos before it, you don't actually kill all the spirits. Nor did you actually effect the world. Someone could literally come by seconds behind you and pick up the same quest and kill the exact same ghosts. In GW2, if this was the quest. You would have to the mansion and fight off until every single ghost was defeated. Some players would be killing spirits, while others would be burning ancient books. You would walk away and know that the mansion is no longer infested with eveil spirits. Players who come by after you wouldn't even know that spirits normally infest that building. Slowly, over the course of several hours (or days or weeks depending on the event) spirits would manifest themselves until they again infested the mansion. Only then would the event kick off again.   PvP---   I cannot say much about the PvP because not enough players (including me) are good enough to actually give an accurate overall feeling of how the PvP will be in the long run. GW2 is aiming for an e-sport like PvP. They balance their skills differently for both PvE and PvP making sure PvP is absolutely balanced and fair as can be. I could say a lot about the TSW world PvP, and it is great, but I have not played enough of the GW2 PvP to make a comparison.   General Gameplay---   TSW is designed for a mature audience. It's erie and dark as hell. It is not a horror game by any means, but it's not a game you'd want your third grader to be playing. The game has the freshest setting in all the recent mmo's simply because it is designed for an older group. GW2 shines in its vastness. GW2 will no doubt, emcompass a larger array of gaming then TSW. TSW is designed to be played as a story and solve the game until the end. There are very tiny bits of extras tossed in here and there. You craft, PvP, and do a few other things, but just subtly. GW2 will offer much more, and offer in a more integrated way. From the samllest things like minigames, in-game sports, to full blown global tournaments. The game will simply, in my opinion, fill a larger plate than that of TSW.     

    Now that was a fantastic good reply . +10 from me.

    I strongly advocate that everyone read this wall of text before posting further in this thread.

    read how to create a succesfull mmo before posting about GW2. And read tao of ArenaNet before talking about innovation in GW2

  • DeathspankDeathspank Memphis, TNPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    Guild Wars 2 for me.


    I am sure TSW is a great game, just not my cup of tea.

  • MeliezaMelieza trabuco canyon, CAPosts: 269Member

    I'm impressed *most* of the posts here are giving pros/cons of both and not fanboying all over.

    As some people have said, they're just completely different games with pros and cons in different areas.  It's like asking if pokemon or god or war is better.  One is a cutesy environment and one is serious, one has blood and gore and one has asura.  One has top notch PvP and one has top notch PvE.

    If you think you'd enjoy both and you can afford it, play both.  GW2 doesn't have a sub fee so you still wouldn't be paying more than $15/month and pick it up when you want a break from TSW.

    I have more experience with TSW though so I'll comment on that...

    As a previous poster said, TSW has some of the most amazing missions you'll ever do that have never been done before in any MMO.  You'll also get cutscenes and dialog that are what SWTOR should have had.  Every NPC you meet is memorable and you'll never want to skip dialog or not read something.  In the first area you'll find a phone book thats an actual phone book with the names of stores in the town you're in.  You can go and visit each one, the address in the book matches the one on the map.  It had nothing to do with the game but I loved reading all the ads in the phone book and the store names and slogans.  I loved finding the store in the book.  There are full websites created by Funcom for in game purposes like  You'll need to visit this website to solve a few missions.  Its little things like that that really make TSW shine.

  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter BristolPosts: 3,033Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ohn03s
    I have played both games and TSW appears to be more my thing, however what I love about the game is also what most others hate :) GW2 has a huge "rewarding" curve at the start, with new abilities etc. This slows down later on and due to that I consider TSW to be more durable. Both games are great, but I recommend you to try TSW, if TSW is your thing if you played kingsmouth, you will love it. If it isn't it won't get any better. If you love GW2 from the start, you will defenitely love the start of the game but please remember that the flow of new abilities will reduce a lot whenever you process.

    You will still be unlocking utility skills and elite skills and traits (you can compare these to passives).

    Sure GW2 has less skills compared to TSW and even its predecessor (GW1) but I find the GW2 skills better designed.

    Additionally you will also be tracking runes and sigils for armor and weapons which also work as another kind of passive.

    Currently playing: GW2
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  • EzhaeEzhae LondonPosts: 730Member Uncommon

    For story, setting and puzzles - TSW. 

    For mechanics, PvP, and more care-free fun environment - GW2. 

    Now if only soemone could combine setting of TSW with the mechanics of GW2 that would be awesome. 

  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread PshPosts: 6,088Member Rare
    Originally posted by Gaia_Hunter
    Originally posted by Ohn03s
    I have played both games and TSW appears to be more my thing, however what I love about the game is also what most others hate :) GW2 has a huge "rewarding" curve at the start, with new abilities etc. This slows down later on and due to that I consider TSW to be more durable. Both games are great, but I recommend you to try TSW, if TSW is your thing if you played kingsmouth, you will love it. If it isn't it won't get any better. If you love GW2 from the start, you will defenitely love the start of the game but please remember that the flow of new abilities will reduce a lot whenever you process.

    You will still be unlocking utility skills and elite skills and traits (you can compare these to passives).

    Sure GW2 has less skills compared to TSW and even its predecessor (GW1) but I find the GW2 skills better designed.

    Additionally you will also be tracking runes and sigils for armor and weapons which also work as another kind of passive.

    I count ~94 skills for warrior.


    I count ~162 for the elementalist.


    Considering there are 8 classes, it looks like GW2 has more skills available to players than TSW. Across separate classes though.

  • GorillaGorilla Posts: 2,231Member Uncommon
    GW2 by a long way. Pick up TSW in the future to experience 'the story'™ and 'the setting'™. The reason I say in the future is that in the month or two it takes to experience it you will have more content and better rounded systems.

    Whilst I started out merely warm to GW 2 as time goes by I have come to appreciate more and more the care and attention to detail in just about ever aspect of it. It really does draw you in given a chance.
  • SiderasSideras HelsingborgPosts: 231Member

    GW2 hands down. Everything is so ridiculously polished and thought out that it makes every other developer in the industry look like incompetent morons.

    TSW was fun but once you play through all the zones there really isn't much more to do than repeat all the quests for more anima points or grind instances. Investigation quests are nice, but they have also been the most frustrating things ever, spending hours upon hours only to find out they are bugged. Same with many other quests they just seem to bug out whenever they feel like it. The skill system is nice, building your very own deck and find out it works great is just so damn rewarding, unfortunatly the combat is stiff and at times unresponsive. The atmosphere and sound is however the greatest strenght in my opinion, not to mention the voice acting. The NPCs can babble on for minutes and you still want to listen to what they have to say as opposed to the ever dulling dialogue in SWToR. The PvP is a complete mess, I dare say it's the worst PvP I've ever had the displeasure of trying out. Abilities that one shot you and other completely retarded balance issues that most likely will never get fixed. Another thing I like is that they are rolling out content updates every month, but seeing as how they manage to bug out every quest still I doubt they will be very enjoyable at first.

    As for GW2, they combat just feels so damn right, it's got that responisveness and feedback that you'd expect. The whole game just feels so damn dynamic, you are never forced down a specific path and it all just feels so varied. The art style is probably among the best I've ever witnessed, large epic structures and beautiful landscapes all coupled with the awsome soundtrack of Jeremy Soul (for those who don't know he's basically the John Williams of gaming). The PvP is just the best to date and that's juding by the beta, I mean how can this go wrong they have many key personel from DAoC Realm vs Realm working on it. And then there are those small touches that just make you go "wow why didn't any of those other dumbass devs ever think of this", like the ability to simply send all your crafting mats to your bank with two clicks in your inventory. I mean besides Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, GW2 is the best game I've played this generation. Oh and no subscription fees.

  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan EastPosts: 2,630Member Uncommon

    I was in TSW closed beta (the one you could access 24/24 and not only week ends), and I didn't buy the game.

    I was in GW2 beta and prepurchased, played the beta week ends, and don't regret it, I can't wait for Aug. 25.

    Now that's just me, and my 2 cents ;)

    If you wonder why I don't answer your posts, it's most likely because you are on my block list - so don't waste your time.


  • RebelScum99RebelScum99 Mesa, AZPosts: 1,090Member

    I didn't enjoy either of them.  

  • NavekNavek glasgowPosts: 71Member Uncommon

    I played 3 weekend betas on both, and enjoyed them both up to a point. I've purchased GW2 and not TSW, at the end it boiled down to the pvp. I really enjoyed it in GW2 and didn't in TSW, but that only works for me, everyone has to decide for themselves whether to buy a game or not its not gonns break the bank to buy either or both and theres always ways of trying them out if money is tight.

  • bubalubabubaluba LjubljanaPosts: 434Member

    TSW is to hard for me,  it is more for old school players. I like more casual style of GW2 where i don't need to spend 30 min to think how to solve quest.

  • ThorqemadaThorqemada BerlinPosts: 1,282Member Uncommon

    GW2 will develop into a game of anonymous zergs full of social disconnected players leeching xp and if you like that sort of playstyle its for you.

    TSW is a game about people playing online solo, or in small groups, dwelling in the setting and story seeing the combat as a sidekick.

    My online friends wont play either game as both "suck" so dont let strangers decide for you ;)

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  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon

    I like them both but I think GW2 is the better one to get 'first'. TSW will be much better once there have been plenty updates and tons more content/features added, meaning that when/if you do sub you are straight up getting more for your money. Hopefuly getting a better product as well.

    That's what I plan to do anyway. I already have TSW but I won't be subbing until I am getting a bit bored with GW2, if something like Neverwinter doesn't distract me away.

  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Thorqemada
    players leeching xp

    Not possible.  If you don't do anything, you don't get xp.

  • SiugSiug Posts: 1,223Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by JasV
    Originally posted by Elikal
    I can hardly imagine anyone who played/tried both would actually suggest TSW over GW2. No, seriously.


    So your flavour of the month is now GW2? Can't wait until I see you bitch and moan about that game once it has launced.

    Reading his posts it seems that he's one of the most negative posters in this site and I'm sure he'll find something to complain about GW2 too. I'm not saying that TSW is the best game ever created or something but I just like it. I like it's atmosphere, story, all PvE, almost everything. I want to know why my character exists in this game (an old D&D habit I guess) and TSW is the first MMO where I actually want to listen to and read every quest.

    But I see that Elikal cannot accept this because he has moved to yet another FotM. Well, as I said before - to each his own. But I don't go to GW2 forums to talk that game down. I don't like many MMOs and you cannot see me, for example, in Lotro forum bitching and moaning.

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